Disney Magic Kingdoms – Where to Find Enchanted Chests

Hunting for Enchanted Chests has quickly taken hold as the new way to spend time in Disney Magic Kingdoms.  Much like searching for Pokemon in Pokemon GO, chests can be literally anywhere.  This is something I learned very quickly after deciding to put this post together.

For this article, I reached out to the amazing DMK community and asked them to send me photos of every chest they found.  What I got back was overwhelming to say the least.  I simply had no idea of the sheer amount of locations where chests were hiding in the game.  I found myself gasping at the randomness of some of these locations.  I simply couldn’t believe it.

As such, you will see folks mentioned under each photo as a way of thanking them for their help.  To those who sent in photos, even if they aren’t listed here, as I got several duplicate locations, I just want to give a huge Thank You because Wow, what a wonderful response.  You guys are simply outstanding and constantly remind me why I love writing this blog so much!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at where all these dastardly chests are hiding.  Jump to the bottom of the post for a little more info on Chests.

Once Per Day Train Chest

MS - Lauren Labonte

Thanks to Lauren Labonte

This chest is dropped off my the train once per day so you can always be guaranteed at least one.

Main Street and Castle Area

The Main Street ones are probably the most obvious.

MS - Gina Bennett

Thanks to Gina Bennett

MS - Heather Morgan

Thanks to Heather Morgan

MS - Marnie Tulloch

Thanks to Marnie Tulloch

MS - Larraine Seifert

Thanks to Larraine Seifert

MS - Kalena Hansen

Thanks to Kalena Hansen


Frontier Land Entrance

These can be anywhere from right in front of the entrance to the closed off part of the park to the outskirts in front of the park.

FRL - Greta Nicole

Thanks to Greta Nicole

FRL - Kerry-Anne O'Neill

Thanks to Kerry-Anne O’Neill

FRL - Frankie Bowhay

Thanks to Frankie Bowhay

FRL - Gina Bennett

Thanks to Gina Bennett

Toon Town – Left Side of California Screamin’

Once again, super easy-peasy to find.

TT - Greta Nicole

Thanks to Greta Nicole

TT - Heather Morgan

Thanks to Heather Morgan

Incredibles Row – Right Side of California Screamin’

Here we start to see them finding their way to the outskirts, ending up on hills at the edge of the park and all along the far side of the park, near the camp and the scarecrow.

TT - Monica Nogmo Lee

Thanks to Monica Nogmo Lee

TT - Rachel Marks

Thanks to Rachel Marks

TT - Stephanie Frick

Thanks to Stephanie Frick

TT - Lori Beth Carson

Thanks to Lori Beth Carson

Tomorrow Land – Unlocked Land

Only one that I’ve seen in this area so far, yet with the right amount of attractions this one could be tricky to find.

TL - Michelle Leigh

Thanks to Michelle Leigh

TL - Jeff Wanczyk

Thanks to Jeff Wanczyk

Tomorrow Land – Locked Areas

These are probably the worst.  They can be all the way across the river, where no one would think to look.  If you have been searching for a while and haven’t found anything, try these tricky locales.

TL - Jennifer Smith

Thanks to Jennifer Smith

TL - Becky Stacy

Thanks to Becky Stacy

TL - Amy Humphries

Thanks to Amy Humphries

TL - Laura Farrar

Thanks to Laura Farrar

TL - Barb Kuchar

Thanks to Barb Kuchar

TL - Natalie Fantasia

Thanks to Natalie Fantasia

TL - Lauren Labonte

Thanks to Lauren Labonte

This one made me gasp.

TL - Meredith Jones

Thanks to Meredith Jones

TL - Steve Dorsett

Thanks to Steve Dorsett

Fantasy Land – Unlocked Areas

These seem to lay at the South corner where the Alice in Wonderland section is.

FL - Michelle Biondolillo

Thanks to Michelle Biondolillo

FL - Becky Stacy 2

Thanks to Becky Stacy

Fantasy Land – Locked Areas

These are just about as bad as those found in the locked Tomorrow Land areas.  You’ll have to go to the very edge of the map to find some of them.

FL - Becky Stacy

Thanks to Becky Stacy

FL - Anne Meyer Balderson

Thanks to Anne Meyer Balderson

FL - Mom

Thanks to my Mom, Kim Headley

FL - Amanda Warf Arnold

Thanks to Amanda Warf Arnold


Thanks to Krissy Rosta 

FL - Frankie Bowhay

Thanks to Frankie Bowhay

Chest Drops From Characters/ Attractions

As far as I can tell, the chest drops from attractions and character interactions are COMPLETELY RANDOM and could happen at any time from any attraction so click away friends.  Click away.

What Happens When You Fill Up Your Chest Reserves

Once you have filled up your chest reserves, you’ll be asked to either pay gems to open one, or discard one.  Luckily, you can pick which chest to open/drop.

The gem cost is:

Bronze – 12 gems
Silver – 24 gems
Gold – 36 gems

chest filled - Emma Eustice

Thanks to Emma Eustice

chests filled - Christine Schuman

Thanks to Christine Schuman

Thank You!!!

Once again, thank you to all the folks who contributed to this post.  I was absolutely floored by the love and support given to my outreach for this post.  If you are playing DMK and want to join the conversation, I’d like to recommend three excellent Facebook groups who do a great job of sharing info!  Do yourself a favor and just join all of them!

Disney Magic Kingdoms
Club DMK
Disney Magic Kingdoms Fans

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  1. Hallo, from Holland. I’m a great fan from you’re blogg. Thnx for a lot of tips and trics. Sorry for my english.

  2. I have no chests and it doesn’t show any to be found. Any ideas why? I’ve only had 8 total

  3. Thank you so much Jaysen for all of your efforts. They’re most appreciated. I’ve had no trouble finding the chests, but almost all that I’ve found have been Bronze, with the exception of 2 Silvers. Are there any Gold or Platinum to be found?

  4. Thanks again for posting such great info as usual! It is as always so helpful and appreciated!!

    I am having such a hard time with these chests. I don’t buy gems so I can only them as I get them as rewards for playing. Just before this update I spent all of my gems on Merryweather so I have no gems to spend on Platinum chests. I have been finding tons of bronze, a few silver and only one gold so far. Sadly the gold one that I found had a decoration inside so I can’t find Prince Charming yet…. It’s sad. I keep hoping to find another gold chest or a platinum one so I can try for the gloves again…

    • You can get gems for free… It’s not much at a time but if you click on the little cinema near your entrance, you can watch like a 30 second video and get a gem each time… I think you can only watch 2 videos every few hours but gems build up, I’m up to 312 doing this

    • Nope. I realized the pop up it was in regards to was merely delayed so I pulled it down. Don’t want to misinform you guys 🙂

  5. I have been trying for charming for ever!!! I finally got the one set of gloves, but now getting another one is excruciating! I want to welcome Cindy, but dropping cash on platinum chests isn’t going to happen. I have been waiting on Donald for at least two weeks and am now only two hats away! Thanks for the pics. I knew they had to be hiding in the darkness/unlocked, but they were VERY well hidden!

  6. Okay, I just need to know how you are getting so many potions. At some point I stopped looking at the chest and looking at your potion count and went holy crap, I need to be at this level. We play on the computer (should have downloaded this stupid game onto a laptop or surface, something portable, but nooooo) and just cant be at it all day. We are seriously trying to figure how to remote access our computer at home. Any tips on how to up our potion count would be great. While we sleep thats when we do the long tast 8 hours plus. We have a farm of hats. I know people did the burger stands, but the hats regenerate every hour and that was more feasible for us. We boost our count by 20k a day doing that, but downside is it leaves you land locked to put other things in the park when they come available

  7. Omg, thank you! The chest I couldn’t find (for days) was the one that made you gasp from Meredith Jones. Unbelieveable! Thanks for the help! (Disney folks- check out my Instagram- Pixiedust3126)

  8. I’m having mixed feelings on the chests. I think they’re a fun addition to the game, but I really don’t have space for all the decorations I keep getting, and really, who needs 30 log benches or 10 Mining Jewel Displays? It would be nice if you could sell or exchange decorations for potions or jewels – even if you only got a discounted rate for selling them back.

    • Visit Merlin, he creates a concoction with them and you do have to pay with potions to get his elixir, but those are good for other things.

  9. I did too this morning. Don’t know if this will happen more often but l hope it does, or at least until obtaining Splash Mountain.

  10. Omg! I have been searching all day for 1 chest! Thanks to you, I know to look even in areas that are still cursed! It was driving me mad!

  11. Weird, I have Tomorrowland and Toontown but my chests ONLY appear in Toontown, not anywhere else. At least it’s easier for me to find.

  12. Whenever a chest is not at the front of or around Main Street, I scroll around at the far edges circling the entire Magic Kingdom. This works for most of my searches. Hope that helps.

  13. Thank you so much! I didn’t realize that the chests could be in the unlocked areas and was getting frustrated when I couldn’t find one.

  14. I have literally searched all of those areas and more and I just can’t find this chest it says I have. I have been trying to find for 3 days and am starting the think that it’s a glitch or something.

  15. I’ve been trying to find a chest for 3 days! Finally found it in the far right corner, for the first time ever in an area I haven’t unlocked yet. Your post was very helpful. In the exact same spot as one of these screenshots!

  16. I’ve been trying to find a chest for 3 days! Didn’t realize they could spawn in locked areas. I was only looking in the unlocked areas. It was in the exact same location as one of the screenshots. Thank you for your time and effort, This was so helpful!

  17. Omg thank you for this i been trying to find it for AGES! and it was on the grassy area behind tommorowland, the one where you said “this one made me gasp” haha

  18. When your on the chest screen in the lower right corner there is a chest and it say 50’000 magic. I clicked on it and it too my 50,000 magics and nothing happened. Shouldn’t I have gotten a cheetbto open? Anyone else’s tried this? Thanks

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