Peter Pan Livestream Recap – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello and greetings my little lost boys and girls.  First of all, I just want to say how sorry I am that this post was not up earlier.  Mom is in town for vacation and we hit up Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom today.  You might say that we were playing the extreme version of DMK today!  With that being said, I still wanted to do a recap of today’s livestream and comment on the changes and additions coming to the game.  So let’s head towards the second star from the right and see what the game has in store for us in the very near future.

Screenshot (90)

Before jumping in I want to make one thing very clear even though I know someone will shamelessly ask it in the comments.  THIS CONTENT IS NOT AN EVENT!  IT IS PART OF THE MAIN STORY LINE!  Alright, moving on.

Peter Pan Characters

Not surprising anyone except for those readers who live under rocks, Peter Pan was the main event for this livestream.  What I did find surprising was the minimal amount of characters.  But then I suppose that we only really get big character dumps when in the midst of an event.  And I’ve heard loud a clear that people want a break from events.  Personally I like events, but a little not so timed content is always fun as well.

Screenshot (93)

Peter, along with besties Wendy and Hook will be joining Tinker Bell in their quest to fly around the castle for hours on end and still not find any tokens.  Hopefully with their powers combined, it will be easier.

Screenshot (95)

I for one am very excited to welcome Captain Hook.  This way we have someone to send all the park alligators after!

Screenshot (94)

They even have a fun new animation where Peter and Hook fight while Buzz and Shere Kahn combine to become Voltron!

Screenshot (103)

Peter Pan Attractions

Along with several concessions and decorations, we’ve got three new attractions joining the fray.  Here we see the Jolly Roger.  Though since I won’t be getting any extra land for him, I don’t suppose he’ll be all that jolly.

Screenshot (96)

Here we have everyone’s favorite night club and first date spot, the Lost Boys Hideout.

Screenshot (97)

And if its a peaceful ride past the moon you’re after, look no further than Peter Pan’s Flight, a fan favorite at Disney World, this game version even comes equipped with a life like 70 – 90 minute wait time!

Screenshot (98)


New Parade Float

Updates and Parade Floats go together like Updates and Players who Freak Out when they Don’t have enough room for everything.  Luckily, you don’t need room for a parade float, just love in your heart…and probably some gems or potions or something.

Screenshot (99)

This one is based on the parade float in the festival of fantasy parade and I must say that I am quite a fan!

Screenshot (100)

Character Locator

Now it’s time to talk about some new features!  I like my new features shaken, not stirred.  This first one is rather dashing if I must admit.  By clicking the Mickey icon with the busy signal, you’ll be able to see what everyone is up to and then quickly locate them in the park.  This is helpful if you want to quickly finish their task or if you want to show off an animation.  There is a little box in the upper left which also makes me think you could simply auto complete tasks from this window, making life very much easier.

Screenshot (105)


And finally, we have the new Calendar system.  The Calendar will track your daily rewards and even give you special rewards for log in streaks if you log in several days in a row.  In the upper left, you can also see how many consecutive days you’ve logged in as well as your total log in days since you started playing!  Welp, now the game will be able to let me know how much of my life I’ve wasted…so I guess that’s good?  But really, I am very excited about this log-in streak business.  I have a bad habit of taking a lot of time off when we are not in an event period.  This just might do the trick to keep me logging in!

Screenshot (107)

As a side note, I will mention that the social element of the game has temporarily been removed.  While I will not miss this one bit, I am excited to see what new version of it they come up with in the future!

What Do You Think?

So what do you guys think?! Let me know in the comments.  I like that this is a very quick and simple update.  It provides just a little content while we wait for the next big event and allows everyone to build up some stores of potions and gems and whatnot.  While I’ll always prefer events, it’ll be nice to sit back and take a breather on this one!

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  1. I gotta crow about this update (sorry about that, Mary Martin) with some reservations. Glad that this is not an event and glad to get Peter Pan and company. Hopefully Smee and Nana will be added at a later date. I’m most excited about the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction as it looks very nice. Sorry that Adventureland is not opening and very sorry that I’ll have to store away several attractions to make room. Most intriguing is the Calendar with rewards for playing daily and streaks (the non-naked kind). We’ll see how this all turns out soon enough.

  2. A little underwhelmed by the amount of characters. Was hoping for Smee, John and Michael as well maybe even Nana and/or the Croc. Oh well, maybe in another update. Frustrated by how they only continue to give out land apparently every other update.I realize you can cram everything in every which way but I like my park to look nice and attractions to be in the areas they were themed for though Frontierland is a hot mess and seems to have become my dumping ground for the last three events and The Jungle Book. Why did they open that instead of Adventureland, exactly? The Character Locator feature looks promising and I’m interested to see how the calendar plays out. I don’t mind events per say but its nice to have something that isn’t timed even if it doesn’t appear that it will be moving the storyline along.

  3. I do love events, but I’m ever so happy to be getting a break and some new additions to boot. Yes, hopefully Nana and Smee and some Lost Boys will join us in the future (perhaps once Adventureland opens?) but for now I’m happy with these characters. I know that many complain about not having enough room to put new attractions in each time we don’t get more land (and this certainly is valid in many respects), but I also love that this game is about designing your park the way that you like, and getting new attractions, stands and decorations lets me live in bliss as I re-imagine my park again…. so fun to design! Since I’m quite far along in my game, I don’t mind putting away some of my characters and their stuff temporarily to make room — its just like a real park, where sometimes tough decisions need to be made about the closing of a ride, but in our games we can magically put them back whenever we feel like it. *Poof!* Done with the swipe of a magic wand! Thanks for bringing up the item of the box to check in the new “Busy Characters” area… I’m hoping that this means that we can choose if we want to go around our parks and click the green check marks or, instead, do it all in this new space. You’re the first I’ve seen bring this item up and I’m curious about it. I’m looking forward to finding out what triggers the Pan branch of the story, and to see Wendy welcomed into my park. Thanks for another great article. 🙂

  4. After so many large updates and events, I was surprised by Game Loft’s minimalism on this one. But, in thinking about it, I’m not sad as it will give me time to get more done on leveling up all my Snow White folks before our next event (which, in my opinion, should be a “Princess and the Frog” event for Mardis Gras). Also, something you didn’t mention here was how *cute* Developer Mike is. This is a super important part of the livestream that must be discussed.

  5. The update has been rolled out. And Surprise, suprise….. there are also new costumes!!! For Pluto, Chip and Chap!

  6. How is your calendar filled up? Mine somehow says I missed a day and I check in on the game several times a day. We haven’t missed a day in, I think we were up to 400 days.

    • I usually don’t shut the game down thou. Because I’ve noticed when I do, sometimes the last actions we took, don’t “stick”. If that makes sense.

    • The image is (most likely) from the live stream where they indicated that everyone would keep their streak. However, with the update, everyone has two missed days (one can be recovered by watching an ad) and starts on day 1. On FB they said it’s so everyone can see what it looks like if you miss a day. They also said they didn’t track consecutive days before so……

  7. I am glad to have a break for events. I enjoy them, but I have a hard time completing everything. I also have 30+ characters that are level 8 or 9 and it will be nice to finally level some of them to 10. I also was hoping for more characters, but it looks like I will be occupied gathering Wendy’s objects for a while.

  8. Glad it’s not an event. Glad it’s minimalist, but come on! $15 for a float, Hook and diamonds?! And it costs less to buy the package than it would to just buy hook by himself. And Wendy. Earning the tokens for Wendy is ridiculous! Seventy EPIC tokens is just just plain NUTS!!!

  9. Hey Jaysen, are u planning on doing a prediction post for the next update. They said we are getting 7 new characters in the game. I can’t figure out who that 7 could be. I personally want them to finish the fantasyland set. That would mean we still need Pinocchio, Dumbo (fav) and Mr Toad. And I guess Pooh ? Though I think pooh would fit in any land.

  10. I think the 7 characters will be Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, and possibly either Owl, Kanga/Roo, and/or Christopher Robin. Anyone have another possible group of seven?

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