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A Guide to Sending Characters Home – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello and Happy Update day to all of my fellow DMKers.  While there’s plenty to check out in this update, be it the adorable seasonal accents or the new land, I wanted to take a moment today, before we get knee deep in dwarfs, to talk about the new system to send characters home.  This will easily be the part of this update that affects the larger game the most, so it only makes sense to talk about it in detail.  Let’s jump in.


Why Send a Character Home?

This feature, or more-so, the ability to ‘Store’ characters has been something the DMK community has been begging to be added to the game.  It’s up there with being able to level up multiple characters at the same time and the constant, incessant rumblings for more land.

The reason this has been asked for so much is simple.  Time management.  Let’s be honest, with soon to be 100 characters, DMK has gone from being a quick casual phone game to one that can take upwards of 15 or more minutes just to ‘check in’ on.  That’s a lot of time when you consider other games of this nature and how little time they take for upkeep.  Sending characters on tasks is just a huge amount of labor throughout the day, especially considering that many characters, at a certain point, become useless with the exception of potions and experience.

My concern with a storage system has always been that while time-saving, you would lose out on a lot of potions and xp in the process of storing them.  Luckily, sending characters home has a neat solution to this problem.  Let’s take a look.

How Does it Work?

By going into the character screen, you can tap on an icon at the upper left to find the “Send Home” Options.  I’ll also mention that in order to be able to do this, YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE DEFEATED ZURG!  This makes plenty of sense when you consider that this is the point in the game where having a ton of characters starts to get out of hand.


The rules are simple.  You can go through your list of characters and send any of them home as long as they are not on a mission already.  I suggest sending home characters who cannot currently collect ANY tokens for other characters.  After a certain amount of time, you’ll be able to collect these rewards out in front of your castle.  12 Hours to be exact.  And don’t worry, this isn’t like leveling up a character.  You can return them to your kingdom at ANY time.


As you add characters to Home, you’ll find that the rewards you earn per hour in xp and potions will go up.  Note that while you will earn this amount of xp and potions EVERY hour, you can only COLLECT the accumulated reward every 12 HOURS.  


Depending on who you have sent home, you’ll get larger rewards and after 12 hours you’ll be able to roll in a bed of delicious potiony goodness.  Note that on the Visiting Home screen you can simply tap RETURN to bring anyone back at any time at no extra cost.


Is it Worth It?

OMG YES!  At least for a player like me it is.  Already this has DRAMATICALLY sped up my upkeep time.  Keep in mind, however, that you will earn more potions and xp from simply sending these characters on missions, so if you’re tight on potions, this might not be the best option for you.  Sending a character on a long quest and then collecting the spoils will be a better use of their time.  But for me, who is quickly sending characters away on quests as I wait at a stop light or in line for coffee, this improvement is fantastic.

How do you all like this new feature so far?  Anything you’d like to see added to this little guide?  Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the start of the event!!

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  1. So if I have every character only put the ones that are not needed in the HOME for now ? Still kinda confused but I do have 64 characters in the home thingy lol

  2. I am loving the new feature as it lets me keep the characters who can work on tokens and store the others. Besides the lower xp and potions – there may be other things like less visitors, etc, but that remains to be seen over time. Thanks for your write up.

  3. I’m still unsure, if a character collects a token, and we send that character home, would that token still be available if sent home? I’m assuming no, right?

    • Most likely not since they need to perform a task to get the tokens. They can’t do tasks while they are home. You can collect tokens for characters that are in storage. For example, you need tokens for Goofy and Mickey can get them. Mickey needs to be out to perform the task to earn the token. Goofy can be stored. However, when you are ready to level up Goofy, you will need to take him out of storage to do that.

    • JOE C – If a character is required for token collecting or happiness then they must be active in the game. If you have just potion collectors, they can be sent home to the naughty step for being lazy…..💜X

  4. Shouldn’t I wait until the Snow White event starts before sending any character HOME? I don’t think a character should be put away if they’re needed for the event?

    • Thanks for this comment! I did not notice this but immediately went and started clearing the curse. It just looks like an awfully small piece of land for all the new things to fit into, but I’ll make it work somehow.

  5. Thanks for the guide. Straight forward and, as always, humorous. 😉 Someone else had mentioned how great it would be if, when the characters are returned, we get to see their welcoming sequence. Particularly for those characters who have been maxed out with no other way to see their animations again, this would be a fun addition. The designers / animators at Gameloft have put so much into creating such a visually stunning game and I personally would like the chance to enjoy those animations again. 🙂 I just gave it a try with one of my characters (Jafar) and he didn’t even walk out of the castle… I had to go looking for him in my park (he’d been returned next to the Aladdin attractions).

  6. Thanks Jaysen! A great way to start off the event! Now if only my update would show up……… Anyway I m super excited for this feature! I’m hoping it makes playing the event easier since my game is slow loading and prone to crashing. Made the Alice event almost unbearable

    • If you’re running Android here’s something to try, go into the actual listing (like where you would see the reviews) and see if it shows the update there. Someone else suggested this to me a few updates ago, no update listed under updates but under the losing it showed the update so it worked for me.

      • Thanks! It showed up about 8 this morning :O but at least the event hadn’t started yet. I will have to try checking the play store closer next time

    • SUSAN – Ditto. I sent 36/40 characters home and it made such a difference. I was able to task the others so quickly and scrolling around for chests is a joy again. So far I’m happy with Santa Gameloft.

  7. Not related but wondering, what do you need to unlock the Snow White characters. I’m still struggling to get Chief Bongo so I don’t have Jungle Book Characters either, do you need them? :/

  8. JAYSEN- Thanks for this thorough write up. It’s already proving to be a time saver with me. My game is also not so sluggish. I do have one gripe, however, and I seriously hope it is just a bug and will be fixed with the arrival of Snow White & the Cutie Dwarves: When we have two people required for a task we used to have their images appearing together (with the + indicator showing against their image). That way we could see clearly who we needed. Now it is only showing one person, so it appears as if the task is solo for that character. This is 100% true for Jungle Book, for which I’m still collecting. Alice in Wonderland shows pairings still, but not the re-addition of Bo Peep & Jessie on their 6hr collection task together. So whilst I’m über happy to welcome this new feature, I do hope that it is not at the expense of the visual pairing function. Can you shed any light please?
    ps. can’t wait for the update☺️……..💜X

  9. By the way, I’d just like to thank Gameloft for the daily advent gift. It has really set me up well for this festive period. A couple of other games I play just didn’t bother, so Gameloft, I salute you and send you a virtual mince pie smothered in cream😋……🎉🍾………💜X

  10. I’m excited about this feature but also wish they would just let the gathering spell also collect character tokens and potions.

  11. Thanks for the great explanation of the new Home feature. And it is especially appreciated knowing that you took the time to write this up when it must be such a busy time for you at work.

    I love the new Home feature. I’ve sent 75/99 characters home. I couldn’t believe how fast it was this morning to get my game ready for the day. At first I didn’t send any characters home that fulfilled wishes, but that turned to not be a worry. It is so easy to bring a character back into the game when a Wish pops up for them. Now I send everyone home except those who are getting tokens.

  12. I tried this yesterday at around midnight and I woke up, went to work, got out at around 2. I check on the characters I sent home but it says that there are still 12 hours left to collect the rewards and I haven’t earned anything where it says “current rewards”. It’s been well over 12 hours so I don’t understand why I haven’t earned anything.

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