Snow White and Fighting the Evil Queen – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello all!  I took this last week off of blogging to catch up on life, as well as celebrate my one year wedding anniversary!  It was a blast and perhaps I will do a post with some of the photos of our adventures in the wizarding world later this week!  That being said, rather than backtrack, I thought we’d jump right into the fray with the welcoming of Snow White all the way up to fighting off the Evil Queen.  This event has us doing our first fight with her BEFORE welcoming our last non-villain character, which is certainly a change from past events.  Alright, let’s jump in!

Welcoming Happy

Before we jump on the Snow White bandwagon, I think it makes sense to mention that Happy, as well as the Seven Dwarfs Mine train, is now available to purchase with either gems or through cold hard cash.


I went for the bundle as this gave me both.  Happy will join your kingdom and you’ll get a new attraction to complain that you don’t have enough room for!  Note that Happy HELPS WITH GRUMPY, so this is another opportunity to rack up some of his many tokens.


Welcoming Snow White

Now it’s time to welcome the whitest princess in the land.  No, wait, that doesn’t sound right.  The Snowiest princess in all the white!  Nope, no good.  The lady with the ruffliest shoulders in the Kingdom.  I’m going to go with that one.  Snow White isn’t too bad if you’ve been storing up those apples as she’ll need ten of them!

Singing Bluebird

Okay, this is one of the cutest tokens EVER.  While these seemed to drop far less often, haters will be hateful to find that Grumpy is the best way to stock up on bluebirds fast.


Snow White Ears Hat

These are a fair bit easier as many of the quests are around 2 hours, and Happy will even drop these every hour!  That’s pretty good odds given that you need to get 13 of these puppies.  The kind of look like little dolls, don’t they?


Before long, Snow White will show up and start bird whispering.  What’s that bluebird?  Mike and Sully need help by the old well?  Wait one moment while I go take a nap and wait for the Prince to figure out a solution.


Questing with Snow White

Snow White will actually get two quests right off the bat.  However the firs one is not part of the event and should therefore be skipped in favor of the second quest.


This is the quest you DON’T WANT to take.


This is the quest you WANT to take.


Snow will head to the cottage for a couple of hours to contemplate if her outfit really has gone out of style.  (Spoiler:  it has!)


After this, you’ll get a three part quest for the three non-premium dwarfs to go off to get ready for the Queen.


You’ll notice that all of these are short with the exception of Doc who has an 8 Hour quest.  Use this time to stash those apples.  Something tells me we are going to need a lot of them when the Queen becomes available.


After all that getting ready, Doc has the wise idea to actually LOOK for the Queen.  Thank goodness we have you here Doc.  I fear we never would have looked for her if you hadn’t suggested it.


Doc will get a short quest to go and search out the Queen.


Fighting the Evil Queen

Snow White is determined to not eat any poison apples this time around.  With the Queen located, it’s time to face her for the first time during this event.


You’ll be able to send any dwarfs you’ve obtained as well as Snow White to fight off the Queen.  Each of the quests lasts 4 hours.  If you have all 7 currently released characters, this quest should end up taking about 12 hours.  Obviously, the less characters you have, the longer you’ll be working at fighting off the Queen.


Fortunately, fighting the Queen is super amazing as the backdrop is really cool and seeing all the characters stomping angrily at her is a lot of fun.  This is definitely one of my favorite battle scenes to date!


And that is where I leave you this week!  How is everyone doing with the event?  This is the time in the event that I like to start asking if everyone thinks they’re going to finish in time.  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for the update! I haven’t played DMK but I’ve been hearing about the game a lot recently. The events and game look fantastic! I think I might start playing!

    -Luna 🙂

    • Not sure the minimum level but today I had to upgrade Snow White to Level 2 to be able to fight the Queen with her

  2. Hey, Jaysen! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s always good to know whether I need to stay up all night to keep things rolling or if it’s OK to get a little shuteye, LOL! I just welcomed Snow White, so hopefully I’ll be able to start battling the queen tomorrow. And I finally got what I needed to welcome Grumpy (I don’t want to think about all the gems I spent to do it, but he was the one who dropped the last bluebird, so he’s already helping a lot!) Because I finally got Grumpy I don’t think that finishing will be a problem, even with all of the to-dos I have IRL this week.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Jason… I always appreciate your efforts to provide us with the info we need. My game wouldn’t open all weekend, and so I fell a bit behind. Now that you’ve shown what is needed, I feel confident that I can be on track again and still be done by the time Sleepy and the Queen are ready for us. I appreciate that Gameloft allows a little extra leeway for just such occasions. At first my Singing Bluebirds wouldn’t drop, but once they started, it hasn’t been too difficult to get them. I think I should have Snow by lunch tomorrow. I doubt that I will manage to get Grumpy this time around, but I’m grateful for Legendary Chests (despite some of the year-round grumpy comments from some players) and so I have no doubt that I will get him eventually… after all, who’s heard of just 6 dwarfs? *grin* 7 are a must! Happy DMK-ing!

  4. I highly doubt I’ll be getting Grumpy this time around. Wish there was another way to acquire his items needed. Perhaps DMK will give him away as their 25th day Christmas gift!

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