A Love Story for Witches New Edition Official Released

Four years ago I released my very first novel, A Love Story for Witches.  It was a super exciting time for sure, but what a lot of people don’t know is that I have, for a long time, really felt a lot of negativity towards the book.  In truth, this probably shouldn’t have happened.  A Love Story for Witches tells the story of Adam Smith, a total nobody who is just coming off of his college graduation with all the anxiety that he now must find a job and fend for himself in New York City.  Of course, things go from bad to worse when he meets Eva Grey, the girl he’s been talking to in an online dating app for months.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but she turns out to be a witch and, well, witches are forbidden to love.


In a lot of ways, A Love Story for Witches is very reminiscent of the early days of my relationship with my, now husband, Carl.  In most senses it’s a comedy, but there’s also plenty of action, love and friendship to be had.  So why the negativity?  When we released Love Story we were super rushed to finish the book, editing it in way less time than we should have.  We’ve learned our lesson on that over the years.  Because of that, I’ve always looked back at the book as a failure.  After all, we artists are always the hardest on ourselves.  Recently, this conviction of not thinking the book was worth anyone’s time was put to the test.

Recently, as some will know, we attended Megacon Orlando with my new novel, Longtails: The Storms of Spring.  At the last minute, we decided to bring along some old copies of A Love Story for Witches and the sequel A Home for Wizards.  Mostly, we did this to try and get rid of them.  But then, in true witchy fashion, something magical happened.  People were really excited about A Love Story for Witches.  In fact, we sold through almost all of our copies!  It was like a lightbulb went off inside my brain.  Maybe this story was worth caring about again.  I went to work re-reading and correcting the errors that had plagued me for so long.  This not only included the text, but also some interior formatting and the cover as well.  So let’s take a look at what has changed.

First off, we’ve brightened up the cover and gone to a glossy finish to help the colors pop.  Something that always upset me about the book was how dark it was, making it not very eye catching, even though I really do love the artwork done by L.W. Marks on the cover.


In addition, we’ve also changed the type on the back to a white, and rewritten it a bit.  The white really helps it pop off the page and makes it far more readable.


Finally, we’ve removed the sketches within the book.  While they’re fun, I don’t think they represent the level of professionalism I’ve always wanted from the book.  And for that reason, they are now gone.


A Love Story for Witches has ALWAYS been a very special book to me.  It started my path as an author, but sometimes we forget that importance when we let self-doubt take over.  Well no more.  As of today, A Love Story for Witches has been re-released and is available now on Amazon and Kindle.  If you’ve never read it, then now is the best time ever to start.  The book is a New Adult story for ages 15 and up.  It already has a sequel, A Home for Wizards, and in the not too far away future, it will also have a third book, completing the Spellcaster Trilogy.  Finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years and helped me get to this point where I can look back at my past flaws no longer with resentment, but with the enthusiasm of allowing them to make me an even better creator.  Thank you!

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