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In what can only be described as the most surprising roll out of any event we’ve seen from DMK, this morning, Mulan burst onto a small number of phone screens like a flower blooming in adversity.  That metaphor may not quite work out, but it’s early and I’ve yet to have my coffee.  WAITER!  Ahem.  While many saw the update early and others will surely see it in the next 24 hours, here is everything we know so far.



What’s New?

Mulan has arrived with a new TWO-WEEK  EVENT!

Mulan appears in the Kingdom in preparation for a celebration, and is in charge of organizing the troops and making sure things are safe. Li Shang comes along to help out and makes sure that everything goes well in time for the exciting Lunar Festival. Get ready to welcome Mulan, Li Shang, and Mushu during this limited-time Event, which starts on January 26th at 15:00 GMT!


  • Mulan
  • Li Shang
  • Mushu


Early reports also noted that Chip and Dale had been added to the storyline, however this is not in the patch notes. Perhaps it was pulled at the last minute? Or maybe it’s coming after the event? The jury is still out on this one.


  • Lunar Mickey (Limited Time)
  • Lunar Minnie (Limited Time)

Much like other costumes, these two costumes will be limited to the event so once it starts, you’ll want to start working on these asap. You can find them by going to the character in the costume shop and clicking on the arrow at the right.


  • Ancestor Shrine
  • Lantern Ride
  • Training Camp

The only surprise here is the training camp which looks like something out of Pocahontas. Perhaps there was a better options but as far as I’m concerned, the smaller the better. Space is tight in this here park!


  • Blossom Bench
  • Stone Dragon Statue
  • Festival Lantern

What update is complete without a new bench? Let’s be honest. I’m guessing these will all drop from chests or be part of bundles during the event. I will personally be building a shrine out of stone dragon statues just to show Maleficent who’s boss.


  • Sparkler Concession

Hey kids! Want to walk around with a fire stick? Well now you can!!!


  • Mulan Float

Yeah…until the update drops and the event begins I can’t even tell you what this will look like. A dragon? A panda? Maybe it will be a cross dressing woman. We can only speculate really.

EDIT: here’s a photo. Almost all my predictions were wrong. 


  • Collect Event Currency to welcome new limited-time characters, build attractions, and set up your Kingdom in time for the Lunar Festival!
  • Lunar costumes for Mickey and Minnie are available for a limited-time as well, so make sure to get them before the time runs out!
  • It’s the Year of the Rooster! Keep an eye out for special Rooster themed Gold Coins that will be available for the Mulan themed Gold Coins Event!

No big surprises here. Really this a fillet event BUT I love me some Mulan so all is forgiven.


Confirmation buttons for Gem purchases have been added to Parade Floats, Gems to Magic conversions, and Enchanted Chests slots.

I know that this will be a big selling point as many people have experienced big losses in gems. I for one haven’t had many accidents since the first confirmation button update but any way to make folks enjoy the game more is always a good thing.


The Shop menu has been re-designed to make items easier to find. Visit the new Shop by pressing the Shop button (lower right corner) to access the new, unified home for Enchanted Chests, Magic and Gems, Buildings, Floats, Characters and Costumes.

This seems like a very welcome and time saving change to me. No longer will I be scrolling from building to building. This coincides much more with other games of this type and should make for a much more seamless play experience. If nothing else, it sure does look clean and crisp.


And as always, there is a huge helping of balancing changes and little tweaks to make the game more fair and also to make everything run smoother.  Here’s the list in detail.


The Mulan Event, including characters and buildings is available during this update! The following changes have been made:
Enchanted Chests:
  • Removed Frozen Fountain from the Bronze Chest
  • Removed Olaf’s Summer Fun from the Silver Chest
  • Removed Olaf’s Sand Sculpture from the Gold Chest
  • Added Mulan Dragon Statue to the Gold Chest
  • Added Mulan tokens to the Bronze and Silver Chest
  • Increased build time of Snuggly Duckling from 6 hours to 8 hours
  • Increased build reward of Snuggly Duckling from 150 XP to 200 XP
Character Activities & Tokens:
  • Bo Peep – “Visit Al’s Toy Barn”
    • Gold Crown removed from the possible drops
    • Mushu Dragon Head added to the possible drops
  • Goofy – “Change a Lightbulb”
    • Li Shang Ears Hat added to the possible drops
  • Flora – “Sewing at Home”
    • Merryweather Ears Hat removed from the possible drops
  • Buzz Lightyear – “Space Orbiting”
    • Merryweather’s Hat added to the possible drops
  • Rapunzel & Flynn – “Dinner Date”
    • Duration decreased from 16 hours to 4 hours
    • Magic Reward decreased from 400 to 150
    • XP Reward decreased from 43 to 17
  • Rapunzel – “Create Artwork”
    • Gold Crown added to the possible drops
  • Rapunzel – “Internal Struggles” Quest
    • Character activity “Debate Returning to Tower” duration increased from 6 hours to 8 hours
    • Magic Reward increased from 265 to 300
    • XP Reward increased from 27 to 31

So far, that’s all we’ve got.  Once the update is live for everyone I’ll add more here and of course I will have a post once the event begins.  If nothing else, I just want to say hello to everyone, since it’s been a while since we talked!  Welcome back!  Now let’s all go celebrate Chinese New Year with a new event!  Who’s excited???

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  1. While I love the idea of celebrating the Lunar New Year (I collect Disney Lunar New Year envelope cards from China), I would hope that the game makers would solve the optimization problem so that we can spend some of our ever increasing Magic on purchasing additional space. Otherwise, I may have to put the Omnidroid into storage.

    • I’m not sure how far into the game you are but if you have them you can store the two Aladdin attractions, the jet packs, or the mad tea party first as neither of those are utilized by any characters.

  2. They originally had the Chip n Dale in the notes on Google Play but it had since been removed. I have screenshots from early this morning and now showing the difference.

  3. Im just hoping that there are no “Epic” items that take forever to get. other than that I cant wait for Mushu to come to my park

  4. I’m hopeful they will eventually do some new characters without an event that come out of an updated and all character inclusive storyline.

  5. So, only 1 day left and they only Mulan quest I’ve accomplished is Mickey’s outfit. You HAVE to spend 200 gems on Mushu or you will get nowhere. I am playing a game, not spending money for magic or gems. Disappointing.

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