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Good morning all you morning people.  And good afternoon to everyone who wakes up at 2pm and reads this and good evening to those of you working all day and reading this at night, stealthily checking your phone in your pocket throughout the day to send characters on missions.  Today we got two new characters unlocked on the road to fighting off the snow storm.  Sven joins the team as a purchasable gem character, while Kristoff remains locked behind a plethora of tokens.  Let’s take a deeper dive and see how this all plays out.

Welcoming Sven

There are a couple of ways to welcome everyone’s favorite reindeer.  The first is to flat out by him with cold hard gems.


He’ll cost exactly 250 of them.


The other is to take up the sale which will get you Sven as well as a Hot Cocoa stand.


Whichever you choose, you’ll get the cutest little reindeer that ever did reindeer.  He will be most helpful with getting Kristoff, as well as future characters.


Sven will join the Kingdom and go to work teaching everyone new words…like Snurfle.  Tell us Sven, is that a verb or an adjective?  Could you use it in a sentence?


Sven will immediately get a quest BUT I highly recommend ignoring it and sending him off to collect tokens for Kristoff as you will want all the help you can get.


I might add that regardless of which way you choose to welcome Sven, the Hot Cocoa cart is super adorable.


Welcoming Kristoff

To no one’s surprise and everyone’s grumpiness, Kristoff requires Snowflakes, as well as a handful of other tokens to welcome.  I think, for me, the big surprise is just how many snowflakes he requires.


Your best bets for the Lutes are going to be Anna and Sven who both take only 60 minutes to collect this uncommon item.  Everyone else will take 2 hours or more.



The hats are a little trickier.  Sven has a good quest for them BUT he needs to be at level 2 and this means sacrificing other characters to collect his items to get there.  However, Will Turner and Elizabeth also have a joint 2 hour quest called Make Plans which is a great way to stock up on these tokens as well.


As of this writing I am still trouping along, working my way towards Kristoff.  I expect to have him by the end of the day and I am now within a couple of days from having Minnie’s costume as well.  I’ll report back here once Kristoff is welcomed and we’ll take it up from there!

Question of the day?  How will you be buying Sven?  WILL you be buying Sven?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the post Jaysen! As of right now, I only have ONE piece of green fabric left for Minnie’s costume. I haven’t bought Sven or Olaf and I’m still hesitant with the idea of getting them because it will use up almost all of my gems. So until I make my decision, it may take awhile to welcome Kristoff to the kingdom especially since his hat tokens are rare instead of uncommon. We’ll see how it goes

  2. i won’t buy sven… i spent my gems with olaf, parade and ice cream concession! working super hard in kristoff! super excited

  3. I JUST collected 180 gems today, so now I’m trying to decide if I should go ahead and get Olaf, then hold out until Christmas for an iTunes gift card to buy Sven, or if I should save up for Sven and skip Olaf this late in the event.

  4. Thanks for the post! Right now I just need 18 more green fabrics for Minnie (my drops for those fabrics have rapidly decreased in the last day or so) and I’m busily working on kristoff, I got Olaf and Sven with their respective bundles and Olaf has been pretty useful when it comes to getting the snow flakes. I wasn’t as invested in this event so far like I was for the Nightmare Before Christmas event but I’m sure when Elsa and Hans are unlocked and we make our great push to the end it’ll draw more of my interest.

  5. Thanks for the great post Jaysen; as all your others have been, very useful, informative and fun to read! I chose to buy Sven as he was relatively cheap gem wise, and I’ve been saving up since the last update. I think we’ll need all the help we can get!
    I have all Minnie’s costume requirements except for the green hat (23/35), and I’ve found their drop rate quite bad, especially from Sarge.
    Kristoff is coming along OK. Flutes are stacking up, but I’ve only had 1 hat/ear muff drop so far. Not for lack of trying!
    I’m looking forward to your next update! Keep them coming 🙂

  6. I bought Sven right away, leaving me with about 75 gems remaining. I’ve been contemplating buying an Ice Cream stand, but don’t think I’ll do that just yet.

  7. Collected all of the lutes quickly, but the drop rate on Kristoff’s ears have been terrible! Since Olaf is zero help with Kristoff, I’ve had him spending all his time collecting the snowflakes but I still think it’s a crazy amount of time being spent on what’s supposed to be the most common item. Trying to stockpile as many of them as I can get now.

    But yes, I HAD to get Sven because he’s my fav Frozen character. And he has not disappointed!

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