The Maleficent Event Begins – Disney Magic Kingdoms

After much anticipation, Maleficent has finally waltzed her way into the Kingdom and started cursing things!  It’s as if my Mom has come to visit and is staying for a week.  Get out of my kitchen Mom!  Where were we?  Oh yes.  Maleficent.  Today we’ll be going over the basics of Chapter One and everything you need to know for the event so far.  In the weeks to come, I’ll also add new posts as things get more intense and the curse spreads.  So what does Maleficent have in store for us today?  Let’s take a look!


The Event Begins

As soon as I logged on, I was greeted by Merlin, or should I say Debbie Downer.


Though, he has every right to be worried, as Maleficent herself shows up to create a thunderstorm.  Huh.  I can’t help but wonder if Maleficent has also been cursing Florida this past couple of weeks.  Just to be on the safe side, I’ll make sure to tap on every building I see on the way to work today.


Annnnd cue evil laugh.


This time around, Maleficent has a plan to transform everything into a place of Nightmares.  In other words, our Kingdom will soon look like Brooklyn.


Jack Quests

So far I am only three quests into Jack Skellington’s questline for this event.  Each of the three has been 2 hours long.  The first was just for Jack.  The Second was for Jack and Sally and the third is for Jack and Oogie.  Please note, I used some gems to speed things along to see how things progressed.


Each of his quests will drop Maleficent tokens as well as refreshing cookies and cocoa.  We’ll get to why those are important in just a moment.


I was also gifted with a few extra cocoa refreshers just to get me started!  Thanks Gameloft!


How the Event Works

There have been a lot of questions in regards to the event, which makes me very happy that Gameloft has created a wonderful tutorial.  We’re going to slide through this, and hopefully clarify everything to its fullest.

Challenge Tower

The main piece of the event is the Challenge Tower.  You can enter this by clicking on the tower where Maleficent is brooding.  This will give you lots of information about the event.


Sending Characters to Challenge

In the Challenge Tower, you’ll be able to send characters from different groupings in the Kingdom, or as Gameloft calls them: IP’s (Intellectual Properties).


To do this, you’ll select CHOOSE under each one and pick a character.


This will give you a menu of characters to choose from.  Select the one you want to send.


Once you are sending all the characters you want, hit Start Challenge.  The Challenge will last for 2 hours.


These characters will be unavailable during this time.


A couple of notes on the Challenge.  First of all, after a character is sent, they will be Tired.  You can refresh them one at a time with your cocoa OR once a day, you can refresh all.  So the best strategy here is to send different groupings of characters until you run out of characters to send.  THEN you can hit the refresh all and start from the top.  The other thing to know is that the featured character, in this case, Jack, will never become tired, so send him to challenge as much as you want!  For starting out, though, I recommend using him to complete his quest chain FIRST.


The Challenges will give you tokens and reward points which you can then use to progress in the story of the event AS WELL AS welcome the featured character of the week and a building of theirs if you don’t already have them.


Earning reward points will progress the Chapter and also earn you exclusive to this event rewards!


The main draw to this event is certainly being able to welcome Jack-Jack.  In each of the three chapters, you will be able to use Maleficent currency to unlock his tokens.


This starts with his bottles, which are only 200 a piece.


Exchanging Currency for tokens is super easy.


In Chapter 2, you’ll be able to get Anna, as well as his cards.  Note, I already had Anna and Arendelle Ice Rink.  That is why they are checked off.


And finally you’ll be able to get his hats, and Mrs. Incredible if you don’t already have her. Please note, that Chapter 2 and 3 are time locked, and will unlock once their timers expire.


As always, there is a handy little FAQ included in the game to make sure you’re on the right track with the event.


Cursed Buildings

I also want to mention that some buildings will get cursed.  You will need to click them TWICE to uncurse them.  This will give you Maleficent Currency, but will also allow you to start using that building again!


Characters also Drop Refreshers

I also want to note that certain characters do drop refreshing Cocoa so make sure to load up on these so you can refresh to your heart’s content!


Now get to Work!

And that’s the event so far!  Let me know any questions you have and how you are liking the event as it gets started.  This is a very different direction for DMK and so far I really like it!  We’ll see how things progress over the next 15 days!!

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  1. Thanks for this Jaysen. I’m already stuck tho. I tried to send all characters from 1 group, as it kept saying ‘choose another’. Problem was each time I picked another it ‘unticked’/deselected my original. Eg I picked Donald & tried for Daisy but no luck.
    Q1) Can only one from each group be picked? How do I select all?
    Q2) How many can be selected at the same time?
    Both Gameloft & your notes allude to many being selected initially. Where am I going wrong.
    So far I just have Donald alone and have to wait 2 hours to try again.

    Help please!!! Many thanks as always.

  2. So right away my quest line is stuck, because I don’t have Sally. Ridiculous. Used Gems to buy 3 crates, nothing. Not trying a 4th time.

  3. I’m finding this all very exciting. I love the fresh take on an event, and it’s challenging my mind and what I’ve previously been used to with DMK… Gameloft rocks! I am curious to see how many of Jack’s quests we get… I’d like to get him challenging the tower, but I agree with you that it’s probably a good idea to get his quests done first so that there aren’t extra things to do once the next chapter unlocks in 5 days. This event is shorter than the ones I’ve participated in so far, and so I’ll have to see how much I can get done this time. While I’ve passed a few times on Incredibles Legendary Chests (I missed the first event), I still only have Mrs. Incredible, Dash, Syndrome, and 3 attractions… I am hoping that they will offer ways to get the rest of the gang (aside from Jack Jack) even if it is Legendary Chests as it can feel pretty great to complete a collection. P.S. If I had a way to wear the Maleficent hat while playing this event, I would. 😉

  4. Since I have some attractions in storage (lack of room), do you know which attractions are cursed so that I can bring the back in exchange for other buildings?

    • LOU – I found some land behind ‘It’s a Small World’. It takes 24hrs to clear at a cost of 2,000 (?) potions. I tapped on it by mistake. I’m so happy as I too have stuff in storage I’d like to put out. It’s also the reason I haven’t bothered getting any of the optional rides available thru Merlin’s special section…….💜X

      • Thanks Ella. I did open the land behind Small World, but still have 4 attractions in storage. I have every attraction including from Merlin with the exceptions of Bambi’s attractions and Fantasmic. I’m okay with not having every attraction out, just wanted to know if any of those in storage would be needed for this event.

      • Do you know when that piece of land becomes available? I keep looking for it but the closest I have is one that says COMING SOON.

  5. Does anyone know which characters drop the cocoa? I have several characters at home and don’t want to have to check every single one by one by one by one. Since all it says that they’ll drop tokens.

    • If you go to home and select the book the characters that drop tokens have a little badge starting they drop tokens and they are pushed to the beginning of the group. I hope that makes sense

    • JULIE – I find that if I tap the send home button at the very top to see who I have there, then the info is automatically there. It puts a sticker against the character and says ‘earns tokens’. It’s one of the new features I actually LOVE TO BITS. So useful and such a time saver……💜X

      • Thanks Ella!I know that it says Drops Tokens but it doesn’t specify which one. Like, I see that Cobra Bubbles drops tokens, but when I return him to the kingdom it’s just the Lilo ears and I want to know who drops the cocoa tokens without having to return all of them to see which ones they drop. If that makes sense lol

        So far I got Alien, Jessie, Bullseye, and Tinkerbell.

      • That is a great tip! I had Syndrome’s attraction in storage so I had no idea. Thanks janssensr!

  6. I don’t have Sally and I tried to get her with a few platinum chests and missed every time and I don’t want to spend actual money to get her. To finish this event, do you have to do the quests with Jack or are they just ways to get extra event currency?

  7. For characters at home, if they don’t have a little icon saying they drop “something”, then you are fine. They added this feature maybe a couple weeks ago or so.

  8. I’m enjoying this one so far. It’s kind of fun to be doing something a little different and figuring it out as we go, though it helps that I’ve got all the necessary characters, I’m sure.
    Jack Jack is so adorable!!!

  9. I really like that this event is different than what they’ve done. I’m not sure yet if I’d call it successful, but I appreciate something different. I am wondering if anyone has noticed any particular buildings being cursed. I’m worried cause I have some in storage, and I don’t want to miss out on even a few quest tokens!

    • The buildings don’t seem to drop very many tokens so it doesn’t seem to matter too much which buildings produce tokens. The thing to concentrate on is the tower and getting those baby bottles. Once you have 20 bottles, it’s time to build up those tokens for Chapter 2.

  10. Does anyone know if the first chapter will be closed when the second starts? Or do they stay open so you can catch up if you’re behind?

  11. Does anyone know if challenge characters will refresh on their own without cocoa or Refresh All? And if so, how long will that take?

  12. This is an awesome recap. Any idea on how the event tokens and currency are calculated. I recall hearing that the higher level your characters are, the more tokens and currency you’d earn. However, all my characters are at level 10 and I’ve never received the maximum amount of tokens or event currency. Just curious as to how it works.

  13. Should I spend gems on buildings/attractions, legendary chests, or parade slots/floats?

    I currently have 4 parade slots and 5 floats unlocked.

  14. I welcomed Jack-Jack tonight. You can continue to purchase his items through the event (you need 5 of each + 10,000 currency to get to level two). The hat can be warned on a shared task with EG/JJ. At lvel 2, JJ can earn the cards. The bottles can only be gotten with currency

  15. Have we got any idea what will happen to all of the tokens we already collected if we haven’t been able to unlock Jack Jack by the end of the event? Would be a share to see it all go to waste.

  16. Anyone playing the Baymax event?
    This might be my last event with this game.
    Way too frustrating.
    I am a premium player. I’ve spent money on the game and I have all the characters for this Baymax event. Only thing I don’t have is the “SanTokyo” city.
    Log in 4 to 5 times a day, sometimes 7 to 8. And it looks like I’m still not going to be able to finish this event. That’s ridiculous. No way should that happen considering how much time I spent.

  17. This is insane. Been trying to get that last shoulder pad.
    Only need 2 of them.
    I have been checking in about 7 times a day.
    I am 1 for 20 on the long weekend.

    No way. That is poor coding.
    Shouldn’t happen like that.

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