The Lunar Festival Begins and Welcoming Mushu – Disney Magic Kingdoms

With very little time to prepare or wonder, Gameloft has kindly asked us to “Be a Man” and jump into this event with as little know how as possible.  Don’t fret, we’ll get through this together and bring “Honor to Us All.”  Besides, when I think of welcoming Mulan, I think that she just might be “A Girl Worth Fighting For.”  Alright, enough with the song lines.  You get the idea.  I love Mulan!  Let’s see what this Chinese New Year event has in store for us!



If this is your first event, or if you need a refresher, make sure that the first thing you do is click on the event Hub icon at the bottom of the screen.  If you need help finding this, it’s the icon that has the countdown timer for the event.  Here, you’ll find all sorts of good info for keeping pace with the event itself.

Event Timeline

Here you’ll find the order in which things will happen so that you can see just how close to the end you are.  The first page will tell you when certain parts of the event will unlock.


Go to the next tab to get more of a play by play of the event as a whole.  Keep in mind, the next 24 hours will be all about getting Mickey’s Lunar costume.  Li Shang won’t be available until tomorrow.



You can also take a look at the current promos for the event.  If you plan on buying anything, make sure you head here first, or forever feel as though you have thrown coins into the fountain of bad fortune.

The main promos to take a gander at are the one for Mush and the Sparkler concession stand, as well as the Grand Parade Bundle.  We’ll talk about both of these more in depth in a moment.





As with all good things, you’ll start your adventure with Mickey himself.  In order to begin the event, you will need to have put together Mickey’s Pirate Costume first.  Mickey started off in my Kingdom embarrassingly dressed for the last season.  Psst, hey Mickey, Christmas was SOOOO 3 weeks ago.  Get it together buddy.


Why yes Mickey, you’re right.  We love being stressed out about time limits and limited event characters every time there’s a holiday.  Why, I dare say I can’t imagine a holiday without them anymore!


Hey Mickey!  It sounds to me like you might need to, I don’t know, come up with a PLAN!!!



Alright, I’m gonna stop you right there.  Why, exactly, do you have a bunch of notes on Lantern light?  Can we talk about that for a minute? I’m concerned.


Mickey, you’re still dressed as Santa.  Nothing is going capital G great just yet.

Firecrackers, the new Tapper


YES!  WE GET TO BURN THINGS!  Ahem.  Sorry.  I got a little excited there.  I’d like to introduce you to your new worst enemy, the firecracker. You’ll be tapping 10 of them per hour for 5 hours to start off.  Luckily they make a really cool effect once tapped AND they are far easier to see than the storm clouds or the magic brooms.  This is a tapper I can get behind.


Meanwhile, Mickey has decided that we do this every year, even though he just came up with the plan, or so we were told.


At long last, Mickey decides to get with the times and put on a different costume.  Finally!  I hate to break it to you Mickey but all the neighbors were talking about your poor outfit choice for the season.  Mother Gothel called it garish!  Or so Tinker Bell told me.  She’s such a little gossip.


Mickey’s Lunar Festival Costume

It’s time to put together an all new costume for Mickey.  Luckily, this looks to be one of the easier costumes to put together.



Your best bet here, BY FAR, is Goofy who will only take an hour to collect the gloves.


Silver Floral

Honestly, the best thing you can do for this one is get Mushu.  Where as the other two take 4 hours, Mushu only takes 60 minutes.


Blue Fabric

Anyway you cut it, the blue fabric is what will hold you back on this one.  At the minimum it’s a 4 hour wait, at the max it’s 6 hours.  Get these guys on quests ASAP.


Unless you the purchase it straight out type.  Then by all means, click that gemmy button right there!


Minnie Costume

Don’t forget to get a head start on Minnie’s costume as well.  It’s limited time and will take a bit more work than Mickey’s.



By far, the best way to get Mushu is to grab the limited time bundle.  It will save you loads and something tells me he is going to be quite useful during this event. PLUS, he’s adorable!


Mushu will have his own quest right out of the gate as well.  Apparently he was asked to take care of the festival for Mulan.  Because I guess she’s busy?


Umm, I would gladly have some imperial soldiers running around the kingdom.  I’m actually pretty good at tapping on random things that run around my kingdom at this point.  BRING ‘EM ON!


Have you ever known someone who seems to be having a whole conversation in their head and you weren’t invited?  No?  Well now that you have met Mushu, YOU DO!


Umm, no one mentioned an archery demo.  Is it to late to return Mushu to the curse?  He seems a little crazy.  I’d like a curse refund please!



If you’re the purchasing type, there’s also a fun new parade float that will make your kingdom feel extra festive so make sure to give it a look see.


The Concession stand will also help you rank up on event currency early on so that you never feel like your out of coinage.



With Mickey on his way to costumed greatness, fireworks being set and Mushu…well I don’t really know what he’s up to, we’re on our way to a great festival.  One big tip I have is to really drop all other quests for the duration of the quest and focus on the event itself.  After all, it’ll be quite short and you don’t want to miss out on the fun!  We’ll see you back here tomorrow for Li Shang, but as I will be at Disney World, My posts may be a little late.  Just a heads up!

Which promos, if any, are you planning to grab?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Jaysen! Can I request that one day you show us how you space your kingdom? 🙂 I spent a couple hours last night arranging mine so I would have room for the new attractions but they are so cramped and I dislike it so much 😦 I miss when I could actually have it spread out and decorations out. I have no decor out. I have all the attractions except Splash Mountain, I have yet to win it, and now the Mulan ones, but I left myself enough open space for them – I hope! But from the back of your screen caps it actually looks like yours is arranged nicely and airy with decor, not cramped like mine so I would be curious to see your choice. Thanks for always being on top of the game! I love reading your blog!

  2. My game crashed earlier and when I opened it, the countdown for the Lunar Event was drastically cut into just 19 hours! There’s no way I’ll be able to get Shang and Mulan now. I’ve message the social medias of the game and they haven’t responded yet. 😦

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