Welcoming Dale – Disney Magic Kingdoms

In my day to day life, I often get asked the question “Jaysen, why have one chipmunk when you can have two?” Well, thanks to Disney Magic Kingdoms, I don’t have to settle for just one fun loving rodent with a taste for acorns.  As long as you have the Snuggly Duckling built and you’ve already welcomed Chip, Dale will become available to welcome as a character.  Let’s take a look at his requirements to a learn more.  Note, this will be a shorter post as my Be Our Guest Event post is just around the corner!


Welcoming Dale

Dale will be considerably tougher than Chip, which makes sense since he has a red nose and those don’t come on the cheap.


We covered balloons in our Chip post, and quite frankly, they are super easy to come by so we’ll skip to Peanuts, which are much harder to nab.  Unlike the popular comic strip characters, these Peanuts will NOT have you laughing.  Honestly, your best bet is Chip who takes only an hour to grab them, but these do drop very infrequently so send everyone you can spare.


Dale Ear Hats

These will take even longer as some of the quests last six hours.  Truly the best bet is if you’ve purchased the Tree House, but keep in mind, while you will only need 4 of these, they will most definitely take you longer than the 8 peanuts.


Say Hello to Dale

Keep at it, remembering that Dale is NOT a time limited character.  What I mean to say is, don’t sacrifice characters who could be grabbing tokens for Beauty and the Beast characters in order to get Dale.  You can take your time with this one, and before long you’ll welcome Chip’s better half, Dale!


This will grant you 8 gems for completing the set!  Look at you go!


The Adventure Continues

It seems that chipmunks have a one track mind because as soon Dale joins the Kingdom, he starts spinning a similar tale to Chip.  I guess all that matters to these guys is food.  I often feel the same way.


Oddly, Dale and Chip are after the same oak tree, but still can’t manage to find each other.  Can someone do some digging and find out if Chipmunk eye sight is just really bad?


Oh, and also can someone tell me if they aren’t great at carrying things?


Chip and Dale will set off on their adventure to nab every acorn in the park, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry.  Beauty the Beast are beginning to appear and I’ll have my post up in a bit.  In the meantime, I pose a question as old as time itself.  Who is your favorite, Chip or Dale????

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  1. At least I can live vicariously through your posts because like a lot of other Android users, I’m still waiting for the update to arrive.

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