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Elena of Avalor – Prince Too Charming

“Why did the cookie go to the doctor?  Because he felt Crumby!!!”  After weeks of waiting, the new episode of Elena of Avalor has graced us with its presence.  I’m a bit confused as to why it has taken so many week’s in between episodes, but according Twitter, that should all be mended soon.  So was the new episode worth the wait?  Was there magic and good lessons to be learned?  Did I squeal when an owl appeared on the screen?  Did Eeyore guest star??? Let’s take a look and find out the answers to these questions and more!


Princess Elena – taking the lead for every Princess before her who never had the chance to dip a prince of their own.


Unlike the last episode which was full of action and took the story to new heights, this episode was a bit on the smaller scale.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Episodes that aren’t quite as epic give us time to really get to know our characters.  This time around, we were focusing on Elena and her handy guard Gabe, who was along for one interesting ride.  The two of them headed to another kingdom to help come up with a spot for a bridge to link the two.  A noble effort.  Unfortunately, Elena is forced to work with Alonso, the King’s deadbeat son, and heir to the thrown.  Alonso is all about having fun, slacking off, and making faces which indicate that he should have been born in the age of the selfie.


Seriously, all this guy’s Instagram pictures are of him making the same face. 

In the process, we get to learn a little bit about the legends of this kingdom.  Despite being told the dangers, Alonso convinces Elena to pick a spot for the bridge that is on somewhat sacred ground.  He then convinces her to go enjoy the day by having a picnic and dancing.  Because seriously, she works too hard.  I actually really like that Elena falls for the trick of leaving her duty to go relax.  At the end of the day, as much as I love Elena, I like that she has some flaws and that every once and a while she is going to make a wrong choice.  Only through poor choices can someone learn and grow, and Elena does so with grace and style.


Prince Too Charming – Guest Starring Eeyore!

While Alonso and Elena are eating grapes under a tree and Gabe is riding Eeyore cross country, the might wooden creature, the Yacalli awakens and, very politely, threatens to destroy everything should the workers not stop digging up his land.  They refuse to stop the digging so the Yacalli, very courteously, BREAKS EVERYTHING!!!  I actually really enjoyed the running gag of the Yacalli being incredibly friendly, yet also causing havoc.  It was a good gag that never outstayed its welcome.


From Christopher Nolan comes a new action packed thriller:  WoodMan: The Wood Knight Rises.  

The lesson here is partially about how one shouldn’t slack off until their work is done, but it is also a story of Elena teaching Alonso that he is a servant of the people.  His job is to do everything in his power to make sure they are safe.  In creating new homes for the baby owls, or Buhito’s, which were destroyed, she once again proves that creativity and cunning are much better ways to combat a problem than violence or running away.  Elena is a character who never gives up and always looks for a solution even in the most desperate of times.  She’s also unafraid to admit when she’s made a mistake.  While Alonso is pointing fingers, she takes responsibility so that the healing process can begin.


Safe and sound, the Buhitos are now free to grow up strong so that they may one day deliver mail to wizards at Hogwarts. 

Was this my favorite episode so far?  Probably not.  But even so it was very solid and got quite a few chuckles out of me.  The lessons are still very relevant and I don’t feel like the same story is being rehashed.  I’m still loving learning about this world and the mythology within it.  As a few asides, I think we have to bring up Gabe and Elena.  Those two are totally into each other.  And if they’re not, they will be.  I feel it.  Or maybe I just think they would make a great couple.  I like that he’s “always got her back.”  Also, is it just me or was the Yacalli based on Link’n Logs?  Elena of Avalor continues to be fantastic and I will once again say that I really hope we get to see a full story arc begin to build that brings the season together.  If you have kids and they like princesses even a little, or if you want them to have a good show with lots of good lessons to learn, then get on this one ASAP!


In the Tikki Tikki Tikki Room…

For more Elena of Avalor, head here. 




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