Welcoming the March Hare and Building White Rabbit’s House – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Up is down.  Down is up.  Everyone wants tea.  There isn’t enough tea.  Why is there never enough tea?  Today we continue our journey down the rabbit hole of the Alice in Wonderland event.  From zany quests to welcoming March Hare and even giving the White Rabbit a place to call home, this here article has it all!  So come along fellow kingdom builders.  We’ve got a Hare to catch!

Welcoming the March Hare

The March Hare will take surprisingly longer than you might expect.  While none of his tokens are particularly rare, they will mostly take upwards of 2 hours a piece, along with 6 of the Half a Cup’s which are, themselves a bit of a pain.

Half a Cup

Part of the trouble here is that many of the same characters who help with the Wacky Lunchbox requirements are also the characters who help to get tokens for the March Hare.  That being said, divide and conquer in whatever way you think best.


Wooden Hammer

Most of these are two hours long and I found that the hammers almost always dropped.  However, keep in mind that you will want most of these characters helping with the Wacky Lunch boxes.  Make sure to have a few characters doing each so you don’t fall behind.


March Hare Ears Hat

Side note:  This is one of the all time cutest ears hat tokens in the game.  It’s so dapper!!!  Okay, but seriously, these will take a bit longer.  Your best bet is to level up the White Rabbit as his quest is only 2 hours, making in the shortest, fastest way to grab these.


March Hare Joins the Kingdom

Before long, the March Hare will be dashing his way into the kingdom and you’ll be ready to push on in the event.


The Quest Continues

Meanwhile, Goofy has apparently decided that sandwiches are better than candy.  Okay, maybe in upside down world!  I think Goofy has been watching too much Stranger Things Season 2 if you ask me.


Goof will get himself a 4 hour quest to fix up some sandwiches.  Feel free to send him on this as it is required for the event.


Mickey will be just as impressed with Goofy making sandwiches as I was…and by that I mean not at all.


I have to point out that the storyline and dialogue for this event are actually insane.  As you can see from exhibit A, the photo below.  Although, March Hare has a point, it is importunate to take tea in small portents.


The following quest is not required for the event and can be skipped for now.


Another thing I will point out is that the Mad Hatter’s flapping tongue is really upsetting.  I feel like I’m going to have nightmares about it.  Keep it in your mouth old man!!!


The following quest IS part of the event and you can go ahead and send these two to take some tea…for the first of many times.  This will be a four hour quest.  Use the time to stock up on some tokens for these two as they will both need to be leveled up in the near future.


Of course, no tea party comes without its share of drama, and forgetting the butter is always cause for such drama.  Also, why does the Mad Hatter look so much like my grandma in this screenshot?


AHHH!  Hatter, if you listing food items involves your tongue flying around, I’d rather you didn’t.  It just gives me cold shivers.  Do you guys feel itchy?  I feel a little itchy.


In order to send these two to the Golden Afternoon, you will need to level up the Mad Hatter to level 3, so make sure you’re saving up those tokens.


At this point, you’ll start to get a whole bunch of quests.  Always remember that the ones in pink on the left side of the screen are the only ones that matter for progressing the event.  For example, the below quest can be skipped and still the event will continue.  For time’s sake, I suggest doing this.


Once done, the Mad Hatter will continue to attack all our eyes with his ruthless tongue.  One moment while I put on my thunder vest to deal with the stress that thing is causing me.


You’ll receive a two part quest which has the Mad Hatter trying to remember a thing, and the March Hare supervising the process.  In order for the March Hare to do this supervising, he must be leveled up to level 2.


The Mad Hatter then makes a statement which I think is very fitting to many of us.  Remembering to do things takes a lot of time away from doing the thing you are remembering.  Deep.  Very deep.  But seriously, how many animators worked on Mad Hatter’s tongue.  Is this a Rapunzel’s hair in Tangled situation???


It will once again be time to send the Mad Hatter to drink even more tea.  If I didn’t know better I’d think we were about to get several “Run to the bathroom and pea every 5 seconds” quests.  After all, if I had that much tea in me…


Build White Rabbit’s House

After plenty of forgetting, remembering, drinking tea, remembering to drink tea, tongue waggling, tongue twisting and tea tonguing, our two dashing heroes will decide to go harass the White Rabbit.


This will give you the chance to build your second Alice in Wonderland attraction, the White Rabbit’s House.


The house will cost 2,750 tokens and will take six hours to build.



And of course, the moment it is built, the Mad Hatter and March Hare will set off to investigate it.


And just like that, the White Rabbit will forever hate us as players for allowing this to happen.


That’s where I leave you for now.  I’ll check back in as soon as we are allowed to welcome our next character!  Or if anything else crazy happens along the way.  You never know with this game!  How are you guys doing?  Are you finding the event a breeze or a challenge?  Do you feel emotionally scarred by the Mad Hatter’s tongue?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Okay, I hadn’t really noticed the tongue-thing with the mad hatter yet, but now I can’t unsee it anymore hahaha.
    Right now I’m building the White rabbit’s house and saving up tokens to level up the mad hatter to level 4.

  2. NLAUWEN- Ditto. I’m doing the same. I can’t unsee it now😂. I’m a bit behind because I’m still trying to welcome Mowgli and open up more land. Guess I’ll have to store some stuff til I get to that point in the Jungle Book quest-line. I haven’t much on today so I’m hoping I can catch up. I worked until 10pm on Fri & 6pm on Sat (after work meetings), so I fell behind. How dare real life get in the way of DMK😂…..💜X

    • Hahaha glad I’m not the only one that can’t unsee it 😉. Tomorrow real life will get in the way here too, but it seems I’m not behind at the moment, so I guess I’ll survive 😄

  3. Is anyone else having issues with selecting character jobs? In the past, if I tapped on the character icon in the top left it would first show all of the characters who were finished with their jobs. It would then cycle through each character one at a time. Now if you click on it you don’t always see characters with finished jobs first and if you start a job with a character and then come back it starts back over at the beginning!

  4. My only worry at the moment is those ravens. I always fail to see the last one. Oh well. I never try to ‘win’ the leader board challenges. I can’t wake up every hour during the night to chase ravens, snow creatures, or golden statues!

  5. Thank you!!! I knew I couldn’t be the only one disturbed by the tongue thing! ::shudder:: Every time he pops up on my screen to “talk” I just think, “Please make it stop!” 😫😂 Honestly, the Hare bothers me too. I think it’s the eyebrows. They make him look super creepy… 👀

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