Welcoming Cogsworth – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Wow!  It seems like only yesterday we were frolicking about, welcoming character after character until our eyes popped out of our heads.  Oh, my producer is now telling me that it actually was yesterday that all of that happened.  Though she could be wrong.  My producer is my dog.  Aw well, today we have yet another character to welcome and this one is wound up as tight as me when my mother comes to visit.  Cogsworth proves to be quite easy if you have Mrs. Potts and got a head start on the Roses yesterday, and perhaps a bit of a challenge if you didn’t do these things.  Let’s take a look!


Welcoming Cogsworth


These will be needed for every Beauty and the Beast character and require you to collect ropes and bags, then use them on the vine cages roaming about the Kingdom.  A good rule of thumb is just to consistently be working on these and save them up as every character will require more and more of them.


Clock Winders

Hands down, the best way to collect these is Mrs. Potts, who dropped one ALMOST every single time she completed the quest.  Friend Coming Over is the least promising way as it requires Mickey and Goofy who are better used to collect ropes and bags for the vine cages.


Cogsworth Ears Hats

All of the ears for these characters so far are quite odd.  Yet somehow Cogsworth’s ears look like a clock I would actually want in my house.  Don’t judge me!  Anyway, you’re looking at 4 hour quests here unless you have Mrs. Potts who will gladly collect them every two hours for you!


Say Hello to Cogsworth

After collecting all the necessary tokens and a six hour welcome timer (yes, I gemmed through it JUST for this picture) you’ll welcome the most adorable time piece you ever did see to your Kingdom.  It might not be hammer time, but it’s still pretty exciting!


Questing with Cogsworth

Cogsworth is naturally worried to find that his master is back to his old furry self again.  That’s what happens when you participate in No Shave November I suppose.


But as we know, this is a Beast who has already learned his lesson.  He’s not looking to hurt anyone, he just wants to throw a big party!  One might say he’s become quite the party animal.  Although, he wants to throw a ball, so does that make him a Ball Bear?  Hmm, deep questions indeed.  Where were we?


Choose the Right Quest!

As has happened in the past, two quests will pop up for Cogsworth.  The first of these is a non-timed quest.  This means that it will not progress the main story and will cost you four hours if you aren’t careful.  The quest to skip is called “Send Cogsworth to Finalize the Schedule.  You can do it later when you aren’t feeling so time strapped.  It will start out with Cogsworth being a micro-manager for the Beast.


It turns out that seeing a clock every time you look in the mirror can make you a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to scheduling.


When you see this quest, hit the X and then take the next quest from Cogsworth.  You’ll notice that this quest goes onto your Quest chain at the left as a yellow quest.  This means that it won’t progress the main story.  What we want are Blue quests!


Cogsworth is quite happy to be rid of his plucky friend when it comes to making sure everything goes right.


This is the quest you’ll want to take if you’re looking to get through the story of the timed event as fast as possible.  It’s a two hour quest and it will set you on the right path.  In the meantime, continue collecting items to level up Beast and Cogsworth.


Leaderboard Event

Today begins the first mini event within the Be Our Guest Main Event!  Collect happiness from completing wishes in order to earn much needed ropes, bags and rose crest event currency!  The event will run for 2 days so make sure to put a little extra focus on granting wishes during that time!


New Promo

We also got a new promo.  Unless you’re really strapped for event currency or gems I would probably pass on this one.  These promos seem to get more worthwhile as the event progresses, offering more and more event currency so just hold off for now.


The Story Continues

Meanwhile, Mickey and Goofy are still fighting back the curse with music, because apparently no one told them how much more effective an exorcism is.


I really hope this ends with EVERY character performing a song, or maybe then can all have a flash mob!  That would be the best.


Make sure Goofy is available so you can send him to put up signs to invite everyone to the musical show!


And that’s where I leave you!  Lumiere will be available in two days so make sure to stay on top of the game and you’ll be ready for sure.  Someone asked in the comments if it is possible to complete these events without purchasing the gem characters.  The answer is absolutely!  Gem characters make things easier but they are not necessary.  You simply have to make sure to check in on the game often and you can do it!  I believe in you!!  Let me know how you’re all doing with this huge host of new characters in the comments.  And also, how do we feel about Vine Cages?  Better than Snogies?  Worse?  You tell me!

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  1. I much prefer the vine cages over the snowgies, mostly for the timing difference, 10 secs versus an hour but I still dislike all the steps that must be taken to get the vine cages oh well at least this is a fun update and even with losing out on about six hours yesterday (no wifi at my house for a majority of the day due to the windstorms that whipped through the state the day before) I feel like I’m chugging along well. Thanks for your posts!

  2. The vines cages are an improvement, but I still don’t really like them.
    So far I’ve got Beast and Mrs Potts. Cogsworth still needs two tokens, so hopefully I’ll be able to welcome him tomorrow when I wake up. Oh and Chip needs one more set of ears and then I can welcome him too, yay!

  3. I like the vine cages, especially when I can see a character rescuing the birds. I have Beast, Mrs. Potts, Chip and Cogsworth is 5 hours away from joining. I’ve only had to remove the Magic Carpets of Aladdin so far and have had room for Chip & Dale’s Tree House and the Beast’s Castle. I think I’ll have room for at least 2-3 more attractions but I’ll remove the Magic Lamp Theater is necessary. Fortunately, I’ve still been able to keep themed attractions together.

  4. Ooh I’m going to disagree with everyone here – I liked the snowgies better, because while it took an hour to capture them, the time it took to collect the necessary items seemed much less. I feel like I’ve been struggling to collect the rope and bag – it’s 4 total hours of quests. But maybe I just need to go read your snowgie post and refresh my memory on the timing for those…

    • I’m with you on this one. The rope and bags for the snowgies only took minutes to collect and theven snowgies were collected in an hour. Whereas this time the materials needed take an hour to collect and don’t always drop.

    • This. It’s four hours for the requirements and 10 seconds to release the birds. It’s hard to really stockpile the ropes and bags because the quests are so long.

      The snowgies were 6-8 minute quests for the rope/bags and then an hour to release. So it’s in actuality about four times as long for the vine cages.

  5. Jaysen. We need you to create a page with photos of peoples kingdom who found a way to fit all the buildings. One new spot isn’t going to cut it with all the new buildings coming. Anyone else have thoughts?

    • @Jo, I suspect @Louis has welcomed Chip the chipmunk (of Chip and Dale), not Chip Potts (the cup). Chip(munk) isn’t part of the event and should be available when you finish enough “regular” quests. I don’t think Chip the cup will be available for anyone yet.

  6. I third Delaney! I would certainly like to show what I have if it could be of help to others and would like to get ideas from others for myself as well.

    • I think people are talking about the chipmunk, not the teacup. Teacup Chip is not available yet. I never really thought about them sharing a name. Are there any other Disney characters that share names, or are they the only ones?

  7. Hey Jaysen, by the way, I really love your blog haha! I’ve been checking in to keep up with my magic kingdoms since I think September? And your blog has helped me through every event, so thank you. Without you I would’ve missed a lot of the event characters. I thought I’d let you know cause I’ve been reading your blog for so long and it started to feel weird that I wasn’t commenting on something I use so much. Anyways, thanks!

  8. Does anyone know how much event currency will convert to 1 gem at the end of event? I wonder if I should continue to level up all the beauty and the beast characters using the event currency or save them till the end for the gems. I know you can get 40 max gems at the end but just not sure how much event currency to get the max. Any idea?

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