Frozen Free Fall – Icy Shot First Impressions

I never played the first Frozen Free Fall, so when I heard that people were gearing up for a sequel of sorts, I didn’t really understand why.  Look, I love Frozen, but it never is the thing to get me to try a game.  But, being that this site does a fair bit of talking about Disney Mobile Games, I thought it only right for me to check out Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot.  Yet, what really surprised me isn’t that I downloaded it or that I gave it a try.  What surprised me were the fantastic production values and the legitimately interesting physics puzzling that I found here.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Icy Shot wastes no time in throwing you right into the puzzling.  The game knows what you came for and it’s quick to get to the point.  As you point a snowball at various icy structures, you’ll be trying to complete objectives while getting as many points as possible.  In many ways, it starts off feeling like a Price is Right game.  Yet all the while, as you learn to play this little physics game, the cast of Frozen is egging you on in beautiful animation off to the sides of the screen.


And this is where Icy Shot really makes a first impression, because it all looks and sounds so good.  I wanted to give it a chance simply because so much work was put into the production.  The Frozen music plays in the background and the characters and the voices all sound very legit.


The puzzley nature of the game amps up pretty quickly and even by the 4th and 5th puzzles I found myself really trying to pinpoint each of my moves so that I could be efficient as humanly possible.  Luckily, the game responds really well and allows you to have the precision you are hoping for.


The puzzles also seem to vary and mix things up pretty quickly so it doesn’t seem as though you’ll be getting bored or used to one type of puzzle very quickly.  This is great because it really made me want to see what was the crazy trick I’d be trying to pull off at the next level.




There are also fun rewards along the way as well as leaderboards by level to help see how you stack up against your friends!


Icy Shot is a bit more thinky than some other Disney games, and I like that there’s a bit of challenge and thought that i was asked to put into trying to beat these levels.  The production values are top notch and the puzzles seem varied enough that it will keep fans entertained for quite a while.  I will say that you probably have to be a Frozen fan to really get into this one, but even if you aren’t and you just like interesting trials which give your brain a workout, give this one a SHOT.  See what I did there?  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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