Disney Magic Kingdoms – Frozen Teasers Released

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of little teasers coming out that have all but slapped us in the face and screamed Frozen at us.  Today we got a very short teaser that shows us the Update 7 is indeed coming soon.  Check it out below!

This video comes after all sorts of puzzles and teasers as to the fact that Frozen was coming.


And while these were all cute, my favorite teaser actually comes in a more subtle form as the DMK facebook page has progressively been changing their cover photo.  If you look at these photos side by side, you’ll notice that the water in front of the park has progressively become more and more frozen over with ice.



Two big questions have come out of all these teaser.  While I don’t have any confirmed answers, I thought I’d take a stab at some best guesses.

When Will the Update Release?

I actually could see this update coming as soon as tomorrow and as late as Next week!  I think the idea of it releasing on December 1 makes a lot of sense, giving us the whole month to really enjoy it.  One big complaint of the Halloween event, of which there were few, was that it was far too short.  That being said, having this Frozen story line start on December 1 would be a great way to let us enjoy the frosty season all month long.

Will it be an Event?

Right now, my best guess is No.  So far, this update has been handled more along the lines of updates like Cinderella and Pirates.  I think we’ll get a small update like these, possibly opening up a tiny portion of more land and having a story and characters to collect that will take around a month.  I would also be super shocked if we don’t get some costumes out of all this for our main characters.  Do I think this will open up Adventureland?  Absolutely not!  Honestly I’m just saying no, because every time I say it will open Adventureland I end up being wrong, so here’s to hoping my bad guessing works out this time around!frozen-walt-disney-pictures-630x420

So what do you guys think?  Are we getting a regular update or an event and what else do you think is coming with it other than Frozen?  Let me know in the comments!  I, for one, am super excited for anything new to hit this game after a month of waiting!

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work, I love reading your blog. Just a heads up…you missed the first cover photo update when the ice began to form. there were four of them not three. https://www.facebook.com/DisneyMagicKingdoms/photos/a.624261921073609.1073741827.545267055639763/751532805013186/?type=3&theater I’m looking forward to this new update, I really like Frozen. I hope we get a Christmas tree and holiday costumes for our characters.

  2. I agree that it’s likely to be a regular update, rather than an event. I imagine we’ll get the sisters plus Kristoff, with Olaf as a Gem-only character, and Hans as the villain we have have to defeat and then welcome. Ideally, I’d like to see the patch of land behind Small World open up, as the scenery back there could be seen as Arendelle-ish if you squint your head and tilt your eyes….

  3. Wasn’t the overall purpose of DMK to build and design one’s own Magic Kingdom rather than to squeeze every attraction into whatever space is available? Even my grandkids asked why I have the Pirates rides in Tommorowland. Like many of us, I have had to withhold decorations and concessions in order to make room for rides. I would hope that whatever problems that the developers had are resolved so that more space can be added.

  4. I’m assuming this won’t start until next week at the earliest.. They haven’t finished posting the full snowflake picture on their Instagram- and even though we know it’s going to be Frozen, they haven’t officially revealed it or any characters. With all the previous updates, we got a bunch of reveals before they went live. I just hope this is a hefty update!

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