Disney Mix – First Impressions

Yesterday, I did a quick post to announce that the long awaited chatting app, Disney Mix, had finally hit the app store and that you should download it.  I’ll be honest, a lot of that was fueled by love of anything Disney and at least three cups of coffee.  I mostly lose count after three.  I wanted to take a moment to dive a little deeper with the app and let you know some of the features.  Last night I was lucky enough to get to play some games and send some emojis with friends (Some of you!) and I’ve come to realize that this little app, while simple for now, has a lot of potential!


What is it?

In case you missed yesterday’s article, Disney Mix is primarily a chatting app.  It’s designed around the premise that friends or family can chat in a safe space.  To uphold this belief, curse words are censored (Yes I tried) and private information is kept to a bare minimum.  At this point, the app doesn’t even match up with Facebook.  This is done in the hopes that you could in fact make new Disney friends, but give them very little info about yourself.  At this time, even video and picture modes are not officially released, though it seems they are coming.  What’s more important to the app’s existence is that, much like the popular chatting app, LINE, the messages you send here are free from your monthly phone bill, making them free, except for the usage of Cellular data, if you use the app off of wifi.


Much like the days of aol messenger, something this app does right is to let you send different animated GIFs.  Part of these actually end up being shown on your avatar.  I might send you a Happy animation and that, in turn, gets shown on the block head of my avatar.  The avatars are always moving and creating a nice animation on the screen, which makes the avatar experience seem very animated and lively.



I’ll be honest, the chatting features, while fun, are already available in other formats.  I mention LINE because at the end of the day, that is really this apps biggest competition.  That means that the app lives and dies on what other features it manages to provide.  Right now, the game selection is quite limited, BUT I will say that we had a lot of fun playing around with them and, while basic, are quite addictive as they allow you to interact with your friends in competitive, or silly ways.


In one of the most simplistic interactions, you can make a little fireworks show for your friends.  While it is easily the most basic of all the ‘games’, it was a cute way to start things off.


The Frozen game asks you to jump along ice blocks and try not to go the wrong way or mess up.  I think both of us found this to be the most fun as it really pushed us to get higher scores than each other and it definitely provided the most challenge of all the games.  We went back and forth several times with this one, trying to beat each other’s score.


In a Mario inspired platformer, the spikes game asks you to run and jump without losing lives.  While the game itself provides little to no challenge, it DOES allow you to create your own levels and that seems like a great way to interact with friends.  Make a zany level full of traps and dare someone to play it.  That alone makes this one a game that most folks will gravitate towards.


I’ll admit it, the Choose your fate! game, while also very simple, is quite hilarious.  Presented with several cards with different degrees of evil fates, you pick two and make your friend choose between them.  While I don’t see anyone playing this over and over, it’s a fun way to get to know someone and it has a lot of Disney characters, new and old.


In this cute little word game, you get to make up a word and then give a hint for your friend to guess it.  It’s a quick guessing game, but again, we had fun with it and it easily became addictive.


The app also comes loaded with a feature to make your own Memes, which, if you or your friends are funny, could end up being one of the best parts of the app.  I look forward to seeing lots of these guys.  Seriously, I want to see your best meme!  Let’s do this!

Official Accounts 

Disney Mix also allows you to follow official accounts, which is a neat way to receive news from the Disney-verse.  In this way, these channels can send out info that you might find interesting to keep you in the Disney loop.


Final Thoughts

Disney Mix has a lot of room to grow and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot of updates in the future.  In fact, for this game to survive, I think it NEEDS to update often.  If it can keep up with constantly adding new content, creating new games and finding ways to get players talking, this app has a real shot at cultivating a community.  Sure, there will be some wiggle room as people start to join and see what the app can do, but that’s where we, the players, come in.  And that leads me to this…


Seriously!  Let’s play a game or chat about Disney or Disney Magic Kingdoms or Emoji Blitz or whatever!  You can help me choose my fate!  Let’s do this.  Okay, calm down Jaysen.  You’re scaring people.  You can DOWNLOAD HERE! and then feel free to scan the QR code below in the Add Friends section or simply add my username: Kookamungakat.  I look forward to hearing from you on what you think of the app either here in the comments or on Disney Mix itself.



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  1. Hopefully they will be adding new content frequently, it definitely needs it. Thanks for the post! My username is YeaJ

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