Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello my fellow park creators!  No more than days after finishing up the Alice in Wonderland event and selling my first born to afford to put Olaf in a bow tie, we now have the big reveal of what is coming next.  While details are still sparse, you all know that I love to try and predict the characters which will come with the event.  With that being said, let’s jump right in and see who might be coming to visit this time around.


Snow White

Because no one runs away from danger, gets picked up by dwarf miners, falls asleep and waits for rescue like Snow White!  Snow will most surely be in this update, but if I have my way, we’ll get sleeping Snow White.  She can literally walk around the kingdom in her coffin freaking people out.  However if she is alive, I’m hoping we can get a Cinderella type storyline which involves her searching for the poisoned apple across 48 new quests.


The Seven Dwarfs

Okay, I know that these guys will probably be individual characters, but I have wanted a character that is made up of multiple characters FOREVER now.  I just think it would be so cool and different.  However, if they are all individually recruitable, I can’t imagine Grumpy and Dopey NOT being gem characters.  After all, who is honestly going to pay to play with Doc?  No, you’re right.  I probably would still buy Doc.


The Evil Queen

Look guys!  You will soon be able to play as my mother!  Oh, sorry, no. It’s just the Evil Queen.  I get the two confused.  Okay, so the Evil Queen will be the villain here, but do we think we’ll get a costume to change her into old lady form?  I really really hope so.  It would also mark our first villain with a costume option!

The Prince

Sorry boys, Snow White is already taken.  The Prince might even be the first character we recruit in this story line.  He’s brave, bold and his kiss can wake the dead.  Hubba hubba!  And who doesn’t love a man in tights with a bad haircut?


The Hunstman

Okay, this one is a stretch, but if I learned anything from the Mad Hatter, it’s that my Kingdom doesn’t have enough creepy old guys.  The Huntsman could chase Snow White, and in his off hours, he could hunt all the wild animals in my Kingdom.  Seriously, we have got a large cat problem on our hands.


That’s my guesses for this update!  What are your predictions?  Will it be main story or event?  What attractions will we be getting?  Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Great post, I’m excited for this one! I hope we get some of those creepy trees as decorations. And maybe a candy apple stand? I’d love a poisoned apple stand but I guess it’s not good business to have the park littered with guests in the sleeping death. I’d be surprised if we get all the dwarfs, that’d be great but seems like alot of characters for an update.

    • I agree. I was wondering if all dwarves would be allowed at once, or if perhaps Gameloft might tease us with a partial cast (and only allow leveling up to 6 as they have with the Pirates cast). I’d love them all at once, but it does seem that Gameloft creators have been finding ways to help slow down the quicker players. I hadn’t thought of the creepy trees….. those would be AWESOME!

  2. Pssst! His name isn’t “Prince Charming”. That’s Cinderella’s fella. Snow White’s prince is simply “The Prince”.

  3. I agree with all your choices (and the Huntsman is a stretch). I couldn’t think how they could do both the Queen as herself and as the Witch, but your idea about the costume does make sense. Hope they do it that way.

  4. I think you have some good points for characters. If they do decide on doing all of the dwarves I think they will make them into 2 different areas (like Aurora and the Prince then the fairies) that would probably be my best guess that way they are able 5 make dopey and grumpy both gem characters.
    I’m hoping it’s not an event and just a storyline addition for the fact that if they get all of the dwarves in the storyline it would be way too hectic for an event.

  5. But have anyone considerate the posibility of having the magic mirror mask as a character like with Carpeta in Aladdin event?

  6. I’m figuring that it’s a main storyline. So far, all of the classic characters have been main storyline characters…. and, with the exception of the original Toontown characters, no others are more classic than Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes, given that this was the very first full length movie they did way back when. I’m also hoping that this means Gameloft will be opening another section of Fantasyland.

  7. Something tells me it’s going to be a Snow White event for the holiday, but I hope it’ll be a regular update. Since I’m expecting it to be an event, I skipped on the Frozen costumes. And honestly, I was a bit too miffed that all 3 costumes can only be gotten with gems 😊. 1 or 2, fine, but all 3? Not cool. Looking forward to Snow White though!

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