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Today we got a cryptic message on Facebook which lead to a cryptic image on Instagram from the DMK squad.  Rumors have been circulating the Pirates of the Caribbean would soon be ARRRRRiving in the Kingdom, and today’s post seems to confirm such a fact.  However, it doesn’t say which pirates exactly.  While the rumors seem to suggest they would be of the Caribbean nature, I think it’s only reasonable that we should take a look at Disney pirates and see who might be out candidates for Pirate of the Kingdom come the next update and the (hopeful) opening of Adventureland.


The DMK squad is researching pirates by wearing eye patches.  That’s all it takes, right?

First thing’s first.  If you don’t follow DMK on Instagram, get on over there and do that now.

Now without further ado, let’s check out the booty you came for.  No, not my booty.  Ma’am, please stop staring.  Thank you.

Peter Pan Pirates


While those Caribbean pirates might take the center spotlight, I think we’d all be excited to see some Peter Pan characters jump in to help out poor Tinkerbell.  After all, she mostly sits at home or investigates the castle for the nineteenth time today.  Don’t you think she’d like some company?

After all, not only do we have Smee, The Lost Boys, Wendy and her brothers to add.  Peter Pan also comes equipped with one of the best pirates of all time, Captain Hook!  I would personally love to add the crocodile to the mix as well.  His quests could include such fun things as “Eat Captain Hook,” “Eat Churros,” and “Eat Extra Benches you Have no Need for but Still have 98 of.”

Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates


Let’s just get it out of the way.  Since info ‘leaked’ last week, everyone has been positive that Jack Sparrow and crew would be joining the Kingdom.  While this is still not confirmed by Gameloft, I have to say that it seems like the most obvious choice.  With a new film on the way and the fact that Jack Sparrow running around like a madman in our kingdom would be the bees knees, it only seems logical.

What I like about this possibility is that it means that many other live action stories could join us in the future.  With an addition of these Pirates, the door seems to be bursting open for things like Marvel and Star Wars to join the fray.  Let’s be honest, I just want to Welcome BB-8, and this is one step closer to that.

I think it’s safe to say that we would get Jack, Will and Elizabeth.  The interesting question is who would be the villain?  I think Davy Jones is the obvious choice, but I could also see them going old school with Barbossa.  Let’s be real though, Barbossa will probably be the “Buy it with gems” character in the mix.

If anything, all I ask is that Jack’s whole quest isn’t just looking for Rum for a week.  Characters looking for one thing all week is super lame.  (I’m looking at you Cinderella!  Just go buy another pair of shoes!!!)

Treasure Planet Pirates


If Gameloft really wanted to troll us, these would be the pirates that would enter the mix.  While Treasure Planet did not fair well at the box office, it still manages to have some of the coolest pirate designs ever.  With lots of tech to make them extra creepy, Treasure Planet pirates are the Batmen of the Pirates universe.  It would certainly be interesting for sure, and it might even make people watch this flawed, yet surprisingly underrated film.

Original Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates


The Disney historian in me swoons at the thought of this one.  What if it IS Pirates of the Caribbean BUT it has a focus on characters from the ride instead!  At the very least, I think the ride has to be in there somewhere, and so help me, if this dog does not get a cameo, I might just die a little on the inside.  Let’s be honest, most of on the inside is already dead.  I don’t even cry at Bambi anymore.  Ohhh, I’d pay gems for Bambi’s Mom!  Where were we?

Oh right.  Just think.  We could recruit wenches and pirates and the town drunk!  Yo-ho yo-ho, I would love to see some of these lesser known, but incredibly important Pirates join my Kingdom.

Muppet Treasure Island Pirates


Muppet Treasure Island Pirates can be summed up in two sentences for me.  The Pirates I want the most in my game AND The Pirates that will absolutely NOT be in my game.  Let’s face it.  Of all these pirates, this is the one that is the most of a longshot, but oh man, if I could recruit Captain Kermit and Tim Curry as a Pirate, I think I could die happily.  Literally, that is where my hopes and dreams for this life end.  Is that sad?  I don’t really know.  Anyway, I think the best we can hope for is maybe getting Muppets, ANY Muppets someday in the future.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it.  Those are all the pirates you could hope for in the next update.  No word on when that update will happen yet, but I would imagine it will be in the next couple of weeks.  Which Pirates would you be most excited to set sail with?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. about a week ago I had to send in a ticket for the game (parade cool-down timer was having a melt down) and at the bottom of the FAQ questions on the page was two questions about Pirates of the Caribbean…those questions are gone now but maybe those characters will be next? I can so see Barbossa being the one we have to spend gems on…or maybe Jack the monkey!!! I personally want Jack the monkey

  2. I would love to see Pan and Hook join Tinkerbell, but Jack Sparrow would be fun too. I’m stoked for an update. This little break has allowed me to get all of my characters up to Level 10 (except Cinderella with the never-ending shoe hunt) which is awesome, but I’m just about out of things to do! Gimme an update! 🙂

  3. Spoiler: New content was discovered in the game files.

    The complete list of Pirates are all from Pirates of the Caribbean. Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Govenor Weatherby Swann, James Norrington, Captain Barbossa, Davey Jones, Joshamee Gibbs, Pintel, Ragetti
    Davey Jones will be the area’s boss battle.

  4. I wouldn’t mind the Pirate Fairy. She’d be even better company for Tinker Bell, and Hook was part of that storyline as well.

    Speaking of Bambi and his mom, and having just caught up on your “Pete’s Dragon” review today, I remember when we saw the film that I leaned over to my boyfriend after the opening car accident and whispered, “Bambi’s revenge!”

      • I’m *almost* caught up. I skipped the Studio Ghibli posts for today, but will get to those soon. I’ve seen maybe one Ghibli film in my life (don’t judge me!), so I’m not going to have much point of reference, but maybe they’ll pique my interest enough to get me going on fixing that (seriously, tone down the judgement). I also have to catch up on Carl’s blogs.

  5. I personally think it has to be Peter Pan & co. For starters, I always found it strange how Tink was the only character out of that Classic Disney group! Second, and I could be wrong, but if they make POTC characters look like their live-action alter egos, I’m pretty sure they have to pay the actors a hefty sum for using their faces. That’s the real reason Giselle from Enchanted isn’t included in the official Disney Princess roster.

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