Disney Magical World 2 – Lilo and Stitch

Upon finishing the prologue of Disney Magical World 2, I felt fully equipped to start working with the game mechanics and areas I’d been handed.  I was ready to hang out with Mickey, talk about Minnie with Daisy behind her back and give Goofy generally judgmental glares.  That was until I made my way to the castle steps and found a certain trouble maker hanging about.


Stitch had been defacing the town like a Middle School gang member.  Upon seeing me, he took off.


But I followed him and within seconds of getting comfortable with my current Disney Magical World, I was whisked off to another.


Lilo & Stitch is one of my favorite Disney films, so prepare to here my gush about this zone of the game quite a bit.


Unlike in the first game, where the worlds were small, cramped spaces with very little life, the worlds here feel vibrant, alive and ripped straight out of their respective films.


Stitch declined to comment on his recent crimes.


But luckily Lilo showed up to let me know that I had found my way to Hawaii.  For the record, I would really like a real life portal that takes me to Hawaii in seconds.  Can I get one of those?


Yeah yeah, you’re cute.  You still ruined my castle though.


Lilo wanted to show me around Hawaii, obviously, so we took a little walk along the beach together.  As a side note, the


We met up with some friends who had actually gotten strange readings off the fact that I can use magic.  Of course, this meant that I quickly got enlisted to fight off ghosts in the jungle.  Because we all know there are lots of ghosts in the jungles of Hawaii.


In this game, getting new wands means leveling up your abilities.  By upgrading my wand I was able to use a cool new super powered magic move.


I learned as much info as I could about the ghosts and took that info back to the esteemed scientist who was able to help make me a suit that would allow me to resist the ghosts’ punches better than before.


But I’d had enough with ghosts.  It was time to enjoy the Hawaii sun by taking part in some surfing.


Surfing helps to earn Nice points, which can be used to purchase things from the fortune teller.  It’s also a fun way to try and get a high score by doing better than last time.


With my new outfit, which is basically a space dress, put together, I headed back into the jungle to help clear Stitch’s name.


I also learned to use magical notes which can be obtained on missions.  This allows you to use unlimited magic, do extra damage AND look like a rockstar all at once.


My ghost killing complete, I headed over to learn how to Hula Dance with Lilo & Stitch.  This is a fun little mini-game, reminiscent of the dancing from the first game.


All that Hula dancing made me a bit sore, so I swung over to the massage lounge to work out those kinks.


And that is all just one world.  In the first game, all these activities would have been split up into multiple worlds.  Here, I got a whole assortment of fun things to do in the very first world I visited.  This bodes well for the amount of content in the game.

My time in Lilo & Stitch had been fun, but I wanted to see what else was going on in the world, so I headed to my cafe to throw a party for Rapunzel and Flynn.


And it’s not a party without a fabulous dance.


Flynn and I got our groove on.


Hit the lights!


And we ended with a nice little group photo.  Seriously Flynn, do not try to out pose me.  I will destroy you.


Right now it’s Halloween in the Kingdom, so everyone is wearing costumes and getting into the Holiday spirit.


Oh?  Are we calling your outfit fashion?  Okay, sure.  We can go with that.  I swung by the Pumpkin Mickey in the center of town to take a selfie so that I could always remember my spooky first day in the Kingdom.


And got super excited for the way that the Magic Castle sign was done up.  Seriously, I think this gesture ought to be called “Freak out about everything!”  It’s my new favorite.


Lilo & Stitch still has plenty of fun to be had but it was time for me to literally grab onto some balloons and be whisked to a new adventure all together.  One with daring tigers and fierce bears.  One with honey pots and gardening.  Can you guess where I’m off to next?


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