Jasmine’s Comfy Outfit – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello Internet!  At last we are ready to proceed onwards and upwards towards the glory of crafting the finest pajamas in all the land!  Come hither as we work together to make the legendary ‘Jammy-Jamz!’  Too much?  Yeah, I thought so too.  Today we’ll be heading forth from right after you build Buzzztube, all the way to crafting Jasmine’s comfy clothes.  I can already feel the comfort, how about you?  Let’s get started.


After Buzzztube

As soon as Buzzzzzzzzztube is built, Yesssssss will want to set up some sort of plan, presumably to take out the extra letters in both those words.


Ralph, on the other hand, is proving that I am not the only one around here with attention deficit issues.  Thanks buddy … but seriously, let’s discuss these hamsters.


Yesss and Ralph will go on a 4 hour quest to Sign Up for what most be the most heavily fortified website ever!  Seriously, what takes 4 hours to sign up for?  Are you getting a social security card or something?


Yesss decides that what really needs to happen is that they need to find the viruses and destroy them … by punching them.  Obviously.


This will lead to a three part quest involving all three non-premium characters so far.


Ralph’s quest will be 8 hours long and will involve fighting the aforementioned viruses.


Spamley will be sent off to … spam people?  Guys!  Are you sure we’re not supposed to be punching this guy?  Because he seems pretty punchable.


Yesss will also get a 4 Hour quest, but she’ll need to be level 3 to partake in it.


I was already ready to go on her for level 3 when the time came, but just in case you want to get the head start, here are her level 3 requirements.


Welcoming or Re-Welcoming Jasmine

The multi-part quest will also trigger Jasmine’s Comfy Clothes quest.  But first, Merlin will have to remind us that heroes can only help in the good fight if they are properly dressed for it.  We can’t have any non-fabulous Princesses running about.  Not on Merlin’s watch.


First thing’s first.  You’ll need to welcome … or re-welcome Jasmine.  As with Cinderella, this might just be one of the easiest quests of your life.


Jasmine will arrive in a near amnesiac version of herself, not really knowing where she is or what she is.  Much like me every morning when I wake up.


Jasmine’s Comfy Clothes

Cinderella, who looks so friggin’ adorable in her comfy clothes will jump in to talk about the new curse, also known as viruses.


Cinderella isn’t really the prime example of being cursed, but a lot of her Princess friends have dealt with such issues and late night pillow talks have informed her that, yeah, curses are sort of the worst.


Cinderella sends out a message in the group chat in hopes that one of her gal pals will show up to help out.  Please not Ariel.  Please not Ariel.  Anyone but Ariel!


Oh thank goodness, it’s Jasmine.



Jasmine will require 10 Wifi, and if you’ve been following my early advice on this event, you’ll be well stocked at this point.  My advice goes something like “DON’T EVER STOP WORKING ON WIFI!”  Okay, now you’ve been informed.


Glitched Fabric

Glitched Fabric should go a little smoother this time around.  Sure, you need 20 of them, but having Yesss help out certainly adds to the cause.  I found that these dropped fairly regularly.  I recommend holding off on Yesss until you are caught up with her story quests and holding off on Calhoun until you are all set on Wifi.


Comfy Jasmine Fabric

I’m going to say it.  These were a pain in the Hercules.  Ralph and Spamley should be put on this only after you get the quest to welcome Shank.  Cinderella should be sent to Relax for all eternity right away, or at least until you get all the fabric.

Hot Tip:

Niceland can be a bit tricky because it drops so many things.  I recommend capping out your other tokens that Niceland drops quickly so that you have a better chance of getting the fabric.  This means not leveling up Yesss after she gets all her tokens and also getting as much Wifi as possible as that is the most common thing that Niceland drops.  Once Jasmine is dressed, you can go back to welcoming characters to your heart’s content.


Once dressed, Jasmine and Cinderella will re-unite and discuss the really important issues plaguing the kingdom … er … Online quizzes?


Cinderella informs Jasmine of the new curse plaguing the Kingdom and how they must bind together to relax and study in their dressing room if they ever hope to destroy it.  Way to take action without actually taking action ladies.


I’m gonna stop you right there Cinderella.  Name me one time when Jasmine has creatively solved a problem.  One time!  I think you’re thinking of Aladdin.  Jasmine is better known for creatively drowning in the sand of an hourglass while Aladdin saved her.  Maybe we should put him in some pajamas, eh?


Am I the only one thinking of a joke that goes with “A tiger, a monkey and a being of pure magic walk into a bar?”


Jasmine will decide to go off and think over a plan to fight the curse.  This thinking will take her a whopping 8 hours and will drop your next token for Venellope.


Also note that once the quest is done, Jasmine will have 2 Event Quests she can do to help raise Event Currency as well as get Ariel leveled up.

Hot Tip:

All four of the Princesses with Comfy Outfits require actual event currency to level up.  Keep that in mind if, like me, you’ve been putting off some of them.


Other Achievements of the Week

Oh yeah, I also welcomed Tia Dalma this week!  So that’s exciting!


On to the Next

Outside of Jasmine, you’ll want to work on getting up to where you can welcome Shank and continuing to collect Event Currency, level up Event Characters and collet Wifi.  I, personally, like to wait until my Wifi is maxed before I level up a character.  Then I max it out again and level up another character.  This way, I ensure that I will have enough for the next character when they drop in a few days.  But let me know if you have a better system.

I am also considering doing a 2019 Prediction Post.  Any thoughts as to what we’ll see next year?  Let me know in the comments!



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  1. I have 2 DMK wishes for 2019: First, I wish upon the wishing star that Pinocchio and friends (and villains) make an appearance. Secondly, Dumbo and the Dumbo ride would be appropriate when the new Tim Burton movie arrives.

  2. i wish they would do a Disney Cars event, i think it would be neat to have cars driving around the park aside from the usual characters and animals

  3. Q. Are there hints or verifications that the princesses need to be a certain level to get their comfy costumes? You mention leveling them up. I already had Cinderella and Jasmin to level 10 when their quests came to get their comfy costumes. I’ve got Ariel waiting for her level 8, and haven’t been doing any leveling up of characters outside of the new event ones. Is this something that I should also be working on now? Congrats on Tia Dalma, and thanks for another great post. 🙂

    • I see that Ariel does have a task for event currency that requires her to be leveled to 10, but not sure if the comfy costume is dependent on level 10. Or perhaps another activity?

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