Be Our Guest Event Begins – Disney Magic Kingdoms

It is with greatest pride and deepest pleasure that we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents, 25 DAYS OF INTENSIVE CHARACTER COLLECTING, VINE FIGHTING, MONSTER MRS. POTTS FIGHTING FUN!!!!  Ahem.  Hello and welcome back to the blog.  Today, the Be Our Guest event officially kicks off.  Let me tell you, I have been quite excited for this one.  After all, I love Beauty and the Beast and I love events as they really bring out the gamer in me with this game.  In this post, we’re going to breakdown the event for anyone who has never gone through one before, as well as for those of you who have.  We’ll also take a look at what is up with these vine cages. So join me at the table and don’t mind the dancing silverware.  They are more scared of you than you are of them.


Tracking Event Progress

As always, I like to start out by breaking down on the tools at your disposal to follow your progress in the event as well as know exactly when parts of it will unlock.  By clicking the blue box with the countdown timer at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be able to see all of these things in one handy dandy place.

At a Glance

On the first tab, you’ll be able to see when the main characters will unlock.  You’ll also be able to purchase gem characters from this page.  You’ll see that for now, only Mrs. Potts is available.


Event Goals

The next tab shows you the big goals of the event in chronological order.  Here you will be able to see how far you are from the end of the event, but more importantly, this gives you a bit of a heads up as to what to plan for.


In the featured tab, you’ll find discounts and deals.  These often change during the course of the event, so be sure to check back often.  For now, we have the Parade Bundle which comes with a starter pack of tokens as well.


Event Leaderboard

While this is currently blank, eventually there will be mini-events during the event which will have extra rewards.  This is where you will track your progress to see how close you are to winning the big prize.



This is mainly just a quick look at what the event is all about.  Essentially, welcome Beast and friends, defeat Gaston and do it quickly as time as running out.  More importantly is the fact that here is where you can quickly click on the customer care button to get help with any game glitches you might be having.


Starting the Event

The event will kick off with a quest from Mickey.  Apparently Maleficent has a plan to slow us down.  So I suppose she’s the one making it so hard for us to open more land where we can fit all of our food carts!


Mickey happens to notice the increase in curse power, and decrease in space for hot dog stands.


Mickey will decide to try and play some music to scare away the curse.  Because THAT’S worked SO well before now.  This is why people call Ghostbusters!  The local law enforcement just plays trumpet at the ghosts!

While playing the music does help a little.  It doesn’t help enough.  Mickey decides to consult a book of magic to try and come up with a solution.


Event Quests

This is a great time to mention how event quests work.  All the quests marked as blue this time around will yield event currency, rose shields, which are needed to unlock the event content.  Make sure to send as many characters on these quests as possible.  Also remember that blue quests are part of the timed event, meaning they should always be your first priority.


Vine Cages

Much like Snogies during the Frozen event, we have a new tapper which requires a bit of extra care to get rid of.  Vines have started swallowing up birds around the Kingdom and it’s our job to free them!


Step 1 – Collect Rope and Bags

The first step to freeing the birds is to collect rope and bags.  You’ll need two of each per vine cage you take down.  At the start, not a whole lot of characters can obtain these so get everyone to work ASAP.


Step 2 – Fight the Vine Cage

Once you have your items, it’s time to take down the vine cage.  Luckily, this only takes 10 seconds and you have a whole host of characters who can do it.

Strangely though, this whole affair looks quite a bit like dancing with the vine cage.


Step 3 – Collect the Rose Token

Once the vine cage is destroyed, you’ll be able to collect the rose token which is sure to be a hot commodity this update!

New Stuff

I just want to briefly go over the new things that are available right out of the gate.

Decorations and Concessions

First up, we’ve got new decorations as well as the new concession, the creperie.  I’ll mention this in my next post about characters, but there is a promo to get Mrs. Potts AND the creperie so if you have an interest in both, this is a good way to grab them.


Beauty and the Beast Parade Float

As I mentioned before, there is a new parade float which will be dropping tokens for Belle, Beast and Gaston so get it early.  There’s even a promo!


And it looks so cute!  Now I really feel like I can have my very own Festival of Fantasy!


Final Battle Stage

While we won’t be doing much with this for at least a couple weeks, it’s always fun to see a little hint of what is to come.  I imagine we’ll be taking Gaston down here, but I have to wonder if we might also see a famous dance in this room as well!


The Event Continues!

I’ll have my post up about Mrs. Potts and The Beast very soon!  But in the meantime, let me know how you are enjoying the event!  How are you fairing with Vine Cages?  Tell me all the things in the comments below!

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9 replies »

    • Yeah, they’re worse than the snowgies. At least with those, the bags and string could be collected quickly with most of them at 6 minutes a pop. Now it’s 60 minutes per item? That’s really going to slow it down.

  1. Newbie here, do you think I can get all the character without spending real money (other thanks Mrs. Potts and Chip)

  2. I noticed that this time around, the game doesn’t let me over-collect the string and bags, which is disappointing, bc I want to be stocking up! As soon as I have 2 of either item, it doesn’t let me click it. Also, if you don’t need the roses right that second, don’t send characters to open the vine cages, they won’t drop roses unless one of the characters still needs them. :/ these are taking forever, but at least the update is beautiful!

  3. The day of the update, Gameloft “lost my game”. It took almost 2 weeks for them to fix so I am way behind and very, very upset. Only Jess and Clock can get rope, I have everything for the candle except the roses…this will take days……so bummed…

  4. i never got 24 days to complete. i got like a week and on last day wondering if i am ever going to be able to get Belle before time runs out on the event and I have been playing constantly and got Mrs Potts and Chip to help and still struggling to get it all done. Crazy and nerve wracking.

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