10 times Disney Enchanted Tales was as Cute as a Button

If you’re like me then you absolutely despise tomatoes…but also, you’ve probably been spending this week delighting in the new Disney game, Disney Enchanted Tales.  From its lush artwork to its fun character driven stories to its sheep, this game screams “LOOK AT ME!  I’M ADORABLE!” like a toddler in a tiara.  Today I thought we’d take a closer look at moments that make this game as cute as a button and then some.


1 – Belle Reading to the Sheep

This is one that many folks caught early on including myself.  When tasked with reading a book, Belle heads on over to the fountain and proceeds to read to sheep friends.  Now this is already cute mind you, but we said the criteria was that it had to be cute as a button, the standard by which all cuteness is measured.  Continue to watch and you’ll see Belle offer the book to the sheep, showing her the page she’s on.  This raises the cuteness meter by about 80 points, or so a scientist was explaining to me.  Watch even longer and Bell will turn the book and offer it to you, the player, inviting you to read with her.  Not only does this invite the player to be more involved, it also rewards players who are patient and take the time to take a breath and enjoy the fun.


2 – The Quilt Kingdom

Something that adds to the cuteness no matter where you are in your land of enchantment is the quilted theme.  The entire game is laid out on a bed and as you play, it’s as if you are quilting a world of your very own.  But take a closer look and you’ll find that this theme permeates the minute details of every building.  In fact, stitch marks make it seems as though the buildings themselves are sewn into the very fabric of your bed.  Not only that, but notice the stitching on the roof, showing that every part of your little world was hand crafted with care.


3 – The Quilted Sheep

I’m just going to leave this picture here, as I think the cuteness in this case requires no explanation.


4 – The Sewing…er…Loading Screen

Right from the moment you turn on the game, it shows off its little details by essentially ‘sewing’ you in.  While it is a minor detail, the little thread and needle lends to the overall world and really goes to show that the little additions that make this game special are in every aspect right from the very start.


5 – Anna Jumps in the Paintings

Granted, there are a lot of moments taken straight out of the films, but this is one of them, like Belle and the sheep, that is so well done, it deserves to be watched in its entirety.  Ana spending her time waiting for something magical to happen by framing herself in paintings after leaping from sofas is a shot by shot remake of the scene from the film and fans are sure to be delighted watching her gleefully jump this way and that.


6 – Anna and Hans Meet

While we’re on the subject of great moments from the films, I love the boat scene of Anna and Hans meeting.  Its another scene that really welcomes you to watch it all play out.  The meet and then go through a series of falls due to the boat’s poor balance.  Despite Hans being an uber jerk later on, it’s a cute scene to watch and manages to have a particularly long series of animations before it starts over.


7 – The Spooky Eyes

Once you place the dark forest, you’ll notice that there are several pairs of spooky eyes peering out at you.  But while they may be spooky to Phillipe and Maurice, I find them downright adorable.  I mean, let’s be honest, they’re probably all quilted bunnies, right?  And to be fair, the look more afraid of us than we are of them.


8 – Anna plays with the Geese

Okay, this one is fairly similar to Belle and the sheep, but once you build the garden, you can watch Anna play with baby geese and again, make sure to watch for a while, because eventually she will hold up a baby goose to show you.  Yes Anna!  They are cute!  You don’t have to prove it to me!!!


9 – Gaston and the Bookseller Match Wits

While there are a lot of great moments from the movies, there are also plenty of moments that feel like deleted scenes.  One in particular is when you send Gaston to play chess with the Bookseller.  While not having anything to do with the films, it is a very cute scene that involves them playing the game, only to find that Gaston is terrible at it, at which point he handles it the Gaston way, by throwing all the pieces onto the ground in a huff.


10 – Mother Gothel and Rapunzel go Grocery Shopping

While I don’t have any Tangled characters yet, I was able to snag this one from Carl, as he was wise to get characters I don’t have yet.  In one particular quest, Mother Gothel grabs a bag of supplies and then calls to Rapunzel to lower her hair, which she then rides up and then back down to get another bag.  What I love about this is watching them do it over and over again.  Something about Mother Gothel only carrying one bag at a time and making Rapunzel work hard the whole time just makes a lot of sense.  I also love how precise all of her gestures are.  Even as a little chibi character, she still manages to be extra sassy.


If you can’t tell, I am LOVING this game so far.  It is just super adorable and the customization of how you make your world look is fantastic.  My big hope for the future is to be able to visit my friends’ towns and invite them into mine.  What is your favorite cute moment in the game?  Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I am going to live vicariously through you for this one as it seems my entire existence has been taken up by Disney Magic Kingdoms, Disney Emoji Blitz, and now Kingdom Hearts Unchained. I have to draw the line somewhere, and apparently I draw that line at quilting.

    • Haha. If you really want to feel stressed. Play all of them AND write about them 😉 you’ll be pulling your hair out and frothing at the mouth in no time.

  2. This is the only Disney game I’m playing if you exclude Crossy Road which is just a tad more time-demanding than Neko Atsume, so you get the picture 😉
    I went all me over the holidays and started a blog about Enchanted Tales so that I can help fellow (actual) needleworkers who just discovered it as well as players who were trying to figure out the Winter Holiday Event. Loved this post, wish I came across your blog sooner! Happy quilting!

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