Welcoming Yesss and Building Niceland and Buzzztube – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Greetings Interneters.  If you’re like me, you’ve been gathering up Wifi, forcing Cinderella to brush her hair alone in the Princess Dressing Room and mercilessly asking Goofy and Calhoun to collect radios to fight viruses.  Today we finally get to mix things up by welcoming Yess and building some new attractions!  Good thing to, I was beginning to think I’d never be able to fill up all this extra space in my park … said NO ONE!  Okay, let’s jump in.


Welcoming Yesss

Your quest to welcome Yess will come after you’ve built The Internet.  Ralph will be sent to search said Internet.  It takes 8 hours because he’s obviously using dial up.


Ralph ends up finding Yesss somewhere behind all the cat videos, ice bucket challenges and screaming goats.  He decides that if anyone can find Venellope, it’s definitely a screaming goat … er … I mean Yesss.  But seriously Gameloft, what do I have to do to be able to welcome a screaming goat in this game?  Let’s talk.


You’ll be asked to Welcome Yesss and I’ll be asked by my husband to stop watching goat videos.  These two things may or may not happen in this order.


Yesss requires 10 Wifi and a couple Rare level tokens.



Yesss’s Wristband is an equal opportunity drop, coming from Buzz, Mike and Spamley.  However, it can also drop from Niceland, which we’ll talk about later in this post.  That being said, Niceland drops both of her tokens AND Wifi, so unless you are capped on Wifi, her tokens will come at you few and far between from the attraction.


Ears Hat

There’s no way around it.  Yesss’s Ears Hat is a rare drop with 4 hour wait times and only two actual characters who drop them.  This character is a bit odd in the fact that no premium characters help with her.  Sure, Niceland helps, but the fact that it drops Wifi as well makes it a bit too unpredictable.


Either way, once you welcome Yesss, you’ll have your very own Yesss in your Kingdom.  And then you can say Yesss every time you see her!  This is good because it gives me a break from yelling NOOOO! every time I see Ariel in my kingdom.


The Quest Continues

It turns out, Yesss likes many of the same things on the internet that I’m a fan of.  Actual fact, anime children doing homework to downtempo hi-hop is an actual channel on youtube which I listen to ALL THE TIME while writing.  The actual music is called Lo-Fi Hip Hop.  If you are ever in need of something relaxing while you work or study, I recommend it:

Okay, but back to the story.


But just like that, the break is over and it’s time to start looking for Venellope once more.


Ralph asks Yess if she has connections who can help which is sort of like asking me if I have a couple of giant stuffed animals you can use to sleep on.  The answer is always YESSS!


Obviously she’s ready to jump in and oblige.


Yesss will go off to do a quest to Send a Message which apparently is the longest text message in all history as it will take 4 Hours to send.  Yeesh!


Her search proves fruitful though because a gambling security monitor texts her back.


No sooner does she realize that she’s found a lead does she also realize that she needs to get back to work at Buzztube, the Wreck-It Ralph version of a YouTube competitor.


Sadly, Buzztube is miles away on the Internet.  Yesss decides its best to build a site here in the park where she can access all the Buzz at Buzztube.  See what I did there?


Build Buzzztube

You’ll be asked to build Buzzztube right in your very own park.  I suggest placing it next to any Winnie the Pooh attraction so that Pooh will think it’s honey and then be constantly disappointed when it’s not.  This, dear children, is a form of internetting we refer to as Trolling.  No, not actual Trolls Sven!  Leave me alone!


Buzzztube requires Yesss to be level 2 so make sure you’ve been working on her tokens.  Once she is leveled up you’ll be able to place this little gem in your park.  It’s fairly small, especially compared to the aircraft carrier sized Princess Dressing Room.

It will cost you 10,000 hearts and will take 8 Hours to build.  Good news though.  It helps with Yesss’ hard to get tokens so not all is for nought.


Building Niceland

Niceland, to my surprise is a premium building.  You can get it with gems OR you can spend a little money and pick it up alongside some Event Currency.  Interesting to note that while it helps with Yesss, it also looks like it will help with Jasmine’s Comfy Outfit.  I recommend getting it in the bundle so that you too can experience a Whole New World of saving!  Huh?  Huh?  Uh-Huh?


Niceland makes your park look like you’re playing Sim City … so that’s a a thing.  I’ve placed it in front of the Evil Queen’s Mirror, in hopes that she’ll curse it.


Aladdin Quests

As before, I won’t be diving into detail on the Aladdin quests, but just know that they are Side Quests which drop currency.  Do them if you are able to get some extra moolah for your attractions and characters.



I am currently in the middle of building Buzzztube and will report back once I progress further.  I want to give a huge shoutout to the Around the Kingdom Podcast which can be found at the link provided or by searching the Itunes store for Around the Kingdom.  The show is an all DMK themed Podcast and has great tips, tricks and community questions and answers.  They also mentioned me on their last cast, which elevates them to awesome level in my book!  Go give it a listen if you’re a fan of the game.  You will not be disappointed.

That’s all for me for today.  let me know how you’re doing in the comments below!  Also, last night I saw Ralph Breaks the Internet and had … mixed feelings.  I’d love to hear who has seen it and what you thought!



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  1. Entertaining, humorous, and clever as always. I do enjoy your DMK posts. I went to see Ralph Breaks the Internet earlier this week. I enjoyed it and certainly loved that it was full of references that the young people will understand… and of which I only comprehended some. lol Times have a-changed in all regards, and Disney is no exception. I think some of my favourite parts delved into the up-dated feminist principles… made me nod and laugh. Of course, as always, Disney, I think, managed to create a world for the kiddos to dream about, too, and this makes me smile… it IS what they are good at. Thanks again for your efforts for our community. Happy DMKing!

  2. Can I just say real quick how annoyed I am that the Aladdin side quests are IDENTICAL to the side quests they did back at Easter? And how they make references-to-without-saying-his-name Jesus (Easter & Christmas) when Aggrabah, if real, would be a Muslim country? Ok, rant over. For now.

    I actually really loved the film “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” I think they did a great job of keeping the heart of the first film with still creating a whole new story and not repeating a lot of the same jokes/humor/plot lines, which is a pitfall a lot of sequels have. I also really enjoyed the imagination it took to visualize the internet as a physical world. However, the giant Ralph-made-of-thousands-of-smaller-Ralphs was TERRIFYING. I’m pretty sure there was a kid who started crying and had to be taken out of the theatre at that point. I almost had to join him.

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