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Guys! Are you sure this isn’t an event?  I feel itchy.  Should I feel itchy?  Upon logging into DMK this morning to get working on the Jungle Book, I was extremely confused by the fact that there was no event timer or event task list.  The Jungle Book returns to the days of yesteryear when updates could be completed as your time permitted.  A simpler time when my hair didn’t fall out at the prospect of not getting Jafar in time.  As such, however, I was a little lost as to where to start.  That being said, we’ll be starting a little bit before the new content today as I waited until today to get Bagheera in order to see the changes to his required tokens.  We’ll also be talking about everything leading up to building your first Jungly new attraction!  Are you excited?  I know I am.  But that could be all the candy I ate at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party last night.  Either way, let’s jump in.


New Bagheera Requirements

Alright kiddos.  Gather round the table.  I think we can be honest with each other.  Bagheera was a pain in the…well…let’s just say he was incredibly painfully hard to get.  Fortunately, with today’s release, Bagheera just got a whole lot easier.  Let’s look at his new requirements.

Prickly Pears

Prickly Pears now require 30 instead of 20.  Alright, I know that’s a step in the wrong direction, but the real thing to notice here is how many more characters can now grab these pears.  That’s good news because we are going to need a lot of them for these characters in the near future.



“No no,” says Bagheera.  “There is no way I am returning to any kingdom unless someone finds me at least 20 sticks.  I require all the sticks!!!”  Again, we have many more than the initial three options for grabbing perches, but also important is the fact that these tasks are now only 8 hours as opposed to 12.  As a VERY important side note, King Louie has a task which lasts only TWO hours which can drop the perch.  Remember however that it is an epic item so the drops will still be few and far between.


Bagheera Ears Hat

Unless you had toy alien up to level 8, this update will now make it so that you have far more than only two options to get these hats.  Though while there are more options, the tasks will still have you grinding away at the 12 hour mark.  But again, King Louie has a task that is a mere FOUR hours for these ears.  Guys!  King Louie really wants you to have Bagheera.  And because of this, he is very worth the price of admission.


Bagheera joins the Kingdom

With all these helpful friends, earning Bagheera becomes a much more fathomable task than he was yesterday.  And he’s so cute!


Welcoming King Louie

Raise your hand if you thought we’d get an update without a gem character.  Now if you raised your hand, go ahead and imagine me pointing and laughing at you until my laughter turns to tears of sadness.

King Louie costs more gems than all seven dwarfs would find if they searched for a year. But wait!  There’s good news!


There’s a promo for the king!  And it’s half the cost of buying him with gems AND it comes with gems!  It’s as if Christmas came early!  Sure, it’s a Christmas where I’m buying a gift for myself, but still!


And he dances so nicely!  Let’s not kid ourselves though.  If you want to get The Jungle Book this century, King Louie is ESSENTIAL.  His tasks are far faster than anyone else for grabbing Jungle characters.


Questing in the Jungle

Bagheera is worrying.  He smells something funny, and it’s not zombie Gaston.



Bagheera will get a 2 hour quest to track a familiar scent, while Mowgli will get a two part quest, one which is 12 hours for himself and another which is 8 hours for Bagheera, but first you must level up the cat to level 2.


Once this is accomplished, you’ll get your first sight of Jay Leno the tiger…I mean Shere Kahn.  Sorry, the big chin threw me.


Bagheera will be delighted to know that his nose was on the right track.  But I’m concerned.  Does Shere Kahn smell really bad or something?  Can everyone in the kingdom smell him?  I’m really concerned for Rapunzel.  She seems sensitive to these things.


Building the Jungle River Drift

Bagheera will decide that what Mowgli really needs is a theme park attraction to hide in.  It’s the perfect plan!  Quick!  To the Loin Cloth Mobile!!!


You’ll need Mowgli to be level three before you can build the new attraction, but hopefully all your hard work on Bagheera has yielded you a few extra Mowgli tokens as well!  The Jungle River Draft will cost you 100,000 potions and will take FOUR hours to construct.  But at least for now it also helps with Mowgli’s hats!


That is where I leave you with the Quest in the Kingdom.  I’ll update more as I progress!

New Parade Float

Last but not least, we have a new parade float for the Jungle Book equipped with Baloo dancing and the chance to drop tokens for Mowgli, King Louie, Bagheera and hopefully more characters to come!  The float costs 50 gems to purchase, but once you have it, Baloo can march through the Kingdom, dancing his way to greatness!



The Story Continues

That’s all I’ve got for now!  Let me know how far you are and if you’re enjoying the update and the lack of event so far!  Let me know in the comments below!  Once I move on a little bit in the story line, I’ll continue chronically my adventures here so make sure to check back!

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  1. I’m so behind on DMK- I’ve just been so busy (work, kids, local political campaigns), but I came over to your blog on the off chance you wrote something on this event and to check in on your other posts. I don’t FB, so I had no idea you stopped posting about DMK because someone said something (who knows what) that offended you. People feel empowered by the anonymity of the web and act inappropriately. I’m sorry, on behalf of humans, that these people have managed to remain part of our species. While I don’t know you personally, what you’ve shared showed you are a sweet, genuine person, deserving of happiness and respect. I hope you continue to share, as I enjoy your writing. I wish you the best, and I plan to find your store on our next Disney trip!

  2. *laughing* omg I love your humour. I did go ahead and get the King Louie pack (influenced by your very good points… and my lack of ears tokens). He’s a character of my childhood Disney (yes, going back that far) and my park cannot be happy without him. Plus, Pete has not dropped a single pair of Mowgli ears for me since I started using him to collect at the end of the Aladdin event, so I sure could use King Louie. Before this morning’s update, I had all of Mowgli’s prickly pears and baskets, and half his ear hats (thanks to the dynamic Zootopia duo), and now I need to go back to collecting more as the number for welcoming him has increased. No worries, I’m a happy DMKer and actually don’t feel resentment towards the developers at Gameloft for creating some challenges in the game (kinda the point, yes?). Thanks for sharing your progress and providing a heads-up on what to expect along the Jungle Book adventure. Great writing, as always. Thanks

  3. You’re the best! These posts are a great help in letting us know how far we have to go to get attractions like the Jungle River Drift. Speaking of which, will the new land be available when before we get to build Jungle River Drift or do we still need to complete more tasks? Thanks.

  4. I am so glad to see you back!!! The past two events just weren’t the same without your entertaining commentary! I absolutely love your articles!

    • So far they haven’t re-run events. Every now and then you get the chance to get characters from previous events through the legendary chests, but that seems to be it.

  5. I’ve followed your blog since the beginning and I’m so so so happy to see you back into reviewing DMK! 😻 Also as a side note… did anyone happen to see Adventure land now had a huge space we can see and is glowing behind the gate??

  6. So glad you’re back to blogging about DMK! Happy reader over here! I’m definitely quite far behind but always like to check in with others to see where they are!

    PS – ‘What Sally says about Suzie says more about Sally than Suzie’ something I always live my life by x

  7. Welcome back, have missed your posts! I got the entire Aladdin team and are two branches away from getting Bagheera.

    With this update, did anyone else notice, that when you see a character activity in progress – you know, the box where you can pay gems to skip the wait – then there is a new blue bar on top of it? And the bar says Skip Rewards and has a little picture of the item the character has a chance of dropping with a 15% beside it. So I’m thinking – it must be a function to forego the star and potion drop and instead increase the chance of item drop from 10% to 15%? I just can’t figure out how to choose it – does it work in connection with using gems only…? Anyone figure it out?

    Love to all from Denmark 🙂

  8. I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!!! DMK just hasn’t been the same without you. Like everyone else, I had no idea why you stopped the DMK blogging, but enjoyed reading about your weight loss success in the meantime – congrats on hitting your goal, by the way! So incredible. But YAY HOORAY for you back in DMK review business. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Would there be a way to get all the events back that I have missed out on or could you contact the people who made the game to give you the events back

      • They don’t re-run events, probably because that would be boring for people who already played them. They do, however, make the characters and it’s,s/attractions from those events available in Legendary chests from time to time. Right now, I think it’s the Incredibles. So far, that has been the only way to get characters from past events. Good luck!

  9. I have been moving along in The Jungle Book events, but my husband still doesn’t even have a chance to welcome any of the characters And it’s been going on for about a month. What does he need to complete before that opens up?

  10. By now I’m working on getting all the tokens for Shere Khan. I’ve been saving my gems for the next event, so I didn’t get King Louie yet (the package deal costs here the equivalent of $13, so not fair, sigh..).

  11. I got shere khan. But there is no quests for any of the jungle book characters after getting him anymore. For now I’ll work on the Snow White quest.

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