Exploring New Lands and Welcoming Bullseye – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Yes my dear DMK fans, a new update is upon us and it is as massive as we had hoped.  While the Circle of Life Event doesn’t kick off until tomorrow morning, I thought we might take a little time to explore what’s new and get everyone set up for success with welcoming the rootinest, tootinest horse in the West, Bullseye.  Let’s jump in and do something we haven’t done in quite some time with this game: Explore.

img_9830 Secrets of a New Land

Before doing anything this morning as I updated my game, I had to take a look around Frontier Land.  After all, we haven’t had a new area like this since the game launched last year, so to say I was excited was an understatement.  Within the shadowed lands of this new zone, there were a lot of mysteries to uncover.

The first was one we had seen in the livestream, but was still exciting none the less.  To the upper corner of FrontierLand, we can see a Jungle Book inspired area.  Perhaps we will see a battle with Shere Kahn at some point in the future.


At the bottom of the zone, there’s an interesting platform.  I think this might prove to be a good spot for a quest to take place, but you never know.  The devs could have something planned like Merlin to go here at a later time.


The biggest surprise of all was at the back of the zone where a whole area has been set up clearly reflecting Aladdin.  I think this is a pretty good indication that Aladdin is coming in the future.  Who knows how long that will take, but I for one am very excited by this prospect.


And of course, what would a new zone be without a new centerpiece.  Here we see Big Thunder Mountain just waiting to have its curse removed.  Some day Big Thunder.  Some day.


I also want to note that the land in this new zone seems to be more squared off.  This means that there will be less odd corners to work around when placing buildings.  Hooray!!

Starting the Quest Into Frontier Land

Your quest will begin with Woody and you must have Mother Gothel defeated to begin.  Woody is reminiscing about the good ol’ days, before Anna and Elsa and Bell and Beast.  Back when we used to just pretend bad things were happening.


Now Woody, don’t go dragging others into your crazy ideas.  Hamm is perfectly happy riding California Screamin’ over and over…and over….and…


Woody decides that a good brain storm is in order.  This proves a short quest as Woody does not actually have a brain.


In order to enact his plan, he brings in Hamm so that they might create the most relevant piece of cinematic tradition, the Western.  Oh wait…no, I’m wrong.  I meant LEAST relevant.  Yeah, this is a terrible idea Woody.  This is why we usually let Mickey start the new quest lines.


Leave it to a talking Piggy Bank to be the voice of reason.


For the record, switching things up does not usually mean going backwards in time.


Wait, how did Woody playing pretend turn into Woody dying.  Is the new event a funeral event??  Wow, this game just got very dark.


This all leads to the first of two very long quests.  This one will have Hamm taking a 12 hour stretch to really dig deep and scheme up something.  It’s like “Making a Plan” times ten!


After that long quest, Jessie will notice me talking to myself and complain about it.


At this point, Hamm will have something of a mental breakdown and start speaking nonsense.


Woody is not impressed and something tells me he starts to wish that it actually WAS his funeral.


Next up will be a full on day long quest in order to Find the Source, presumably of this whacky storyline that seems to be unfolding before us.  And if that’s the case, I do believe it will take a full 24 hours.


Apparently Finding the Source involves walking around in a circle for 24 hours.


At long last, Woody has had it with playing fantasy.  He just wants a Western gosh darnit!  Count Von Bratwurst is ruining everything!  As usual!!!


With that in mind, Woody realizes that he needs some Western themed friends to make his dream a reality, and that is where our first new character of this update comes into play.


Welcoming Bullseye

Please note that this quest is called Welcoming a STEED, not welcoming a Stud.  Sorry Li Shang, you had your day.


It’s always very clear when a character comes late in the story as they require a huge amount of resources to welcome.  Bullseye is no exception and, provided you aren’t gemming your way to glory, you’ll be in for a long quest with this one.

Luxo Ball

While these are wonderfully easy to get through Woody and Mickey’s House, you will need a whopping 60 of them.  Luckily, if you are diligent, you can rack them up very quickly with minute long quests.

P.S.  I LOVE the new quest screen as it allows easy access to all the characters who perform each task.


Toy Saddle

These will take a bit longer, but several characters doing the quests should make them a fairly regular drop.  I’m also happy to see Pete doing something useful for a change!


Bullseye Ears Hat

These will undoubtedly be the hardest part of Bullseye as only three quests currently drop them and all but one are 6 hours long.  In any case, best get started ASAP if you want to see Bullseye this month!


And that’s where I leave you.  Hoping to save some gems for The Lion King, I have not welcomed Bullseye yet, but I’ll be sure to report back once I do.  This is truly the first time I have been really excited about this game in a while and I hope you guys are feeling the hype as well.  Let me know your progress in the comments down below!!

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  1. While I think it’s fantastic that Frontierland has been opened up, and it does look great. I find it a little weird that both Jungle Book and Aladdin are part of the area, when they are typically more at home in Adventureland. I guess in reality there isn’t enough to properly fill Frontierland, and Adventureland has quite a few properties that can take up a fair bit of space (PotC & Jungle Cruise), it still slightly weird to see Agrabah in the same area as Big Thunder Mountain though.

    • I agree with you, it is a little odd to see some Adventureland-type scenery in Frontierland. But in reality, the majority of Disney themes don’t fit into Frontierland anyway, so I’m just looking at this land as an Adventureland extension. I have a feeling the true Adventureland scenery will focus on Pirates/Peter Pan and more of the ocean themed movies (Moana, Little Mermaid, Nemo?).
      I’d love to see Cars and Aladdin next, as they appear to naturally fit into the newly expanded area. Lets just hope it doesn’t take a year to get there. But for now there’s plenty of content to keep us busy- Can’t wait to ‘ride like the wind’ with Bullseye!

  2. Anyone think Tarzan might be added? There seems to be some jungle like trees in there near the jungle book so might link to Tarzan…..

  3. Seems like Bullseye is the key to unlocking new space in the Big Thunder Mountain area.. I received a quick screen advertisement today (much like the gem deal advertisements) that basically said “Welcome Bullseye” to unlock new land. I can’t be sure because I’m only 20 bouncy balls, and a few saddles and hats into his progress…But it looks like new land is on its way soon.

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