Alice In Wonderland Livestream Recap – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello all! Today I feel like a journalist as I report to you from a car in NYC on the way to a good friend’s wedding. After departing the plane, I had the chance to watch the new livestream! I thought we should go over all the new things coming with this brand new event, but do be kind as I am literally typing this out on my iPhone. If things aren’t up to normal standards, not that we have any here at JaysenHeadleyWrites, do be kind. 

Let’s be honest, I only tune in to see these guys against a fun new backdrop. Awe! They’re so cute! Okay. On to the important things. 

New Characters

We have seven new juicy characters to chew on like buttery bread. Mmm. Bread.  This will be a timed event and both Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit will be gem characters but unlike previous updates we will be able to get both of them from the very start. A very merry unbirthday indeed. 

The event will see us welcoming the Mad Hatter and will continue on from there until we are able to fight the Queen of Hearts in what looks to appropriately be a round of golf. Alice will show up surprisingly late in the event which will last 20+ Days. 

New Attractions

We’ve also got four new attractions just waiting to fill up Kingdom space. All of them are super colorful and themed after iconic moments as well as the famous Disneyland ride!

New Parade Float

Our new parade float puts me in the mood for a spot of tea served by a rabbit butler. How about you?

New Tappers

We’ve got two new tappers this time around. Butterfly Toast will just be a normal tapper. However it is worth mentioning that you can now, at long last,gem  past tappers. Seems a waste of gems to me but to each his own!

Our other tapper, the wacky lunch box will have us collecting lockers and keys in order to quell their awful fits of rage!

Your Thoughts

That’s all I’ve got for you! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll try to add more to this post once I am in front of a computer. In the meantime, let me know the character you are most excited for on this update! 

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  1. *squee* Alice and gang! Cheshire Cat is my favourite, with the White Rabbit a very close second.

    Thanks for the update. Can’t wait for it to start!

  2. Thanks for the update Jaysen. Quick question. I feel like I should stop leveling up my characters until the event is over and start saving my magic. Thoughts? I am currently level 39 and have 29 characters maxed out. I’m leveling them up at every turn. I have not started Jungle book, still working on Zootopia (working on welcoming Chief Bogo, really tough). Thanks for your advice.

    • It is not a bad idea to max out tokens (get characters ready to level up) but not level up the character until you know who/what tasks will help with the event. This will help increase your odds to get the event tokens. Once you see what characters will not be helpful for the event, you can continue to level them up while giving priority to the event characters since only one character can level at a time. For example, if Mickey has a task that can drop a token for both goofy and Mad Hatter and you need both, you don’t know which will drop (they compete against each other.) However, if you have goofy maxed out, the task will only give MH tokens and you increase your chance at getting the even token.

      I have several Aladdin characters that are at level 9 and only lack lamps (you need soooooo many lamps). I will keep leveling them until the event. Once hte event starts, I will wait to see how hard it is to get the first character. I will probably not level up these characters during the event since they will take 24 hours each and I will want to level up the event characters as much (and as fast) as possible.

    • I am at almost the exact same place as you…….Right now I am giving proierty to gathering as many tokens as possible before the event starts. I like to have them maxed out because that gives you a better chance at event tokens. The only characters I am leveling up are those who take 24 hours because I am trying to get as many gems as possible and doing those characters means they are done with tokens.
      Once the event starts I will stop leveling up, focusing on the event rather than the main storyline. Sometimes if I get to a place where I have to wait for a few days for the next content to be released, I will level up some short characters shoes tokens won’t be hard to collect.
      Good luck!!

  3. Thanks for the update Jaysen. I’m really looking forward for this event. It would be nice if they’d just tell us when it would start and exactly how long it would last and how much gems the Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit will cost. They just keep teasing us…

  4. did anyone else notice that caterpillar in the gaming area (the statue, that has always been there) is now brown? i mean, in the livestream.
    wonder what that means… i first thought, that it could have to do with an animation welcoming caterpillar, but as he already appears in the livestream video…
    well how knows. maybe he is a wooden statue now.

      • maybe.
        but i was just surprised that they keep the statue in the game at all.
        i mean merlin disappeared from the sword in the stone attraction once he was welcomed as actual gaming figure.

  5. and one more thing: am i the only one lacking for new music and that the other figures (apart from mickeys and the toystory gang) could give funny comments, too?

    • I agree. Lion king came with “I just can’t wait to be king” but then Aladdin and jungle book have generic music. My guess is they are cheating out on the lisenced music. But they include some songs for welcome music only. I feel like the bg music had not been updated since the sleeping beauty update.

  6. So excited about this event!!! Can’t wait for Cheshire Cat and Alice!! I’m about to go mad figuring out when this event will start!

    • I have everything all the attractions, all the concession and all the decor, and still have 4 empty lot of land… how can you be out of space?

  7. I’m taking an educated guess at when the Alice event will begin. The livestream said that it will start very soon and there’s an “Epic Concessions Pack” limited time offer that will end this Monday. My guess is Monday morning. In the meantime, I had to move some attractions around and place the Aladdin Palace in storage to make way for the Alice attractions. Will try to group as many as possible with the Teacup Ride.

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