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Disney Magic Kingdoms – Frozen Teasers Released

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of little teasers coming out that have all but slapped us in the face and screamed Frozen at us.  Today we got a very short teaser that shows us the Update 7 is indeed coming soon.  Check it out […]

Moana Teaser Trailer Released

Hello everyone.  I wanted to put this up yesterday, but, well, yesterday was not great SO we’ll start this Monday off with something better.  Moana looks quite simply, incredible.  From beautiful scenery to a wonderfully diverse cast and lore from a culture we don’t often get to see, […]

It’s Official…

On Tuesday I will be releasing an article all about the journey that writing my new novel, A Love Story for Witches, has been.  Until then, I wanted to tease you with some artwork AND officially announce that the book will be out October 31, 2014.