Doc, Dopey and Building Seven Dwarf’s Cottage – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello and welcome to the Snow White event!  I, for one, am really excited about this one.  Perhaps it is the beautiful red border on the event quests.  Or maybe the holiday accents.  Maybe it brings back memories of the last time I tried to get seven guys to come hang out at my castle.  Aw, college was fun.  Ahem.  Where were we?  Oh yes!  Today I’ll be covering everything up through building the Seven Dwarf’s cottage.  Let’s jump in!


Starting the Event

Like all our events, things will kick off Mickey, who looks like he’s had a bit too much eggnog, or perhaps too much candy as he has yet to change into his Christmas attire.  Halloween is over buddy.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


You’ll get a 60 second quest requiring both Mickey AND Goofy to complete.


Mickey decides to trust Goofy with fire.  Well, we had to make at least ONE poor choice this holiday season, right?  Goofy will get a 2 minute quest to investigate trees as he attempts to chop down firewood.


Meanwhile, Mickey goes to change into something seasonally appropriate.  Weirdly, his bored face reminds me of my feelings towards Christmas.  Next holiday please!


Spooky Trees

Spooky trees operate much like other special tappers of the past.  You’ll need to collect Garden Sheers and Curse-Be-Gone, 2 of each, before you can send Mickey, one of the dwarfs or Snow White out to fight the tree, which will then drop a poison apple.  The poison apple will be crucial for welcoming and leveling ALL Snow White characters so make sure to start stocking up NOW!


Below are the current characters which can help you get the necessary tokens to fight off a Spooky Tree.


Note that fighting off a Spooky Tree looks an awful lot like dancing a jig in front of a tree that is housing a stalker in the park.  Not that I’d know anything about that…


Welcoming Doc

It’s a good thing that you’re now able to collect those poison apples, because no sooner can you, will you be able to welcome Doc, our first Dwarf!


Poison Apple

For now you’ll only need one, but soon that number will grow so start collecting!



Fun fact:  A Swanette is something like a lute, and not, in fact, a lady swan.  Who knew??  These are easiest to get from Dopey, a premium character we’ll discuss in a moment.


Doc Ears Hat

OMG IT’S SO CUTE!!!! Ahem.  Doc Ears Hats take a little longer, but make sure that Goofy and Woody are out of storage to be able to grab them every two hours.


Before long you’ll have a shiny new Doc in your Kingdom!!!


Welcoming Dopey

Dopey can be purchased via gems or through a special bundle.  I chose the bundle because the that Dwarf Hat Stand and the prospect of kids running around in little beards and hats was calling my name!


Dopey seems lost and confused, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  He’s great for helping out with early tokens as his tasks are much shorter than other characters.


Dopey will immediately get a quest to clean up, but I urge you to not send him on it.  his time is much better spent for now grabbing tokens to fight Spooky Trees and to Welcome Doc.  His quest is NOT time limited so feel free to skip it for now.


Questing with Doc

Doc will immediately be sent out to look for other dwarfs.  Send him on this quest as it is important to the story line.  As a rule of thumb, if the quest is in the limited time color, in this case red, off to the left side, it is important to continue the time limited event.  If it is in yellow, as you see Dopey’s quest is, it is not time limited and be completed even after the event has ended.


Yes Doc, we all found some new men today. We all did.


Doc, we don’t have any mines.  We do have tigers and lions and bears though!  Are any of your men in them?  If so, Elsa can provide last rights services for a fee at her castle.


Hidden Crows

Hidden crows, or as I like to call them, Nightmare Creatures!!! can be found flying throughout your kingdom.  You will need to take 5 of them at a time every five minutes.  This is a great way to get some event currency which you’ll be needing in just a moment to build your first attraction.


Seriously though, I will be having nightmares of my Mom sending these after me when I forget to call her back.  Yeesh!


Building the Seven Dwarf’s Cottage

Upon completion of Doc’s quest, you’ll get to build your first attraction, the Seven Dwarf’s Cottage.  it will cost 500 event currency and will take 2 hours to build.


Upon completion, Doc will get a quest to search the cottage.  Be warned, he will need to be level 2 to do this quest, so make sure you’re saving up those tokens!


That’s where I leave you today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more adventures in Dwarfdom!  In the meantime, let me know how you are doing so far in the event and if you’re loving the new animations and new additions to the Kingdom!  I know I am!


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  1. Wow! You really have gotten really far already! I goofed and sent Dopey off on his yellow quest – completely missed that it was not necessary for the event, LOL! Should have read your blog post first!

    Thanks again for sharing! I like knowing what to expect so I can try and figure out the rest of my life.

  2. lol Gosh, your posts are always so humorous. Love it. Yes, the washing up tasks / quests are likely to be one of my favourites with this group of characters. I also love Dopey’s little skip / hop after he defeats a creepy tree…. sooooo cute! I love that the progression is quick for the first day… potentially 2 dwarfs plus the first attraction before bed, not to mention the usual parade float and stand. I feel accomplished. 😉 With so many characters to get through this time, I hope this continues. LOVING this update. ❤

  3. I’m seeing that Grumpy’s just been unlocked … looks like he earns a lot of his own stuff (difficult when you haven’t welcomed him yet), and it takes roughly a gazillion of each to welcome him in the first place. And these can be found in … chests that cost 15 gems each? Uh oh. I’m hoping/assuming there’s another way to get him into the game, and this isn’t as sketchy/impossible as it seems right now.

    • Magic best are being given away periodically throughout the event…….You could get lucky and get him! Without earning all the tokens

  4. Hi, i am wondering if land is going to open up. I had to put away some of my attractions to make space for the first building.

  5. I keep collecting poisoned apples to where I think I’m able to level up a character or in this case welcome Snow White, but the apples keep disappearing – back down to zero!
    Is this happening to everyone? How do I stop it?

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