Fighting Gaston and Preparing for the Ball – Disney Magic Kingdoms

No lies folks, this week has been CRAZY.  So much so that I am a bit late to the party with this post.  Many of you are no doubt already done fighting Gaston and are now preparing to dress Belle and Beast head to toe for a fancy Ball.  Aw, I remember my last ball.  No, wait.  I remember getting HIT by a ball.  Which my mother threw…while “teaching” me to like sports.  Childhood is challenging.  Where were we?  Aw yes, today will be less of a guide and more of a collection of photos of the main event of fighting Gaston.  Let’s take a look!


The First Battle

Your first fisticuffs with Gaston will include doing 18 4 hours quests.  Luckily, ANY of the Beauty and the Beast characters you’ve collected can partake, making this the biggest battle yet.  If you’ve made the plunge with Chip and Mrs. Potts, this will only take you 12 hours.


The battle itself honestly makes Gaston seem a bit outnumbered.


With everyone encircling him and no where to hid, he reverts to cave man ways and waves a big spiky stick around to stop anyone who would do him harm.


And for someone who’s supposed to be oh so strong, even Belle beats him at a simple game of arm wrestling.


And if that wasn’t enough, Monster Potts rains fire down from above.  Just look at how miserable poor Gaston looks.  Although, given that he’s a zombie, I really think they ought to be going for the head.  Just saying.


I’m sorry, but at a certain point I just want to tell Gaston that there are other fish in the sea.  Sure she’s pretty, but so is Elsa and she’s eligible and not in love with a goat bear!


Cursed Cutlery

Once you’ve finished the first battle, you’ll need to tap the cutlery once more.  You’ll need to take down 60 of them, but luckily you can hit 10 at a time with 6 minute intervals in between.  I have to say that the tappers have been very well balanced this time around, as opposed to earlier events making us wait an hour between ever 5.


The Second Battle

After fighting off the silverware, Gaston will return once more, because hey, who doesn’t like to get scalding hot tea poured on them…twice.


The second battle, will involve completing 24 quests, this time at 2 hours each, so before long you’ll be chasing Gaston away with his pony tail between his legs.


Preparing for the Ball

The battle won, it will be time to get things ready for the Ball we’ve all been hearing about.  Apparently pouring hot tea and having a crazed fight did not do well for the Ballroom itself and it will take a full 12 hours to get things in order.


Once the quest is done, the Ball will be redone, ready and waiting for a beautiful dance to take place there.  I really like this two phase idea for the centerpiece of the event.  It just makes everything more engaging.


And now we wait.  In a couple days now, Belle and Beast will have costumes to unlock and once that is done we’ll be able to welcome Gaston.  I strongly recommend working to level up Belle and Beast, at least to 6 if not 7 and making sure to collect as much event currency and roses as possible so that you are ready for the high costs of costumes and Gaston himself.  How are you all doing with the event?  Are you feeling good about completing everything or has this been a bit of a rush from start to finish?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Things are going well for me and I completed the fight and preparation for the ball already. My non gem characters (those that are not Mrs. Potts or Chip; they are Level 5 and 4, respectively) are all at Level 6 (Beast and Cogsworth ready for 7). I still need to work on churning more roses (I have 36 total).

  2. I have Beast on 8th level, Belle, Cogsworth and Lumiere on 6th, 15 roses and 35.000 event currency. Working on the roses now to get as many as possible.

    I haven’t prioritized doing the yellow quests, so I really hope they will remain once the event expires. That has been the most annoying part of the other events – that once the events were done, we didn’t get any new quests or dialogue as reward for levelling up the characters.

    I have so many characters ready to level up – 4 from BatB, 4 from Frozen, 2 from Mulan and Chip&Dale – so once the event is over, I’ll be busy for a week or two just doing that 🙂

  3. I am behind leveling up characters…..Everyone but Bell is level 4 she is only 3. So I will be gathering as many tokens as possible before the costumes open up. I am just completing the 12 hour task of fixing the ball room. I really hope I can get it all done in time!

  4. I’ve defeated Gaston, got Beast at Level 8 and everyone else is at level 6. While I have 37,499 shields, I only have 8 roses at the moment. I’m now going to build up the roses so that I’ll be ready on Monday. I’m averaging 2 roses each hour. If the past is any indication, it still pays to have a high shield count at the end of the event because those will be turned into gems. That’s assuming I get the costumes and Gaston before April 3rd.

    Just a thought – could there be an April Fool’s item on April 1st?

  5. I’m behind. I have only finished one round of fighting Gaston I still have 8 more hours of the first battle and I need to level characters too. I may have to use some gems to catch up.

  6. 46 Roses, 64663 Shields – Belle @ level 5 Beast @ level 7 – Mrs Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth @ level 5 Chip @ level 4…..waiting to level Belle up again

  7. Ha ha Guys, I still don’t have enough shields to buy Gaston’s tavern. Should I be extremely worried? I still need 8,000 for that.

  8. I don’t know how it’s even possible to get enough gold fabric squares for the costumes! Only 3 characters can earn them or you happen to be lucky enough to get a gold chest with one in. The only thing I’ve gotten in chests for the past month is magic.

  9. Between working and rehearsals every night for a show, I am sadly behind> I am on phase 2 of the fight and hope i can get it all finished in time to unlock Gaston. I always seem to miss out on that last boss. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky!

  10. Does anyone know if rose tokens will still be available to get after the event? Thanks so much to anyone who replies.

  11. I need more time in the event, I started late and I’m in the 2nd round fighting Gaston and I only have 1 day and 11 hours left in the event. I hope when the event is over I can still get roses ropes and bags to use to level up my characters.
    Ps what event coming up next

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