Disney Magic Kingdoms – Enchanted Chests 101


Hello all!  Today we got a lovely video from Gameloft which I think perfectly sums up Enchanted Chests and how to get them/ how to use them.  The video, in case you missed it on Facebook, is linked below.

Of course, opening these chests helps you to find lots of goodies.  Everything from decorations to character tokens as well as Splash Mountain and gems can be found in these chests.


If you’re still having trouble finding chests I suggest that you click the link below to go straight to my page with every known location so far!

Where to Find Enchanted Chests!

I actually wrote a long post about my feelings about how negative folks had been about this update and the chests.  I had it all written, and just deleted it.  I’m not going to tell you not to be angry, or to be angry.  All I’m going to say is that eventually everyone will get Prince Charming.  It might not be right this second, but it will happen.  Instead of writing a long post, I’ll simply give the advise I gave during The Incredibles event.  HAVE FUN!

Games are meant to be played for enjoyment.  Enjoy the ride.  Enjoy the journey.  Guess what!  Those of you who get the gloves a whole week later are going to feel an even greater sense of joy and awesomeness when you finally find them.  It’s going to be so great.  You’ll throw your phone in the air and do a happy dance, which will only be slightly awkward since you’ll be at work or on the toilet or on the toilet at work.

I sincerely wish you all the best of luck in finding the items in the chests that you seek.  And if you don’t get them today, there is always tomorrow.  Enjoy the adventure of getting there and I promise the game will be that much more fun.

I love the bronze chests out of all of you.  Is that a metaphor?  Who knows.  Either way, Have an amazing weekend!

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    • I’m still waiting to find some gloves. I only recently started playing, even though I downloaded it ages ago. Fingers crossed! Really hope I find some gold or platinum chests soon, because they aren’t in the bronze or silver ones… 😦

  1. I still haven’t gotten the gloves but I’m still on the hunt…I try to focus on all the other things I need to do and not get hung up on the gloves. ( I am trying to welcome Sleeping Beauty and Donald)

  2. I haven’t gotten any chests at all for the whole day. Well, I got one from an attraction but not the ones that were just showing up hidden in the landscape.

  3. I find plenty of chests. I’ve found several gold chests but gotten decorations. I finally found a platinum chest and was so excited, but it gave me another decoration (decorations are useless.) so I gave up and decided to buy a platinum chest and I got…ANOTHER decoration. It’s incredibly frustrating to spend that amount of gems and still not be assured of something good. All I want are the gloves to get charming.

  4. Honestly, if there was a mechanic to sell unwanted decorations, the chests would be less annoying pre-Charming.

  5. I finally got the first set of gloves!!!!!! I opened a gold chest I found yesterday this morning and about jumped out of my chair because I’d been waiting so long to get the gloves!!!!

  6. Still waiting for anything good out of the chests. I average 4 chests a day and have only gotten one gold and one platinum since the event started. Of course I got a decoration from each. It’s getting beyond frustrating now. It isn’t just a week any more, it’s going on and on for some of us. I finally broke down and bought 3 platinum chests…to get 3 more decorations. Ugh!

    • Pretty much the same here. I’ve gotten two each gold and platinum, and all that’s come out of them is a horrible topiary, and 3 other things I can get through regular character tasks. Super disappointing.

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