Maleficent Live Stream Recap – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Earlier this week we got a sneak preview that something nefarious was coming to the DMKverse.  Several leaks and a few guesses later, today we finally got confirmation of a new event incoming to the Magic Kingdom, and this one looks like a doozy.  So, without further ado, let’s jump in a take a look at all the news to come out of today’s livestream.


Nightmares Come True

That’s right, Maleficent has found her way into the park and she’s built a scary tower.  I would like to note right off the bat that Maleficent will NOT be a welcomable character during this event.


She’s also cursed several buildings, making them look all purple and slimy.  But never fear, by tapping these buildings you can collect Maleficent Coins, the main currency for this event!  Please note that if a building is cursed, you won’t be able to collect from it like normal until it is uncursed.  So get tapping!


Challenge Mode

You can now send characters to the tower to try and defeat Maleficent.

You’ll select characters specific to the challenge and then send them to the challenge, which will last 2 hours.  This will yield a certain amount of Reward points as well as Reward Coins.


Once a character has gone on a Challenge Quest, they will then be TIRED and will need to be Refreshed in order to be sent on the challenge quest again.  In order to do this, you can spend a refresh token to get them back.  You can also use the Refresh Now button to refresh all tired characters.  However, this button can only be used ONCE PER DAYCharacters WILL NOT REFRESH AUTOMATICALLY.  You must use one of the refreshes to get them back.  This rule only doesn’t apply to the Featured Character who will never get tired.  Yay for them!  Each chapter will have a different featured character.


Chapter One’s featured character will be Jack Skellington.  Chapter Two will be Ana and Chapter Three will be Mrs. Incredible.


Jack Jack

The main character you will be trying to get for this event is Jack Jack of Incredibles fame.  You’ll use Maleficent coins to purchase his tokens, because as they say:  Nothing summons babies like defeating old evil witches.  Wait… do they say that?


There are also plenty of other characters and items in the store, and this looks to be a great way to get some characters you may have missed from previous events!


I also want to mention that this event plays out in Chapters, which means that new items and new characters will become available to purchase in the store as new Chapters unlock.

Reward Points

Reward Points allow you to see your progress in the chapter.  As you build them up, you can also get rewards like the Nightmare Concession Stand.  Funny story, I actually refer to my Mom’s house as the Nightmare Concessions Stand.  Coincidence?  You tell me.

The more characters you send to challenge, and the higher level they are, the more reward points you can get from the challenge.  So get your characters leveled up ASAP!


I also want to note that you shouldn’t REFRESH NOW until you have tired ALL of your characters for a day, since it can only be used once per day.

Refresh Tokens

These can be earned by completing quest lines in Purple, much like any other event we’ve seen up to this point.  These quests will also yield Maleficent coins.



There will be a leaderboard event in each chapter and finishing high will get you Maleficent tokens as well as special concessions.


When Will the Event Start?

All we were told was that the event will begin sometime next week.

What If I get lost?

There will be an event guide in game and FAQ’s on the main Facebook page as well!

Now we Wait!

And that’s all you need to know about today’s livestream!  What do you guys think?  Excited?  Not so much?  I, for one, welcome anything new and different in this game!  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you, as always, Jaysen. While I might have preferred a slightly longer break between the last event and this one, I’m beyond thrilled that the development team is trying something new! This event seems markedly different from all that became before, and I love it for that reason alone. The fact that, for the first time, characters from multiple stories (or “IPs”, as they insist on referring to them in the LiveStream) will be working together makes it even better. That’s something I’ve wanted from this game for a long long time. And add to that the ability for newer players to potentially earn some of the old-event characters without the gambling aspect of Legendary Chests? Win – win – win. I’m looking forward to this one more than perhaps anything else the game has had to offer.

  2. Thank you Jaysen! I really thought I was going to have to go back and watch the livestream another 10 times before I understood it. So glad you are back to indepth coverage of the game.

  3. JAYESEN- Thank you for this excellent informative post. So great to have you back. I’m actually really excited now, having first seen the pop up that an event was imminent and groaned inwardly. I’m pleased the developers are trying something new……💜X

  4. Thank you, Jaysen, for another good recap… you always manage to dish explanations with a side of humour… makes me smile. Personally, I’m thrilled with the whole thing… the characters included, eye-catching graphics, fresh thinking, etc…. it all looks very exciting and I can hardly wait ’til Tuesday to get started. I’m also wondering what other surprises might possibly be in store for us as they do often tend to hold off on sharing a few tidbits. Already, I see Elastigirl’s costume is available in a Legendary Chest in our Daily Rewards coming up…. hhhmmm what else might we be delighted by? Cheers.

  5. Thanks Jayson. I was a little confused about different parts of the live stream but after reading your post it all makes more sense. Thanks again and glad to have you back

  6. The start of the event is known because there’s a counter at the bottom of our game, it starts Tuesday

  7. Thank you for the interesting review. I find it all pretty complex (the game play, not your story!) but I’m sure it’ll become clear(er) once the event starts. Looking forward to it! Really hoping I can buy new characters with event currency…

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