Zazu, Pumbaa and The Circle of Life – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Good morning and Hakuna Matata!  Today we set off on another grand adventure as a new event begins in the Kingdom of the Disney Magic.  There is a ton to see and do and it’s only just the first day!  With that in mind, I’ll be taking you through everything up through building The Circle of Life attraction in this post.  But first, I think we should review our DMK Event Success Guide with a few tips I have found very useful.


Event Tips and Tricks

  • Focus on Event Tasks – Don’t worry about all the other tasks you have to do!  They will be there when the event is over!
  • If you’re going to get gem characters, get them early!  This way you will get the most bang for your buck.
  • Always do the Top Quest – In your quest lineup to the left of the screen, the top quest will ALWAYS be the one that moves the story forward.
  • DO NOT send any non-event characters to level up.  That could use up valuable time you need for the event characters.
  • BREATHE!  This is important.  So many people freak out on the event that they simply can’t achieve everything.  Stay calm and check the game often and you should have PLENTY of time.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the important things you’ll want to check in on for the event.

Event Tracking

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find a little box with the time left in the event, but clicking on this reveals a whole bunch of information!

First of all, you’ll see a tab that will show you when everything unlocks.  This helps to know when you need to really check back in with the event and progress the story forward.


The next tab will show you a ‘Timeline’ of the event.  This is great way to track your progress and see how far you are from the end of the event.  It’s also a fun way to see what is coming next!


The next tab will show you sales and promos.  These are by far the best way to grab the gem characters as well as the parade float.


The next tab will be for tracking Leaderboards during mini contests during the event.  We’ll skip that one for now as there is nothing to see!

The final tab is a quick little cheat sheet.  Essentially, events boil down to collecting event currency, welcoming event characters and ultimately defeating and then welcoming a final boss!


Starting the Event

As is the norm at this point, Mickey will start us off with a very short quest in which he decides to take a small vacation now that nothing bad is going on in the Kingdom.  Mickey, you spoke to soon!


This is a great time to mention that any quest colored in orange and yellow will yield Event Currency.  You’ll need this to welcome characters in the event as well as build attractions so make sure you’re doing lots of these quests.  It will pay off in the end.


While Mickey is sunbathing, Maleficent has other plans.  Why does she hate happiness so much?!


Maleficent has a plan to take away the magic from the Kingdom.  A pretty smart thought if I do say so myself.  This is what I was talking about Mickey!  Vacations are for the weak!!!  The Kingdom is soon overtaken by a bug problem and Mickey is off to look into the problem and see what he can find out about said bugs. This is a 4 hour quest, but the story will continue while Mickey pursues it.


Crystal Crabs

Merlin will announce that crystal crabs have infested the Kingdom.  Guh!  How dare they come over here and be all…shiny…and stuff!  It seems these crabs are also responsible for absorbing the magic in the Kingdom.  This is not unlike the children, who absorbing all the churros in the Kingdom.


Much like the Snogies at Holiday time, these tappers will stay around for the course of the event and it’s important that you learn how to deal with them if you’re going to stay on target for completing the event.  Let’s take a look at some important things to know when dealing with Jeweled Crabs.


  1. Certain Characters can get rid of Jeweled Crabs, but they’ll need nets and lures before they can do so.
  2. Certain activities will drop gem lures and nets.  You’ll need 2 of each in order to get rid of a single Jeweled Crab.
  3. Upon defeating a Crab, a Lion Painting Token will drop.  These are essential to leveling and welcoming Lion King characters.
  4. Jeweled Crabs will continue to appear in the Kingdom throughout the course of the event so make sure to keep a constant eye on them, defeating them whenever possible.

By clicking on a Jeweled Crab, you can see who can dispatch them.  By clicking on the Nets and Lures in this screen, you can also see who is able to obtain them.


Make it a point to collect as many of the Lion Painting Tokens as possible.  Chances are good you will need a lot of them throughout the event.

Welcoming Pumbaa

Merlin will make it clear that the best way to deal with bugs without magic is to find someone who eats bugs as a normal, every day habit.  It quickly becomes clear that we’ll need our good friend Pumbaa to join our ranks.

Lion Paintings

As mentioned before, Lion Paintings are essential.  If you haven’t started working on getting your first one by this point, then get to work!



Coin Collector might seem like the best course of action for grubs, but if you’re still working on Bullseye than this quest will far more often drop the Toy Story bouncy ball.  Goofy’s Attend a Show is longer but drops the Grubs almost every time.


Pumbaa Ears Hat

I’ll go over welcoming Zazu a bit later in this article, but he is without a doubt the best way to grab Pumbaa’s hat, which is one of the more unflattering tokens in the game.


Keep up the hard work and before you know it, Pumbaa will be doing what we call the “Boot Scoot Boogy.”  Essentially he’s just rubbing his butt on the Kingdom.  Who invited this guy?!


Welcoming Zazu

Zazu can be bought outright for gems, but the best way to get him is through the promotion which becomes available as soon as you get the quest to welcome Pumbaa.  This will also give you the Lion King Mask Shop, which is a great way to earn extra event currency for the next few weeks!


Zazu will prove very useful in welcoming and leveling Timon and Pumbaa, so if you are going to get him, make it an early decision.


Questing with Pumbaa

It quickly becomes clear that we welcomed Pumbaa without thinking about the fact that we were ripping him out of his homelands.  Oops.  My bad.


Pumbaa will immediately head off on an hour long quest to Explore his new surroundings in hopes of finding delicious bugs to eat.  Zazu also gets a quest right off the bat, but I would urge you to wait on it until you’ve welcomed Pumbaa and gained enough resources to level him up to Level 2.

Pumbaa is kind enough to reveal to me that we have a huge bug infestation in the Kingdom.  Oh joy of joys.  Just what I always wanted to know…


Though he quickly realizes that he’s a long way from home, and knowing is half the battle.  It’s time to build our first attraction.


Building The Circle of Life

I’ll be honest, Circle of Life pops up way earlier than I was expecting!


You’ll need Pumbaa at level 2 to build it though, which is good reason to keep everyone on task and to wait on Zazu’s quests.


Once Pumbaa is leveled up, Circle of Life will cost 500 Event Currency and take 4 hours to build!



Our second clicker will then appear.  Luckily, unlike the Jeweled Crabs, these merely require being clicked on and they’ll appear in rounds throughout the event.


In this first round, you’ll only need to tap on 10 of them every 5 minutes for a total of 30 hyenas.


New Parade Float

We’ve also got a new parade float that will help you to grab extra tokens and event currency throughout the event.  Every little bit helps!  The best way to get this is by hitting the Promo which will also give you a head start on Event Currency!


The Story Continues

That’s where I leave you!  Timon will be joining us tomorrow morning, so do your best to get to his Welcome Quest before then so you’re ready for tomorrow.  QUICK TIP:  I recommend sending EVERYONE possible on a random assortment of Yellow Event Quests either tonight or early tomorrow morning.  By doing this, you can collect them AFTER Timon becomes available and give yourself an extra chance to get some of his tokens right off the bat!

How are you enjoying the event so far?  I must say, I think this is my favorite update to the game since launch!  Everything is so fun and the bigger changes have made the game feel fresh and new again!  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you so much for the walk through ! Could you or someone post what quests are required for timon?

    • 6 maps, 12 hats and 12 leau. Maps are earned by defeating the crystal crabs running around. Zazu, Mickey, sarge, hamm and sally all have quests for leaus. And for the hats, zazu, bo peep, woody and pumba all have quests. Most quests are 4 hours long except zazu is 2 hours.

  2. Your walkthrough is beautifully put together! It gives me less stress to know how close I am prior to Timon’s welcoming tomorrow! Keep up the amazing work! I’ll check back tomorrow!

  3. I’m new to the game and am wondering-do the rides and concessions built and the characters welcomed during this event stay in my kingdom for good or disappear when it’s over?

    • Welcome to the game Pamela. Anything you acquire is yours to keep permanently, and that includes all rides, characters and concessions. Even if an event is limited time, you keep what you get. Just note that you may have to reach certain character levels or acquire certain attractions before playing a limited timed event.

  4. Hi just wondering if Bullseye, the alien, and the jungle book characters are limited time as well? X

  5. Quick tip on Pixar bouncy ball tokens – they drop from Mickey’s house every 1 minute and 10 seconds, which can be shortened by 30 seconds each time, if you’re on top of it. So, if you’re waiting somewhere with nothing to do but tap things, I suggest collecting these here so the ball drops will not interfere with other tokens dropped from other characters. I picked up all 60 of them in about a half hour.

  6. Anyone else notice on the FAQ tab of the event hub, in the first tip it says “Return weekly to unlock COSTUMES and welcome new characters.” You think this is just a typo?
    Loving this event so far, Pumbaa and Timon tokens aren’t too challenging to collect. I definitely will be leveling them up as much as I can before Nala and Rafiki are available.

  7. I always enjoy your DMK articles. Great wit. Helpful info. I’m just finishing up defeating Mother Gothel today and it was helpful to read about the Hamm conflict for Lion King : Toy Story tokens… I’ll pay attention to my task selections.

  8. Question…..I have one chest I haven’t been able to find for a week now and I won’t spend potions on it as I’m still saving for the attractions. Any tips on where it look?

    • Susan, Have you tried looking in all of the cursed and out of bounds areas? Sometimes chests are there. If you have searched all of those, including our new area (I even found one on a peak of Big Thunder Mountain), then go all the way to the top left corner of your game (all the way up in the cursed, out of bounds region behind Small World). Then, move left to right, staying as high as you can, moving slowly. If it does not show in that grid area, move down so you are in line with the areas behind Space Mountain (and, all the way to to right most possible point). Now, trying to stay the same horizontal lane (so you are moving through each of the 3 areas behind Space Mountain and continuing to the left through the areas behind Small World) until you reach the left most point on the screen. Again, move slowly. If you still cannot find it, move down another section, and go slowly from left to right (this time you pass over Small World and Space Mountain). Basically, continue doing this through the entire park. It is tedious and time consuming, but it has always worked for me. When I have had really hard to find chests, they have either been tucked into the playing area (often on or near a major attraction — Space Mountain, California Screaming, etc), in the green space between the castle and California Screaming’s areas and the areas for Small World and Space Mountain, or in a corner of a grid section where I have a lot placed, but there is still room for a chest. Good luck. I hope you find it!

  9. What works best for me is to systematically scan in a set pattern. Specifically, start as far as you can go into the lower left hand corner and go up to the top most point. Then go a little to the right and work your way down. Continue until you’ve found the chest. If you still haven’t found the chest by going horizontally in your search, try going vertically. Hope this helps.

    • They have started putting the chests in bizarre places! Mine used to basically just stick to the Main Street area and the banks of the far south area. Now they’re all over Frontierland, including right on one of the pillars next to Thunder Mountain. Also, I’ve found them across the river from the back side of Tomorrowland.

  10. Hi everyone, I only started playing this game 2 days ago because I heard about the Lion King event. I love it so far, but for some reason the ‘Circle of Life’ event wasn’t triggered. Every time I try to get a character it says ‘coming soon,’ but obviously lots of people are already playing. Is there a certain level I have to reach to trigger the event? Please help i really REALLY want Simba!

    And Jaysen, thank you SO much for putting together this great walkthrough. I can’t wait to use it as soon as I know how to get this Circle of Life event started!

    • Claire,
      You have to reach a certain point in the game before the special events will trigger. I believe that point is removing the curse from California Screamin. Once you get past that, the event should automatically trigger.

  11. I finally got Timon to level four!!! An now there are more quests! How long until I can build the Festival of the Lion King? I was hoping to finish before Nala becomes available tomorrow.

    • You can play offline, but you usually can’t welcome new characters when offline – and unwelcomed characters’ tokens may not drop when offline.
      Tokens for characters you’ve welcomed drop normally either way.

  12. I hope all is well. I was hoping you’d post an update on the Lion King event. I’m eagerly anticipating your thoughts and curious about your progress.

  13. Wow. Gems are super difficult to obtain. Typically I have 14 nets v 1 or 2 gems even though I send everyone out to earn them. Most of my characters could level up but I dread to think how many Scar will need so I’m just crafting as many as possible. It has been so helpful to have the drop down bar against each character so that they can be tasked super quickly. Each event brings great improvements to the game. I’d really like to have a hub where all the characters are listed so that if I need to find a specific one then I can get to it quickly. Having so many characters is wonderful but so time consuming in parts. Also useful would be having the characters who are collecting tokens still showing them in their list of tasks but greyed out when that item has been reached. I find I have to keep a list handy, lest I forget and send them on a long task and then regret it once I am levelling up and that item ‘opens up’ again. These are not complaints, gripes or even constructive criticism , merely my musing as I’ve been playing since the beginning and I’m thinking of the future when we have, say 200 characters😂. Love, love, love it tho….💜X

    • I agree that the gems are harder to obtain. What’s works best for me is to choose Mickey for 1 hour and any available Lion King character that produces gems.

      It’s great to have so many characters and more land, even though it takes more time. Chests can now be found in the new Frontier area as well as anywhere else and that is more time consuming. But I’m ready for the next additions, which look like more Jungle Book characters and new Aladdin characters. Still my favorite app/game.

      • Also, some of the characters who collect gems also collect other items on the same task. If you can keep the other items max (i.e. don’t upgrade the character that uses the items) you have a better chance at the gem. However, then you aren’t leveling up characters. You will have to decide what is most important.

  14. Just a quick heads up for anybody that hasn’t started the ‘Defeat Scar’ tasks yet, the first round needs to be completed 24 times at 2hrs each, so if you have all the Lion King characters it can be done 8hrs, once completed there’s another batch of Hyenas to tap, and then round 2 of defeating Scar, which needs to be completed 18 times at 4hrs each, but be warned both Timon & Pumba have to at level 6 to be able to take part in the second round, so make sure you have them levelled up before you start for the quickest route to finishing off Scar. They were both fine at level 5 for the first round.

      • I had Simba at Level 2 for the battle with Scar, he does need to be at Level 3 for one of the tasks before you get to Welcome Scar.

    • Do you remember what the next quest was? Or the trigger? I defeated him (both rounds) and none of my characters have triggered anything.

      • I think it was Timon or Pumba, they have a task arranging a party after, followed by the party itself with Timon, Pumba, Simba & Nala. I presume after this it will be time to welcome Scar.

  15. Just began the Welcome Scar part and having Zazu and Rafiki really help as you need 2 characters for most items. For the Mouse items, you need Simba & Rafiki, Nala & Zazu, Mickey & Minnie, Timon & Pumba, and (by themselves) Elizabeth Swann and Gaston. For the Hats, you need Woody & Bo Peep, Timon & Pumba, Nala & Rafiki, Simba & Zazu, Belle & Beast and Sarge (by himself). One other option is the Gold Chest for both Mouse or Hats. Hope that this helps in planning ahead.

  16. I’ve just finished collecting everything I need to welcome Scar, the mice seem to drop a lot more often than the hats for me, but if it should only take a day or two to collect them all I’d say.

  17. Pleasently surprised that I only had to complete a few Quests for Mowgli at Level 1 to get to opening new land in Adventureland. I now have to wait 24 hours for land and hope that some Jungle Book attractions will begin to be offered.

  18. Also, Nala has to be at level 5 to go with Simba to the Festival of the Lion King…. I’m hoping these are the last tasks/quests before welcoming Scar.

  19. I believe Nala and Simba go on one more walk or visit to the watering hole or some such before you welcome Scar. It does start to feel as though it will never happen!

  20. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the frontier aspect of frontier land is being ignored. Lion king, jungle book , Aladdin?? These are all Adventure land character.

    I hope 2 gun mickey, dude ranch donald and the lone chipmunks are not to far behind. But i highly doubt it.

    Characters that actually belong in frontierland like Pecos Bill, Davey Crockett, the Country Bears and Pocahontas will most likely never be added to the game.

  21. Just finished welcoming Scar last night! Woo! Just want to say that I’m loving how the comments on this thread have continued through the event even though Jaysen has not posted for whatever reason. We hope all is ok Jaysen and whenever you are able to come back we look forward to it. Life happens right!!!! 👍

  22. Hope you are doing ok….I’ve missed your views on DMK the last few weeks. It’s not been the same without your running commentary and thoughts as the storyline progresses. I hope that all is well with you, I don’t mean to pester, and look forward to your future posts.

  23. At the end of the event I updated as requested. Game took 10 Timon tokens I had ready to level to 10. Rebooted etc not changed anything. Not linked to FB. Won’t uninstall as may lose stuff (some people on forum said they were reset to level 1 in similar situations). Contacted Gameloft, no response. Game now reissuing tokens. Worked so hard for them during event. Feeling deflated now. Has spoilt end of event for me. No diamond items until the value I had placed on the game is reflected by their CS. Anyone had similar happen in past? How did you redress, if at all. Hope everyone had a great event. Hakuna Matata, life goes on…..💜X

    • ps. the game specifically took 10 Timon Ear Hats. I had 30 but it reduced them to 20. It had the green tick for absolute ages, so it’s not me overlooking or anything. He was ready to go, then I was set back once I pressed their ok button to end the event. Thankfully, I did not lose my Bullseye (to join) or Pumba (to L10) so at least they are levelling now, so……🌈 tho’ I do feel that if I care about the game enough to have spent real life cash on it, and would do so in the future, Gameloft CS should care enough about this issue, even tho it may be just a minor setback in their eyes…..💜X

  24. I had a great time with this event, even though I didn’t finish. I wasn’t able to finish defeating Scar and so now he’s walking around my kingdom. Will he stay there forever? And I’m really disappointed that the only way to get the green alien is in Merlin’s shop!

  25. Right! I was wondering if I understood that correctly (alien tokens only from Merlin’s shop). … interesting approach. At least they’re not too expensive, I suppose.

  26. Except that I still haven’t earned enough elixars to get the attractions! It’s my own fault I suppose as I’m reluctant to part with my decorations. 😉

  27. Only use elixers for obtaining attractions or for characters that can be obtained or upgraded just with elixars. Don’t waste elixars on chests or tokens that can be obtained by other means. I had enough elixars to get Toy Alien through Level 2 and partially to Level 3 having sold any concessions and decorations that were in duplicate.

  28. I missed scar too. 😦 Unfortunately the only way to get him now is to wait for Lion King legendary chests. Those won’t come for a few months……They cost 60 gems and you have a chance of getting any characters or attraction you don’t have, as well as decorations you might already have. I’ve done okay with them, gotten a few missing characters/attractions. It’s worth the risk to complete my collections 🙂

    • Ok thanks for your help my little Nephew was worried he wouldn’t be able to get him in his kindom thanks for your help

  29. Can you use any gift cards redeem codes for the Disney kingdom to buy gems let me know so i can buy one so that i can get some legendary chest please thanks

    • I don’t know about gift cards but I do know that Google play credits work so I would think that any gift card that works on there or iTunes would work. I’ve never bought chests myself only treating myself to one or two with my saved gems. Hope that helps 🙂

  30. There are apps where you can earn them……Google play rewards is the one I use. You get credits for answering short surveys

      • They will come only in the legendary chests……Not in any set time frame. I started playing about eight months ago so I have lots to collect over time. It’s nice that they have the chests for newer players to be able to get content from the events they missed. Have fun!!

  31. They don’t always……I got three and got two attractions and a concession. But I have nothing from NBC so I’m happy. It’s always a risk 😉

    • I really don’t know…….This is only the second year of the game and my first of playing. I wouldn’t think they would do the same events over though…….

      • When there is no more updates coming to Disney kingdom do you think you will be able to buy the whole characters in a package collection or set

  32. Thanks for your posts up until now. They have been very helpful. Please let us know if you have decided to end your Magic Kingdom postings and hope that you didn’t miss out on the last events. Either way, we thank you.

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