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Denya Woodhollow – Character Profile #2

Hello and happy Sunday!  I am so excited because today we are finally revealing a second character!  The Longtails, being made up of many small bands of mice, are a varied group.  As such, each mouse has special talents.  Complimentary jobs are paired up in order to have the best effects when working as a team on a mission.  These teams are called Bands.  Today, I am excited to introduce the second member of our main band of Longtails mice, the potion mixing extraordinaire and top-notch Alchemist, Denya Woodhollow!

Who is Denya Woodhollow?


Art by Dexter Allagahrei


Name:  Denya Woodhollow

Age:  9 Seasons

Fur Color:  Blonde


  • Mixing ingredients to come up with something new.
  • Finding the most diplomatic solution to a problem.
  • Cooking, baking, mixing, stirring.  Pretty much anything that involves following a recipe.


  • Mice who act first and think second.
  • Being told what to do.
  • Talking or being asked about her family.



Denya’s always a very fun character to write.  On one hand, she’s a very emotional character.  She feels things more than probably any other character on the team.  On the other hand, or paw if you like, she is very good at hiding those feeling deep down where no one can see them.  She also has a very meticulous mind.  As someone who likes to come up with new recipes, she’s always looking for the best solution to any problem.

On her back, you’ll notice a leather-bound book.  This is where she keeps her recipes hidden and safe.  While it might seem obvious that she can create healing potions, Denya is also a master of small explosives, powerful augment elixirs (such as concoctions which might grant the drinker levitation, greater strength or invisibility) and anti-toxins.  She also makes a mean blackberry pie.  The secret, she says, is in the crust.


More to Come

That’s our character profile for the day, but so many more are on their way and not all of them are mice even!  We’ve also got maps, more Lore and short stories from the Mouselands as we creep ever closer to the book release next April!  If there’s some part of this process you’d like to see here on the blog, let me know in the comments.  Thanks for stopping by!

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