Disney Magic Kingdoms Launches New Community Event

After last week’s very cool Instagram teaser of the moon, and Twitter’s slightly less cool moon emoji post, it seems we are now at the start of a brand new community driven event much like The Incredibles.  Using the power of Thunderclap, you can now show your support for DMK via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Unlike The Incredibles Event, we know that there are five sneak peeks but we don’t know what they are.  With The Incredibles we knew exactly what to expect with each goal.  Here, it’s anyone’s guess.


We can also safely assume that this update will not be dropping in the next 14 days, as that is how long this event is going on.  Interestingly it will end on October 14, when Disney Magical World launches.  That is sure to be a very Disney-rific day!

Follow the links below to show your support and let me know what you hope we get this time around in the comments!

Official Thunderclap Page

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  1. If it’s like The Incredibles event, we’ll have from October 14th – Halloween day to acquire all the characters and attractions. Then again, this event may be handled in a totally different way. Whatever it is, we at least have time to accumulate as many gems and magic before the 14th. I’m sure we’ll need them.

    • Gems – whe will probably need that
      Magic – we may have an event currency (making magic unnecessary for the event)

      If it starts on October 14, if it’s as big as the Incredibles, we’ll probably have at least 2 weeks past Halloween.

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