Marvel Tsum Tsum – Tips and Strategies

Carl Li has put together an amazingly comprehensive tips and tricks post on Marvel Tsum Tsum complete with all characters so far. If you are playing the game, I highly suggest checking it out!

KCRRLives! - The Personal Blog of Carl K. Li

What You’ll Find Here:

General Tips, ‘How To’ get Orbs, Energy, Iso-8, High Score, Ranking Rewards, and suggestions on Tsum Tsum teams for the various MissionsBattles, and 3 Star goals.

Note: My suggestions are based on a few possible factors: Stats, descriptions of Skills, Specials, and Abilities, game-play experience, theory, or other sources.


Tsums in this post INCLUDES up to the Madame Masque Update, October 10, 2016.

Check back for updates with new characters and adjustments with further experience and information.

To Be Added Soon:
Black Cat
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)
Iron Spider – quick note,.. he’s got pretty good stats!!  Will add him soon!!

Feel free to add me for co-op battles.
I play all the time, and will send Energy!  Let me know if I’m full I will see if…

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