Disney Magical World 2 – Winnie the Pooh

Admittedly, I had thought that I would have written a lot more about this game already, but a couple things happened over the weekend that made that very difficult.  While I’d like to blame the releases of the new updates for the mobile Disney games I write about, I can’t, because the main reason I haven’t written more about Disney Magical World 2 is that I cannot seem to make myself stop playing it long enough to write about it.  It’s that good!  I’m obsessed.  I also have had a hard time distinguishing how to split things up for the sake of this blog as eventually everything and all the worlds sort of flow into each other.  So I’m going to try to focus mainly on one aspect or world per post and if you read the title here, you might already know that today we’re off to the Hundred Acre Woods.  We arrived midday by way of Balloon.


Hey guys!  I’m here.  In truth, these balloons actually kidnapped me.  I was innocent.  I SWEAR!!


If you read any of my posts from my replay of the original DMW, you’ll know that Winnie the Pooh world is one of my favorites as it is basically a big farm simulator.


I flew by Pooh Bear and helped him out as, he too, had been kidnapped by an innocent looking balloon.


We proceeded to take a walk through the Hundred Acre Wood, which thanks to some graphical upgrades is much larger and fuller than last time around.  Seriously, this place is huge and actually easy to get lost in.  There are characters in every corner and tons of items to harvest for the sake of making new food.  There’s also a balloon, which serves as a shortcut between the Cafe and the Woods.


We started to meet everyone in town, each character bringing their own slice of fun to the game.


I love Eeyore so much.  He will always and forever by one of my favorites.


The whole gang together, it was time to finally introduce myself.


Finally Rabbit asked me that question I’d been waiting for.  Gardening?  Don’t mind if I do!


Gardening is the best way to get materials for the cafe, but it is also fun to plant new seeds that you acquire through missions to see what you’ll get.  As you progress in the main story in Hundred Acre Woods, your garden grows so you can accommodate more foliage.


While I was out planting flowers, Pooh was planting himself in Rabbit’s house.


Yes Rabbit, sometimes bad things happen to good Rabbits.


Inevitably, we all had to work together to free Pooh Bear.


Then we got to meet some new residents, Kanga and Roo.  Everyone was very mistrustful of them so we did what any rational person does when they don’t trust someone…


We made them a bouquet.  Okay, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it was a nice way to welcome them to the neighborhood.


All together and happy once more, I decided we needed a cafe party to celebrate.


So I invited Pooh and Piglet to do some wicked dance moves and really tear the place up.


Pooh really does not how to move those feet, which was a big surprise to me.


We finished up with a photo to commemorate the event.


But I think all that time with Winnie the Pooh and friends got to me as I decided to head into dream land and meet up with some Pooh friends there.  I flew in on a balloon of course.  Miley comes in like a wrecking ball.  I come in like a balloon.  That’s just the way it is.


Rabbit and I planted dream corn.


And Eeyore made sure I knew it was only a dream by actually enjoying himself for once.


Maybe he was just happy that I found his tale.


I went bouncing with Tigger for one of my favorite screenshots so far.


And finished up with a roll in the Honey with Pooh Bear.  Not a bad dream at all.  But I was so excited about throwing that party, that I decided to throw another one the next day.  This time for some friends from the Candy Kingdom.


And then we danced.  Let me tell you, watching Ralph Dance is HILARIOUS!


This game has got me so hooked and there’s only more waiting around the next corner.  After all, I found a certain someone sun bathing on my beach.


And together we took off towards our next adventure.


I am really enjoying this game and would love to show off anything from the game you guys are interested in.  Have a favorite character you’d like to see?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to make it happen!

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  1. Wow it’s crazy how far you’ve progressed in this game! I’m SO far behind! I have so much to look forward to! Love the musical numbers in the game,… they make me happy! Also, I love Winnie the Pooh, so I can’t wait to go to that world! I didn’t read this article cause I don’t want to ruin any surprises, .. I already saw most of the pictures so…

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