Disney Magic Kingdoms – Are Costumes Coming?

Wow, this is just shaping up to be a super crazy news day for DMK!  Only moments ago I posted about their first teaser, only to have a new teaser thrust upon us.  Take a look below to check it out.


A while back there was a leak from the game files that a costume shop was coming to the game.  Now, I don’t typically post about leak’s from these things because they are constantly subject to change and who knows if any of it will ever come to fruition.  That being said, this seems to be leading towards the idea that, much like in Disney Enchanted Tales, we could be collecting items in order to dress up our characters with fun new costumes, which I would guess, will give them all new quests for the season and for the costume. It looks like the first costume we’ll be making will be for one M. Mouse.


Halloween in the parks is a time of fun costumes and dressing up as you attend and so it makes sense that this event would center around this idea.  It’s interesting to wonder just who we’ll get to dress up.


In addition, if the new characters we get are timed, we may be looking at a lot of things to accomplish which would lead me to wonder just how long this event could go.  I think one thing is certain though, we’re about to have a new place on Main Street to check in on.


So what do you guys think?  What costumes do you want to see and who do you want to dress up the most?  Are you excited for this possible development?  This could be a game changer for sure!  I, for one, am thrilled.

You can still support this DMK event by going to their Official Thunderclap Page

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  1. I am, maybe fitting to halloween, afraid very afraid. How long will this event take and are they going to use those horrible chests? If so I think it is going to be nearly impossible to get it all and that would take the fun out of the game really fast. So I keep hoping the event has enough time and they please please please leave the chests out.

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