Disney Enchanted Tales – The Harvest Event

Whew!  Is this Disney week and I just missed the memo?  It seems every Disney game is either releasing or updating.  I’ll be honest, my time with Disney’s Enchanted Tales has been seriously lacking.  It’s not that I’d fallen out of love with the game.  It’s simply that there weren’t enough hours in the day.  Yet nothing gets me back into a game like a good ol’ event full of special buildings and fun accessories for characters.  Unlike the recent update for DMK, this one came out of nowhere, but it’s plenty of fun and has a ton to unlock.  So let’s check out what the harvest festival looks like in the Kingdoms.


How the Event Works

First off, I have to absolutely applaud DET here because as much as I love DMK, the tutorial for this event is top notch.  Every question I here time and time again is answered in game by the Fairy God Mother.  Can I keep these buildings after the event?  Yes.  How do I get these buildings?  By doing quests which earn you the special event currency.  What if I haven’t unlocked my third story?  Doesn’t matter.  You can still get ALL the event items here and now.  Let me tell you, DMK could learn from how well this game threw me into the event and gave me all the info I needed.


Essentially you’ll complete quests which earn autumn leaves.  And yes, you will need to search for them in order to find them.  They aren’t baltently obvious.  You can also earn leaves by completing the special Harvest quests. We’ll talk about that in a moment.  You can also track your progress in the event by clicking on the circus tent icon in the lower right.


As you complete quests, the bar at the bottom will begin to fill, showing your how far along you’ve come.


The Quest essentially has you sending your characters on Fall related tasks.  This also involves beginning to build Harvest buildings.  Although I think many of the buildings will need to be built on your own, without the aid of a quest.  Though that has yet to be seen.


Harvest Buildings and Decor

There are a LOT of new items to add and you only get to keep what you place in your village, so it’s time to put those leaves to good use.  I mean, a good use other than jumping in them joyously.

Anything marked orange is only for a limited time.


Something I love about the Harvest buildings is that they are sewn together with purple thread, which sets them apart from the other buildings.


Special Gem Promo

In case you want to speed things up, there is also a new gem promo to take part in, but it will only last 3 days so get to clicking…or don’t.  Up to you!


Overall I like this event quite a bit.  I like that anyone can participate regardless of how far you are in the story and I think the addition of fun Fall buildings and decor is worth taking the time to jump into the game.

If anything, I think that this game could borrow DMK’s special coloring and top of the list features for Event related quests.  Other than that this is a super easy to jump into update and should do well with anyone who’s drifted away and hardcore fans alike!


Oh Gaston, what are you even talking about?  Anyway, how are you guys liking the event?  Will it be getting you back into the game or are you a long time player happy for new content?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Interesting update, thank you! I found this one out of the blue when it updated too. So far all of my quests have been Frozen, maybe because it’s the first story I unlocked. Hoping to get to the B&B quests shown here soon!

    • They just disappeared, which is really disappointing, honestly. I thought they would convert at the end, or I would have spent more. :/

      • I’m so sad that my leaves disappeared, too! I had more of those than coins. I wouldn’t have collected as many if that were the case 😦

  2. I have two masks for every story except my third. do you know if every story has two masks and if so, who has the second one for Frozen?

  3. Ack, Tangled is my third story – who gets the second mask there? I just created Rapunzel’s mask tonight. I don’t have a lot of Tangled characters yet 😦

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