Disney Magic Kingdoms – Frozen Livestream Recap

After weeks of teasers, puzzles and pictures of snowflakes, we finally got our first glimpse at what’s coming next to Disney Magic Kingdoms today.  Let’s take a look at what was announced and what is to come.  I’ll apologize in advance as my photos were screen caps and thus have some of the Facebook comments, likes and hearts in them.  To watch the full video, click below.

Right off the bat, it seems that we are indeed getting an event!


The whole Kingdom has been done up in Christamsy goodness which is adorable and festive.  This is the first time we’ve seen the Kingdom done up in a theme and it looks great.  Seriously, there is some fantastic artwork here and I’ll be excited to explore all of it to check out the details.


The Player level maximum is increasing from 51 to 60  I’m nowhere near this but I’m sure many of you are very excited.

We are, as expected, getting two new costumes.  One is Mickey and the other is Minnie.  Minnie’s costume WILL be time limited but you will not need it to complete the story so get it at your own risk.


There is a new event currency, the Arendelle shields.

We finally get to see the characters we are getting and everyone should be quite happy.  We are getting Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf and Kristoff!  I am very happy that Sven was included.  But it seems that Sven and Olaf will be gem related characters.


We are also getting lots of new buildings, including Arendelle castle as well as the Ice palace, all of which look truly beautiful.  I expect that all of these will be time sensitive to the event.

It seems that the big thing we will be fighting is an impending snow storm, but Hans will also be showing up so I can only imagine we’ll be fighting him at least once, if not twice.  Thanks Oogie for putting that fear into my heart.  I’m interested to see how this plays out.


Much like other events, we’ll be clicking on Snowgies in order to progress some quests.  At least they are cuter than spiders, am I right?Snowgies are the key to getting the common token, Frozen snowflake so it seems we will be clicking on Snowgies for the duration of the event to get this item.  You have to select Anna, Kristoff or Olaf to collect snowgies and they’ll need bag and string to do it.


There are also better tutorials to be found in game from clicking on Question marks wherever you find them!  Yay for helpful hints!

We got to see some interesting photos of the event timeline photos which showed a general idea of how we’ll be experiencing this event.


And then we saw the Ice Palace and OMG does it look super cool!


We also saw the Arendelle Ice rink which looks like a great way to pass the time in any park.


And then they showed us the cold bench…Slow clap…

We are also getting new concession stands in the form of an ice cream stand and hot chocolate stand.


They jumped into characters with a fan favorite, Olaf!  I want to build a snowman!!! Okay, deep breaths.  And of course his welcome screen is adorable.


Then we saw Anna who literally runs into the scene.  As a side note, I love the Frozen music that plays as these characters are introduced.


We also got a glimpse of Elsa and her magical powers atop her ice castle which is on par with the animation of Jack and Sally on the hill in the last update.


And then we got to see Sven who easily wins the cutest character contest.  OMG, he’s just the best.  His smile wins my heart.  If I only get one character for this event, it will be him for sure!


We also got to see the new parade float which looks like a snow monster.  It even breathes ice, a nice touch if I do say so myself.


They also mentioned land expansion to Adventureland and told us it will be a while because they want to optimize the game first.  However, we will be getting some new land to build on in this update so rest assured, you will have space!


There’s going to be an amazing contest!  We will be seeing more on that later today but it sounds like they will be giving away characters and gems as rewards for entering screenshots attached to a specific hashtag.  We also did not get a release date on the event, other than soon…sooo, probably sometime in the next week or two.  If I had to guess, I would say December 11, as that is when the first contests begins.  See the updated details on that below.


This Winter Wonders Event looks pretty awesome and I’m happy to see we are getting quite a few new characters.  I love the way the Kingdom looks for this even and I’m excited to see who will need to “Hatch a Plan” this time around.  What did you guys think?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m like 90% sure they said that Minnie’s costume *would* be time limited, but that it’s not required to progress through the event. I may have misheard, though.

    • no, that’s correct. as long as Minnie’s costume isn’t as hard to get as Donald’s Halloween one it should be okay

  2. No big surprises I guess.. But I’m happy they are including all the main characters. Looks like I’ll be putting a few attractions in my inventory and wiping out my decorations to make some room….

    • I don’t think I have a single decoration in my park!
      Do you know what I like most about this game? They don’t require you to have help from “neighbors and friends” to progress. It’s why I’ve been playing for so long!

  3. Any clue what that green spiral attraction is behind the hot chocolate stand? I don’t remember seeing that before…

  4. Looks good, so happy there is no Donald costume.

    Only thing a little concerning is the way to get the common token. Looks like you need 6 tokens (4 of rope, 2 sacks) that are collected presumably from a wide array of existing characters as well as the Frozen characters, then once you do have those 6 tokens you can use them to perform a quest with one of the Frozen characters to get the common Frozen token.

    Seems like a lot of collecting just to get a single common token. Hopefully you can get them in chests, parades and the tokens that a required to do the quests that get the common tokens are supported by a lot of the pre-existing characters that are currently sitting around doing nothing but collecting a little magic now and then.

    Might not even be an issue in the end, just at face value it looks a tad annoying.

    • The floats are usually 55 gems. In past events FroZone was 150 gems and Zero was 180 gems. So my guess would be in that ball park for Olaf and Sven (each).

  5. I’m confused when you mention max levels at 50 or 60. I’ve been at max 10 with most of my characters for a while and I started playing in July. When do max levels go past 10 or in some cases 6?

  6. If the event starts on December 11 and you need Anna to start the event, shouldn’t the update occur at least a week before December 11 in order to have enough time to have Anna for the event?

      • From a developers stand point I understand – this is what you do to make money and keep people playing. From a player stand point, it is really frustrating…. I develop for Windows on the side.

      • They don’t need to. I’ve programmed games since the 90s. I still do on windows, iOS, OS X , android. F2p is a scam model that’s addictive, and nowhere needed to support any game. . If each player only EVER spent 10$ , they’d make a massive profit. This is why f2p needs to die or get banned by Apple/google..but they won’t. They take 30%. A one time charge, or subscription would make them plenty of $. The only way for f2p to die is people never giving a gaming company more than 10$ – $20 for a mobile game. I do play this game but I’ve given them 15$…no more. I’ll play but I won’t give them more $. F2p is very similar to console/pc season pass scams. You should only pay for the game, but you pay for a non 100% product then pay more for dlc. They make far more off that then they should.

      • If the Nightmare Before Christmas event was any indication, I was able to get enough tokens to get the first character within about 24 hours after the event started without too much effort (though to be fair, I did buy Zero right away). So, I’m guessing it will be relatively quick/easy to get Anna…

  7. LAME. LAME AND LAME. it should be like Cinderella. No time limited garbage forcing you to play the game every 1-2 hrs in order to get them all and you probably have to buy the “helps with” ones also. They are getting way to greedy.

  8. I personally like the time limited challenges. It adds some excitement to the game and it’s rewarding when you complete them.

  9. Just got the patch on my Android phone.

    The new area behind Space Mountain is only 75,000 to open and takes 24 hours.

    Only Frozen things in the chests so far is a statue of snowmen in the gold chests and an Olaf in a snowglobe in the silver chests. Maybe there will be something in the platinum once the event hits.

    Mickey costume and characters all ‘coming soon’ for now, which is expected until 11am EST 8th Dec.

      • Thanks for the heads up! I downloaded the patch this morning but didn’t realize that extra spot was already available! Will be nice to have that cleared before the event starts! I do wish there was another way to spend your magic… I’m at about 1.8 million magic with really nothing to spend it on. A way to convert magic to gems would be REALLY nice…

  10. Yay for “Frozen” coming to the Kingdom, but wow this even looks complicated… LOL. Guess I’m going to have to really roll-up my sleeves for this one! Thanks for the updates. 🙂

  11. I have it on my Android tablet. It looks beautiful, but is unplayably slow – often 4-6 seconds to respond to a press.

  12. How are everyone able to unlock certain things if available in a few days?(Like I see players unlock characters even if the event says available in 3 days) Just started the event and am curious. Forgive me if I’m wrong: just wanting to know 🙂

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