Welcoming Beast and Building Beast’s Castle – Disney Magic Kingdoms

I’m not going to lie.  The last 24 hours have been full of DMK content.  My mind is a little bit full with all of it at the moment.  After welcoming Merlin, Chip and Dale, then starting the event today, I am happy to say that this will be the final post for the day and will cover the major events you’ll need to complete to be ready for tomorrow’s release of Cogsworth.  So to get things started, let’s welcome the lovable Beast!


Welcoming the Beast

Thanks to all the trouble with the vine cages, Merlin decides to welcome someone who likes concerts AND has a knack for dealing enchanted nonsense.



The rose is a special token as the only way to get it is by defeating the vine cages and freeing the birds.  That being said, it will take equally as long with everyone who can do it to do it.  If this is anything like the Frozen event, I strongly suggest collecting as many of these as you can early on.



These take a bit more time to drop, but given that you only need one to start, you should be able to nab one pretty early.


Beast Ear Hats

Forget the fact that these are pretty easy to get since many of the quests last 1-2 hours.  Let’s talk about how they look like an evil spider.  OMG, please never let me run into someone wearing one of these at the parks.


Say Hello to the Beast

It won’t take long to welcome the Beast, who tries to be scary but has too much of a heart of gold to succeed at it.


Questing with the Beast

We start off with a small cut scene as the Beast realizes that he is, well, a beast again.  Don’t worry buddy, you look better this way.  TRUST me.  Early on when this update was announced I wondered where in the timeline it would take place in order to have the Beast LOOK like the Beast.  It seems this is occurring after the end of the film.  Which can only mean that Gaston will be a zombie.  NOOOO OOOONNNNEE Eats brains like Gaston, decays like Gaston.  No one hungers for flesh for days like Gaston!


Beast will quickly realize that he’s back to his old ways.  It seems that one curse milkshakes brings all the other curses to the yard.  Who knew?


This is all very unfortunate because Beast has sort of come down with a bad case of identity crisis with all the changes.


Sure Beast, you TOTALLY knew how to dance before all this.  No, I totally believe you.  Uh huh.  Just keep telling yourself that.


It seems that the Beast has come to the Kingdom to plan a ball for Belle since he heard we have lots of great celebrations.  Unfortunately no on told him about the deranged robots, spider infestations, magic broom invasions or stormy weather.  I’m sure he’ll figure that all out in due time.


Beast decides to go and read a book about how to put on a great ball.  This is definitely the wrong course of action, given the fact that he can’t actually read.


I’m just gonna go ahead a slow clap at this one.  I’ll also be completely ignoring the fact that I’m responsible for the same level of low brow humor here on the blog.


Eventually, after an hour long quest of reading, Beast will realize that more study is needed and of course, he’ll need a library for such things.  I think we can help him with that!


Building Beast’s Castle

Beast’s castle will cost you a small mound of heart shield tokens, which if you’ve been questing along, you’ll most likely already have, and will take 4 hours to construct.  Luckily it’s enormous so I’ll definitely have room for all these new buildings…NOT!


Oh but it’s so shiny!!!!  My only real complaint here is that it doesn’t really look like the castle from the film at all.  Oh well, if it gets the job done, it can stay.


The Story Continues

From here on, you’ll get a whole bunch of quests from the likes of Beast, Mrs. Potts and even Jessie and Woody who will decide to skillfully interject and make this whole thing their business.

No Jessie, no one said that.  Please go back to collecting rope.


That’s as far as I’ll take you until Cogsworth opens up!  How are you guys doing?  Are you feeling good about your progress so far?  Have you, like me, taken a million screenshots of Beast reading because it’s the cutest thing ever?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh man, your Gaston zombie song. Priceless! Yes, I love that we get the Beast, and the castle, so soon.

  2. I agree. Why does the castle not even have the same color palette as the Beast castle in the movie or in the Park. Strange decision.

    on a positive note, the animation of the Beast is really really well done.

  3. I am loving this new update and all of the adorableness, but seriously, WHEN do we get more land? 😩 My park used to be so beautifully arranged. Now everything is haphazardly smashed together and I’m still having trouble finding space.

    • I know what you mean about needing space; I had to put several attractions in storage just to make room for everything. They did open up a spot in tomorrowland, the top right one which costs 550,000 magic and takes 24 hours. But even still, all of my stuff is squished together as well. I hate it! Everything is so crowded… i don’t understand why they’re so stingy with space in the first place…

  4. Thank you for creating this blog and for updating it so often! It’s a really big help. I always come here first when there’s a new event going on. I think Beast reading is adorable, too 😊

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