Don’t Be Grumpy About Grumpy – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello all!  Normally this is the time I would be posting an article about Sneezy and the continued quest of the Snow White Event, but something very interesting happened today.  With the release of Sneezy, Grumpy is now also available…sort of.  With this release, there has been a lot of, well, grumpiness, and I wanted to talk a bit about the actual welcoming of him, as well as cover some misconceptions about him.  So let’s all take a deep breath and take this one step at a time.  Are you calm?  I’m calm.  That might also be the Tylenol PM I mixed into my Eggnog.  At any rate, let’s jump in.


How Do you Actually Welcome Grumpy?

There are TWO ways to welcome Grumpy.


Open Enchanted chests specially made for his tokens.  These will cost you 15 gems each and have a CHANCE of dropping one or several of his tokens.  These Chests ALSO have a chance of randomly just GIVING you Grumpy.  That’s right.  The rarest drop from these chests will just GIVE him to you, taking away the need to earn his tokens to welcome him.  Note, you will still need to earn his tokens to level him up.


You can actually quest for him, though the quest times are upwards of 12 hours, so this will certainly take some time considering how many tokens he actually requires.


Either way, once you get Grumpy, he will be able to HELP with ALL Snow White characters and also drop extra event currency.  I will take a moment to mention that should you opt to buy chests for ALL of his tokens it will likely cost you in the realm of 500 – 800 gems all together depending on your luck.


Do I Need Grumpy to Complete the Event????

NO!!!!!!!  Hold on.  I want to make sure that everyone got that.  NOOOO!  Will he make it easier to complete?  Sure!  What premium character doesn’t?  But he is not required to complete the event in any way shape or form.

Why Can’t Gameloft Make it Easier?

I’m glad you brought that up, other self who I’m talking to.  Gameloft has EXPLICITLY said that there will be lots of ways to earn Grumpy Chests.  For example, they mentioned that during timed mini-events, such as those where we compete to gain happiness, anyone who participates will get at least one if not more Grumpy Chests.  There’s also the advent Calendar, which provides several opportunities, including today’s free gift, to get Grumpy chests.  Now I know that this might mean you might not get him TODAY if you wait for these things, but it does mean that you will have plenty of chances and help to get him before the end of the event.


But Why Can’t He Just Be Free?

I say this with no hate or malice.  Please know that.  I love you guys.  You make writing about this game so much fun.  But understand that just like ANY premium character, you don’t HAVE to get Grumpy.  Things like this are added into the game in order to help earn money.  Dozens of awesome people make this game and, much like you or I, they occasionally like to eat and live under a roof and take care of their families.  GASP!  Premium offerings are part of the way that they are able to do this.  That is just the simple facts of life.

BUT, the great part is that you can choose to spend money, or to not.  Game devs, and most people in the business of business, listen with their bank accounts.  Don’t like how this character is being offered?  Don’t spend money on it!  It’s that easy.  Want to 100% have everything because you’re a crazy completionist like me?  Then spend those gems!  There is no right or wrong way to play.  Gamers aren’t LESS gamers because they don’t spend money.  Those who choose to spend some money on the game aren’t jerks who like to be better than everyone else.  We’re all just people enjoying a game about building a Kingdom and avoiding the Mad Hatter’s tongue while Zombie Gaston runs around town upsetting everyone.  And the best part is that we get to enjoy the game in whatever way we so choose!  Man, life is pretty awesome, am I right??


I really hope this post helps to clear things up, and that no one was too offended by my little rant.  I certainly have no ill will towards anyone, and hope you all continue to enjoy this magical game alongside me.  I’ll post my Sneezy update tomorrow and we’ll get this ship back on track.  Have a great day and good luck in your adventure to welcome Grumpy, whatever way that might be!

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  1. Spot on. One question: have you noticed a change in the number of cards in the Grumpy chests? I swear I was getting three earlier, which is backed up by your screen shot, but I just bought a couple more chests and only got two cards.

    So, speaking of eggnog…

    If you ever find yourself in Seattle for Christmas, you must get Sun Liquor Eggnog. But since that’s not doable for everyone, they are kind enough to share the recipe. It’s worth it. http://seattlemag.com/love-nog-sun-liquors-aged-eggnog-recipe

    • I wondered about the change from three cards to two also. I wondered if I had just imagined it or if there was a difference between purchasing the chests or receiving them as a gift.

    • I messaged Gameloft about this. They said it was normal and chests can have 2-
      4 cards. I don’t mind paying money for chests but I want full value. Two cards isn’t what I paid for. I’m pretty miffed.

  2. You perfectly write what i feel all day. If you look at the fbpage people go crazy about grumpy. Live Goes on even without Grumpy. Enjoy the event. (Sorry for my dutch english)

  3. You’re absolutely right Jaysen! Right now I’m waiting to welcome Sneezy. Nowhere near with Grumpy yet. Going to try to get him, but first I’ll wait and see how many gems I’ll need for the last premium character. And maybe I’ll just flat out buy that character, just like I did with Dopey. Because you’re right: the devs need to earn some money to 😉

  4. I don’t think people would have minded so much if he was just another premium character.. The devs need money, and we get that. It’s just sad that they brought a shade of gambling to this childhood memory bearing game.
    But I agree that if you don’t want this, you can just not spend any money in it. Grumpy isn’t essential for finishing the event and maybe that’s something we should be thankful for.

  5. Thank you for your always-positive attitude. Even in rant *grin* you are sun-shiny. 🙂 For myself, I am confused about whether we get to keep the tokens we have spent for them (through gems) even if we don’t welcome him by the end of the event. In the past, characters must have been fully welcomed to keep them. At the same time, in the past, when you’ve spent money on chests and received decorations, you get to keep the decorations. It seems to me that, even though many of us are happy to spend money in support of this game, if we get so far in the spending (say $30 – $40) but then feel we can’t go any higher, and still don’t have Grumpy… do we then completely lose that $30 – $40 dollars? The highest I’ve seen so far is that someone had spent $70 to finish getting all his tokens. That’s too rich for my blood, even though I do like spending to support. I’m concerned I’m going to lose what I’ve spent. Regardless, I really and truly loving playing this game and this event. I was so excited, this morning, to find a Finely Carved Organ in my Silver Chest. 😉 You’re right, life is good.

    • When we had the Incredibles event I was unable to get all of the tokens for Syndrome during the event. When I was able to get the Premium Chests when they came out for the “post Incredibles” event I got Syndrome in one of those chests. when I welcomed him all of the tokens that I had earned during the event

      • I appreciate people sharing information like this. It’s very helpful to understand a bit more about how the game works (for those of us who haven’t yet had those experiences during gameplay). I had tried looking this up in the FAQ sections but couldn’t find it. We’re lucky to have such a supportive DMK community to share details like this. 🙂 Thanks!

  6. Fully agree with your remarks. This has been the only game that I have ever spent money on and that’s because it’s the only game that I play every day. The enjoyment that it has brought is worth the money. I do hope that near the end of the event there is an opportunity to buy Grumpy if we still have not gotten him yet.

  7. The developers lied. There are two ways to get Grumpy. One is to be one of the very few lucky ones who get him for free in one of the dozen or so chests that they give us as part of the advent calendar and contests. From the sound of things, the odds are very, very long.

    The more common way will be to get him by collecting his tokens. If you buy both premium characters (which I always do), you will be able to grind a few tokens, but not nearly enough. The missions are 12 hours each and the hats are rare, so how many of those can you realistically expect to get in 25 days? Maybe 10 if you’re lucky? So good old grinding isn’t really realistic. GL knew it and so do you.

    If you want Grumpy, you are going to have to buy Loot Crates. That is really the only way to get him outside of extremely good luck. And yes, it’s gambling. People have every right to be “grumpy” about that. The game has been challenging up to this point, but it’s always played fair. This is just a cash grab and in my experience once games go this route they don’t look back. Expect more cash grabs and gambling in the future. In the long term, this will drive out the player base and the game will die as so many games before it have. That’s a shame because I have enjoyed it up to this point. I have played since almost day 1 and I am seriously considering uninstalling Magic Kingdoms if something isn’t changed soon.

    So, yeah, I’m grumpy about Grumpy. You should be too.

    • LEBEAU – Hallelujah and thank you for a well written, honest and accurate response about this latest change in gameplay. I too have played since the beginning and have always been happy to purchase diamonds for all the event premium characters. The game is wonderful, with a lot of work going into the graphics and storyline. However, being forced to purchase chests and gamble for a character I would love to have because Snow White is my favourite Disney film really saddens my heart. I am fully aware that I don’t need Grumpy to complete the event. I would like Grumpy to complete the set. I was fully prepared and had set aside funds to purchase all the premiums for this event too. How could I be happy with a Dwarf missing at the end of the event? This for me is a turning point too. GL may make a short term gain but they will most definitely make a long term loss. I will never again bother to purchase anything premium and I certainly will not gamble on a chance that they have preordained anyway. Would it really have harmed to offer an outright diamond cost and the opportunity to win via the enchanted chests? Players could then decide to purchase outright or chance their luck. GL would 100% have already had my purchase for him. As it is I have Dopey but I’ll wait until the very end regarding Grumpy. I wish they had not chosen this time of year or my favourite movie to have introduced this aspect. It’s hardly demonstrative of the season of goodwill! Have said all of that I am thoroughly enjoying this event. The storyline and the animations are a joy and the daily gift is super kind. I play 3 tapping games including this one and neither of the other two is offering a daily advent gift. I’m determined that nothing will spoil my enjoyment of this event. Not the sluggishness, nor the free chest videos not playing or any other little niggles. I’m going to just play on and whistle while I work. Have a lovely event tappers and a great holiday…….💜X

  8. Thank you for this. Yes I will be sad if I don’t get grumpy because I’m a completest, but I’m not going to stop playing or boycott, like I’ve seen people saying on fb/Reddit.

    I also think people complaining about the “gambling” aspect must not have been around when Prince Charming was released, and the only way you could get tokens was through chests. That was way more annoying lol

    • HEATHER- The difference being that one did not have to purchase chests to get PC’s glove. It was an integral part of free gameplay. Btw, I was fortunate enough to win the gloves with my first chest, so I’m not really in a position to comment on how difficulty that was. Requisite spending diamonds to purchase a chest with a chance is forcing gambling. Not comparable. With the former one could decide to purchase more or just play it out til successful. There are no true options here as the numbers required are so high. How much are you prepared to spend $70? $100? $200? A very sad change imo…….💜X

      • But as the post stated, you don’t need grumpy to move along on the event. If he was integral to the event, then I’d understand the uproar. But he’s just a bonus.

        With Prince Charming, you needed him to move along in the main storyline. And I was not lucky, it took me forever to get those gloves. They soon changed it so you could get them another way because people were so frustrated.

        I see a lot of people saying it took 800 gems to get grumpy & complaining how much they had to spend for that. But no one is forcing you to spend that money because, again, he’s not necessary to the event. If no one spent money to get him, then maybe they’d change/add other ways to get him. But if so many people who complain still go & spend all those gems/money, then the game got what it wanted, so why change things.

      • 1) Completing the set requires gambling
        2) Gambling doesn’t sit well with a lot of people, let alone Disney and gambling. Yuck!
        3) Short term/short sighted gains v long term/longevity
        I happily support the game & spend, no problem. My issue is having to gamble to collect the set, nothing around completing or moving on in the event. Any games that introduce gambling get discarded. I’m not going to boycott or stop playing as I love the game too much. I’ll just stop being a premium player. I would have respected & supported GL more had they just put the diamond fees up for this item. If he does indeed do so much in the game just charge more. Time will tell……💜X

  9. I think it’s the gambaling aspect that people are mad about tbh. I also think it’s pretty gross to introduce that kind of risk/chance based gambaling to a game that’s at least in part aimed at kids. It’s cynical, unpleasant and not on. Seriously considering giving up.

  10. Have to disagree with this. There isn’t two ways to get him: using only dopey, happy, and the queen to get items for him is impossible to complete in the allotted time frame. Therefore, we have to rely on the RNG chests and gamble away gems. Also, you don’t even get the same number of cards/items in every chest: they range from 2-5 cards, suggesting they’ve even made that part RNG.

    Also, stating 500-800 gems is misleading. The range I’ve seen people admit to spending is 800-1200. This is ridiculous when you consider we will likely pay between 600 and 700 for dopey, happy, and the premium attraction. Given, people who wait and see how many free chests they get and how many items they can get from the characters hopefully won’t pay that much, but it’s still a steep price and difficult to swallow.

    • Waiting till the end to buy chests I still was less than half there. After buying about 5 chests I could see there was no way to win.. so I just stopped and I will cut my losses.

  11. You’re 100% correct that no one is required to get Grumpy, and I think most *reasonable* people understand that perfectly well. But that doesn’t make this particular version of cash grab by Gameloft any less despicable.

  12. I’m going to ride the event and earn all the tokens I can. At the final hours(if I don’t have him). I’ll buy the chests and unlock him with the least amount of financial damage.

    • I’ve been using the same strategy. I figure I can spare 300 gems for 20 chests if I still haven’t gotten Grumpy near the end. In any event, it’s not worth being too grumpy about Grumpy.

  13. I was wondering if your opinion on Grumpy has changed as the event is winding down. It’s become very clear that grinding tokens with the premium characters was never intended to be a viable option. The drop rates are terrible and the time frame makes it impossible to acquire all of the tokens required without buying chests. Lots of them. At best, Dopey, Happy, the Advent Calendar and leader board contests reduce the number of chests you will be required to buy.

    And by the way, my average take on a chest is a single owl and something worthless. How is that worth 15 gems? It’s not.

    I am very glad Apple is going to force developers to release the odds on these loot grates going forward. What Gameloft did with Grumpy is shameful.

  14. Only a few more hours to go in the event and I still do not have, a) enough gems to buy enough chests to unlock grumpy, b) I have not received enough grumpy ear hats per gem so that I can complete grumpy, c) not enough time left to send dopey on another half a day quest. I swear, Gameloft came up with this idea to fool us into thinking that if you get all the free give away chests and buy the other premium characters that u will have a good shot at unlocking Grumpy. Not at All.

    My states as of now
    Ear hats 21
    Owls 44

    • DAVE – You’ve earned a lot more than I did and I purchased 3 extra. Contemplating whether it’s worth throwing away 250 gems to try and get him (ironically, I would have happily spent 300-500 gems to get him outright) In any case, it’s the last time I spend any rl cash on this game. A sad end to 2017 and start to 2018. This gambling aspect has killed the love. Good luck whatever you decide to do……💜X

  15. Lame. Just glad I didn’t spend any real cash trying to get him for my daughter. I agree with most others. It’s not that we deserved to get him. The kid and I have passed over many premium characters. It was the way they went about “offering” him. We did waste at least 200 gems trying.

    Would have been nice to get something back for the wasted owls and hats.

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