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Hello again and welcome back to another episode of “Frozen Characters Say the Darndest Things.”  I’m your host, Jaysen Headley, and today we’ll be taking a look at everyone’s favorite reindeer herder, Kristoff, as well as learning new words from Sven.  This article will actually be following up from where we left off with the last, so I won’t actually be talking about the tokens needed for Kristoff.  For more on all the pre-welcoming of Kristoff, head HERE.

Welcoming Kristoff


As soon as you find Kristoff, he’ll pretend that he was the one looking for you.  Oh no buddy.  I collected enough of your lutes to know better.  Something important to know is that in order to really get into his story progression quests, you’ll need Anna to be at level 4.


Anna immediately spills out every word she knows at this current moment in time.


Nope, sorry Kristoff.  There’s no hope.  This is the end of life as we know it.  The next update introduces the Zombie Apocalypse.  Love is a closed door.


As I said, this next quest will require Anna at level 4.  In this part of the event, you’ll notice, live Sven’s quest, some will be yellow while others, like Anna’s are blue.  It’s good to remember that the quest that progresses the main story along is THE TOP QUEST, so in this case, Anna.  Keeping this in mind is a good way to make sure that you keep up with the timed portion of the event.


Mountaineering for Life

Obviously, we got a lot of face time with Kristoff as he’s the new boy in town.  Also, he wears pointy shoes and that always deserves attention.


Alright Kristoff, no one likes a show off.


Kristoff will proceed to play his lute throughout the kingdom.  Hey, maybe you should go talk to Mickey.  He’s someone else who responds to global warming with instrument playing.  You guys could do great things together…


Anna ends up giving Kristoff a title and duties.  You know, the way you give children random tasks to complete like painting the fence with water so that they stay out of the way for a couple of hours while the adults talk.


Very good Kristoff, go make ice sculptures.  We’ll just be over here saving the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Sven has been playing a different game called “Petty Theft.”  It’s all the rage.


Stupid human.  You think Sven didn’t KNOW that he was stealing, and now you’re paying the price.  That look on Sven’s face above is the face that cats make after they knock down the Christmas tree and you have to pick it up.

Also, this is how Sven high fives, soooooo that’s pretty much as good as this game is ever going to get.


HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!

Ahem…moving on.  Oh look!  What’s this?!  Tell me Anna, are you thinking about MAKING A PLAN?????


Definitely go with ice carving, Anna.  That’ll keep him out of the way for HOURS.


Umm, Kristoff?  I don’t know how to tell you this but, uh, could you have put that in a worse location?  How are people supposed to walk?!


What’s more sad?  That Anna has to make Kristoff feel good about his poor quality ice sculpture, or the fact that he believes it?


Yeah Kristoff, don’t ruin it.


Meanwhile…wait…what are these kids even doing???  I don’t think I quite understand this ride.


Learning to Speak Reindeer

Snorf – The act of being irritated because this girl stole your best friend and all she had to do was sing a little.


Snrff – Commonly mistaken for ‘Snorf’ this simply means that one is gassy.


Once gas has been passed, happiness can be returned to normal.


Wandering Oaken’s 

Oh right, we were looking for Elsa.  I totally forgot while we were making ice sculptures and playing the lute that we had an actual goal in mind.  Well at least Anna remembered.  After a 12 hour quest, she’ll decide to go searching for Anna in the mountains.


Of course, no one should head into the wilderness unprepared.



Wandering Oaken’s will cost 17,500 event currency and take you 12 hours to build.  Luckily, it isn’t that space heavy, so you should be able to fit it somewhere inside the ever tightening space of the Kingdom.  Kristoff will also need to be at level 2 in order to build it.


And that’s as far as I’ve gotten.  I’ll try to update to the end of this part of the event on Monday or Tuesday as I will be very busy getting hitched this weekend!  Today I’m curious to know, do you have a favorite line of dialogue from this update?  Let me know what it is in the comments below.

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  1. Congratulations on your wedding!

    As Sven says, ‘snorf’, which if I’m translating correctly means all the best or do you have a carrot in your pocket? Just remember to pay at wandering Oakens! Poor guy probably has no carrots left by now. 🙂

  2. Is there any benefit to getting Minnie’s Christmas costume? Does anyone know if she helps with getting items for Frozen characters?

    • As of right now, she doesn’t help with Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, or Sven. Her two holiday costume exclusive tasks are “mistletoe” with Mickey and “cheerful singing,” both of which are two hours. Hopefully these tasks will help with getting Elsa or Hans.

  3. Congrats!!!

    Loving your updates…I legit laughed at your Sven translations.

    I’m currently trying to figure out where the $&*(@*#!(*#@! I’m going to put this ice palace…I’m also spending all this time trying to stockpile snowflakes for Elsa and Hans and only upgrading my other characters sparingly. I have Anna and Olaf at Level 5, Sven ready for Level 4 and Kristoff at Level 3. I’m wondering what the top levels I need to have these characters at to collect everything for Elsa and Hans without wasting all of my snowflakes on unnecessary upgrades…

    • Pretty sure it’s usually not that high to finish the events, I think if you can get everyone to 5 at least you should be able to complete it OK. At least that’s what I am betting on. Have Anna on 7, Olaf on 6, and just upgrading Kristoff and Sven to 5 over the next two hours. After that I will just try to get them ready to upgrade on their hats etc. and try to stockpile snow flakes until I can’t get any more. Not going to upgrade them any more, snowflakes are too much effort for how many you need (I think I need 14 for Anna to get to 8, and needed 10 to get Kristoff to 5) so will just level them up after the event.

      As long as I have snowflakes stockpiled before Elsa unlocks should be able to take it a little bit easier for the rest of the event, so I can actually enjoy the holidays!

  4. I’ve already stockpiled 19 snowflakes and I’m going to get as much as possible before Anna comes. I’ve stopped upgrading Anna and Olaf at 6, Kristoff at 5 and Sven at 4. As far as space, I’ve managed to clear out the abutting area next to the recently opened space. So I have the Rink in the new space and Oaken’s in the cleared out space. I’ve placed the Trolls in the space to the left where the Tomorrowland rides are. Hopefully, the Ice Palace can fit in with Oaken’s. Whew!!

  5. OK, I’ve got Anna and Olaf at Level 7 with all items collected, Kristof and Sven at Level 6 (still collecting tokens) and just finished Minnie’s X-Mas costume. Grinding to get my snowflakes maxed out at 41 before Elsa is available. Have a spot for the castle (hopefully) next to the rink in the area left of Space Mountain that leads to Fantasyland.

    Bring it On!

  6. Just started a few days before xmas. Trying like mad to get to Elsa before event is over. Currently stuck at how to build Troll Knoll. Do you have to do every side quest? Or just main quests?

    With the time left is it even possible for me to get Elsa? Even with buying day two of the event pack deals?

  7. Congratulations! Just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog to help me get through the Frozen events! I love your commentaries!!!😂

  8. Am I the only one who’s noticed that they mix-up Anna and Elsa in the dialogue a couple of times? Anna calls Elsa Anna, Elsa calls Anna Elsa, etc? It drive my OCD a little crazy. But loving the update!

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