Alice in Wonderland Day 1 Extravaganza – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello everyone and welcome back to an all new event filled with tea time and very merry unbirthdays!  There is a LOT to cover here as this event kicks off, and rather than do a slew of posts, I’ve decided to compile everything into one big giant topsy turvy lump of a post right here, right now.  To give you an idea, we’ll first talk about the event itself, following everything up to building your first building.  Then we’ll take a look at all the other fun new things in the update, including Frozen costumes and Halloween decorations.  With all of that said, let’s jump in and see what the Alice in Wonderland update has in store!


Navigating the Event

As always, I like to start out by talking through all the lovely tools you have to track the event in all of its zaniness.  By clicking on the countdown timer at the bottom of your screen, you can access a little hub of info.

Main Hub Page

Here you can see what you need to do to unlock characters, who is available and when everyone will become available.  It’s a nice little snapshot of the event.


Event Goals

Here you can actually follow the event in a sort of to-do list, tracking your progress and seeing how close you are to completion.



Here you can see the different deals and promos available in the event.  You’ll notice that right off the bat we can purchase an Unbirthday Hat Stand with the White Rabbit as well as a new parade float along with a starter pack of tokens.  These tokens are important as event currency is the only way to progress the event itself.



This section also serves as a snapshot, but more than anything gives you a place to contact customer care.


New Parade Float and Welcoming the White Rabbit

I, being the good little DMKer that I am, jumped at the new parade float which has a very festive Cheshire Cat on it.


I also made sure to welcome the White Rabbit.  In general, if you are going to welcome the event characters, it is more worth your while to do so early on as they will dramatically decrease the time it takes to welcome all the characters.


The White Rabbit sets off in search of Mary Ann.  Sounds like my life in a nutshell.  Oh wait, he said Mary Ann, not married man.  Nevermind.


The White Rabbit will instantly get a quest.  This is NOT part of the main story of the event and can wait until later.  Instead, wait until you can send the White Rabbit to collect tokens for the Mad Hatter and send him to do that instead.


Starting the Event

As is customary, Mickey Mouse will start off the event by getting a strange feeling.  It seems that everything is topsy-turvy.  Guess you won’t be using that line for Hunchback of Notre Dame, eh Mickey?


Mickey will get a 60 second quest to check out the Fun Wheel.  I’d also like to note that the title of said quest, “Different Kind of Creepy” would also work as a Tinder profile header.  No takers?  All mine then.


Mickey’s quest yields…very little results.


You’ll then be sent to get Mickey’s halloween costume.  If you already have it, hooray for you!  This quest will be an instant completion.  Otherwise, you’ll finally have your chance to nab the adorable outfit.


Don’t worry about the fact that Mickey is still wearing his Easter costume in this photo.  It seems things really are out of control in the Kingdom today.


Wacky Lunch Chests

Every event for a while now has included a special tapper which requires a little more work to vanquish.  This time around, we’ll be fighting off wacky lunch boxes.


You’ll first need to collect 4 tokens, (2 keys, and 2 locks).  These can be collected from several quests and if you need to know who can get them, simply click on the image of the key or lock and it will show you!  Once you have these, you can send any of the below characters to fight the lunch box.


After a 3 minute quest, the box will drop a half tea cup, which is important as it will be required for EVERY character during the event.  For the next three weeks you should CONSTANTLY be stocking up on these.


Welcoming the Mad Hatter

Merlin will drop by to finally give you your first official welcoming quest of the event.


Like many first characters in an event, the Mad Hatter is not particularly challenging.  Check out the requirements below.


Before long, the Hatter will tea drink his way onto the block.


The Quest Continues

Mickey will finally take on a long quest to take care of the Wacky Lunch boxes the old fashioned way…a long involved quest, which will have him out of commission for 6 hours.


The Mad Hatter will join the fray with a song in his heart and a crazy in his everything else.


But luckily the Mad Hatter and I have a lot in common.  We both are a little lost.


You’ll begin by sending the Mad Hatter to collect his thoughts.


First of all Mr. Hatter, there is NEVER too much bread and butter.  EVER!


Bread and Butterflies

Our second tapper type is much easier as it will have you tapping 5 at a time every five minutes, and for the first time ever, the timer can be skipped via gems!


The Mad Hatter will, in the meantime, be searching for his thoughts, which apparently are more scattered than my Aladdin buildings which can be found in ALL CORNERS OF THE PARK!


Build the Golden Afternoon

After searching frantically for the Mad Hatter’s thoughts, you’ll finally be able to build your first new attraction.  The Mad Hatter will need to be at level 2 to make this happen, so be prepared.


The attraction will set you back 550 event currency, which is the least I’ve paid for anything in this game in quite some time.  It will take 2 hours to build.


But OMG, OMG it is so friggin cute once complete!


More Questing

By now, I have no idea what the Mad Hatter is talking about.  Literally, it’s nonsense, but then again, what was I expecting.  Funny story about wearing wares.  I ware my wares to the wear ware store…


In a quest that I can only hope doesn’t send the Mad Hatter off to flash the children of the park, the Mad Hatter will head off to show off his wares.  I will be spending that time looking for a censor bar.


Once this is done, you’ll send him on his longest quest yet, which will take 5 hours and will be a visit to the Golden Afternoon.


This is where I leave you with quests!  I’ll be feverishly working to be ready for the March Hare by tomorrow!

What Else is New?

Halloween Accents

I just want take a moment to admire how friggin awesome the kingdom looks right now.  Honestly Gameloft, if you read this far, this is some of your best work.  Here are some pics of my favorite parts of the new look for the season.


New Concession

We also got a fun new concession for the season in the form of a special promotion as well.


Frozen Costumes – Coming Soon

While this one has not actually started, it’s very cool to see that three new Frozen costumes will soon be coming to the Kingdom!  I can already feel the excitement!


Wow, this article has been a doozy.  This event is already shaping up to be pretty epic and entertaining.  As always, I’d love to know how you all are enjoying it so far.  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. If gameloft DOES read this far…sorry i emailed you more than once about seeing the Alice characters and the event not starting…and acting as if it was a personal Armageddon.

    Jason- thank you for always being on top of things for the non Facebook people, and for adding such an awesome humorous take on it all!!!!! You keep me excited for what is to come!!!

    PS please bring on the Ducktales characters!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Delaney for your list. I’ll bookmark it since I’ll probably need it for future attractions. I would wish that more land could be opened up since I like to keep attractions with the same theme in the same area rather than squeezing in dissimilar attractions.

      • I feel the same. When I first got this game I wanted to do that but I’ve given up hope. I have every attractions (except the Alice ones) and almost all of the concessions and decorations (I keep only one of each). There’s still barely enough room.

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