Welcoming Chip and Building the Treehouse – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello again my fellow curse fighters.  Just a bit ago, we walked down a path that lead us to welcoming Merlin himself.  And in rare form for this game, it was quite easy.  Too easy, some might say, which is why Chip and Dale have joined the ranks to make sure we don’t get too comfortable.  The first of these two you’ll welcome is Chip and he will certainly take a bit of time, despite not having that many items necessary for his procurement.  In this post, we’ll take a look at welcoming Chip as well as building the most adorable tree house ever, so that he doesn’t have to live outside where he might be in danger of getting run over by Goofy when he’s running in panic.


Merlin is quite happy with the way things have been going in the kingdom, especially since he just got invited to the party for the first time.  This causes him to do the only thing that makes sense when a party is going well: INVITE MORE PEOPLE!..er…I mean…chipmunks?


If you’re far enough in the story, you’ll quickly be asked to welcome Chip to your Kingdom.


Welcoming Chip

Mickey Balloon

Chip requires A LOT of Mickey Balloons.  Luckily these are quite easy to come by thanks to Goofy, Pluto and Mickey having 60 second quests that drop them pretty much every time.  Keep your game on and questing for a few minutes and you’ll be able to rack these up pretty quick.



Come on guys.  If anyone thought acorns WOULDN’T be one of the tokens here, they were probably NUTS!!!  And yes, the pun was very much intended.  There’s no fast or easy way out of this one.  All of these quests will take two hours so send all three of them ASAP.  As a side note, once Dale joins the crew, he will also be able to claim acorns in order to help level up Chip.


Chip Ear Hats

Easily one of the cutest hats in the game, these will certainly take you the most time.  I found that the group quests “Dinner Date” and “Group Laugh Floor Visit” yielded the best results.


Say Hello to Chip

Before long, Chip will be all yours to welcome and one half of the chipmunk duo will be complete.  Someone here mentioned the idea that we should get Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers costumes and I 100% agree!


Questing with Chip

I’m going to take a break from shallow jokes here for just a moment.  I know I know, that’s what you came here for, but just bare with me.  In all the fuss about wanting new land and wanting this or that for the game, it can be easy to miss the very clear improvements that we are getting.  I mention this because Chip’s animation is some of the best the developers have ever given us and really shows Gameloft’s dedication to improving the game with every update.  Look, Disney Magic Kingdoms is far from perfect, but I really appreciate the care that goes into the little details and watching Chip move so fluidly really exemplifies that.  Serious moment over, we can now get back to our regularly scheduled snark.

Oh…Chip is going to go find acorns.  How…unpredictable…


Has anyone ever noticed that everyone who gets welcomed to our Kingdom is usually missing someone else.  I can’t help be wonder if we are ripping families apart in the ethereal curse ether.  Oh boy, that is an existential crisis.  Where were we?  Oh, right, Chip needs to find Dale so they can carry ALL the nuts.


Chip’s first quest will last an hour and will yield no luck on the Dale front.  It seems odd to me that Chip thinks Dale is pestering Donald, yet didn’t go looking at Donald’s house.  If I am ever lost in the woods, please do not send Chip to find me.  I’ll never get found.


As Chip ponders what to do, he considers his good friend Goofy…


And just like any good business man, he quickly thinks of a way to take advantage of his friend.  Perhaps the big announcement tomorrow is that Chip is actually an evil mastermind.


You’ll be sent to Borrow from Goofy but you’ll need to be leveled up to 2 to continue the adventure.


Chip ‘n’ Dale Treehouse

Building a home for Chip n’ Dale is easy…if you have the gems.  It will construct instantly and helps with welcoming both Chip AND Dale.  This is also a great time to realize that you don’t have every attraction out and then spend an hour making space for a new attraction and an old one.  First world problems.


The good news is that the Treehouse is one of the most adorable attractions to ever grace the park.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to live there?  I love it!!!


The Adventure Continues

While Chip has joined the Kingdom, there’s still plenty of work to be done.  Dale will need to be welcomed and so far I’ve noticed Donald-like drops for him.  And by that I meant that NOTHING is dropping.  Aw well, with an event around the corner there’s sure to be a lot of magical moments in the coming weeks.  My Dale article will be up as soon as he is welcomed.  In the meantime I pose this question, will you be purchasing Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Treehouse?  Let me know in the comments!


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6 replies »

  1. I will be holding off till after the beauty and the beast event. Once I have enough gems afterwards I’ll get the treehouse for sure

  2. I’m a few shy of 200 gems so I’m debating whether or not to buy the treehouse or save them for either chip or Mrs Potts.

    Considerig B&tB is time limited, I’ll most likely grab Potts/Chip in a cheap bundle and use gems on the treehouse. It’s just too cute to pass up.

  3. I am unable to welcome Dale until I complete more Tangled quest. I have all of the 3 that you have to gather items for (Mother Gothel, Flynn, and Rapunzel) all maxed at level 10. The one I don’t have is Maximus. I guess I will have to purchase him before I am allowed to purchase Dale. All in due time. 🙂

    Thanks for all the wonderful updates. I can’t wait to hear about the Epcot Garden Festival.

  4. In my game, when I first open it there wasn’t an update of Beauty and the Beast I tried everything to get the update but it wouldn’t work at all.

  5. I waited quite a while before getting the tree house. I wanted to make sure I could get Chip (tea cup) and Mrs. Potts as having them early was more important. Once they announced the Chip/Be Our Guest bundle, I forked-over the cash (ha! fork!) and used gems for the tree house.

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