Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcoming Cinderella and Finding Chests 

It was a tough day for everyone in the Kingdom.  But none so much as Prince Charming who spent the better part of the day making uncomfortable faces and searching far and wide for his beloved Cinderella.  Well, I am here to tell you that she has arrived and…well…he still seems sort of upset.  Let’s take a look.


Prince Charming seems to have a constant grouchy “I’ve been waiting for this table for ten minutes” look that is permanently plastered to his face.


Awww, but just look at him with his little shoe!  Be still my heart!

Welcome Cinderella

Shortly after opening up and placing the Carousel, which is a lovely little attraction, you’ll be asked to welcome Cinderella…ella…eh…eh… oh sorry, where were we?


Oh right, you want to know about her requirements for welcoming and who can help you attain her tokens.  Yes, yes, here we are.


Note that her shoe is legendary and the only one who can get it is Prince Charming.  The carriages are common and easy to grind every hour from the Prince.  The tough one ends up being the hats.  While most quests are relatively long, the best way to farm them is from the Fantasia Gardens and Fairways.


All of your hard work will be paid off as you welcome the lovely Cinderella…ella…ella…eh…eh.  STOP IT JAYSEN!  Oh right, you probably want a photo.



After Welcoming Cinderella

Cinderella starts things off by letting us know just how clumsy and forgetful she is.


But then Prince Charming finds the slipper…Umm, Prince Charming.  Psst.  You’re supposed to be holding a slipper.  Oh gosh, this is embarrassing.


Ummm, do you guys want me to leave…or…


Before long, you’ll be sending them to dance for a bit.  And that is where I’ve gotten up to this point.  Dancing the night away, probably losing more shoes.  It’s interesting to note that this storyline seems completely separated from everything else and does not progress the main story-line.


It’s just so beautiful.  I feel the tears.  Prince Charming has finally found Cinderella….ella….okay let’s move on.

Clean Sweep 

Remember when Clean Sweep was a thing?  Remember how we were not really feeling it, but then we got bots and everyone was like, “I’d rather have the brooms!”  Well this is all those people’s fault.


The magic brooms return, which would be fine but we’ve become spoiled, haven’t we.  We’ve become a people that searches for a button to tell us where they are, yet no button can be found and we cry to the heavens in despair.

The other trouble is that our Kingdoms are much bigger now than the last time we went through this.  This means that finding the brooms is a far more daunting task to be sure.  Yet somehow, some folks are still pulling through and keeping atop the leaderboards.  I for one, will not be searching high and low for these fellows.  I’ve got chests to find thank you very much.

New Icon for Tinkerbell

So this one is a little odd.  Someone managed to catch on that one of Tink’s tokens has gotten an upgrade.

Why this change was necessary, I’m not really sure, but I will say that the design of the new token is leaps and bounds prettier than the original fish bowl thing.  I like the idea that the artistry of the game can change and really gives me that vibe that the devs truly love and respect what they are doing.

More Fun with Enchanted Chests

As I continue to explore the Enchanted Chests, I’m noticing a few things I thought I’d share.

First off, they can be ANYWHERE!  Nothing is off limits here.  Even darkened “Coming Soon” zones are in play.


Special thanks to Krissy Rosta for this pic of a chest hiding in a very inconvenient spot.

The other thing to note is that while them seem to spawn every few hours, they also can randomly drop from completing quests or collecting on buildings.  This means that you will often get them when you least expect it and you are encouraged to send other characters on missions to get them.

I’ve also managed to unlock some fun new things.


I would buy this for my actual house.  It’s so adorable!


At long last, Pluto has a place to pee!


Oh…and this lamp…

New Wish Granters

It also turns out that Prince Charming, as well as Mike can now grant wishes, which means even more kids can be happy.  Also, can we talk about the kids who come to the park to meet Mother Gothel?  Should we be concerned?  Has anyone reached out to their parents?


Update Thoughts so Far

What I really love about this update is that there is a nice sense of wonder.  I feel compelled to play in order to find these chests.  I like the randomness of it, because it means that I never quite know what’s going to drop.  It’s a fun way to earn new rewards and manages to take away the sense that I can just buy everything and be done with it.  I LOVE being asked to search my Kingdom for the chests which hold surprises.  I’m looking at my park in new ways and discovering all its nooks and crannies.  More than anything I love that this mechanic of the chests has such great usage for the future of the game in giving this feel more and more as things are added to the chests.


Overall, while the update is certainly smaller than we had hoped, it introduces some hefty changes that will have great impacts down the line!

Today’s question is this:  Where is the weirdest place you’ve found a chest?  Let me know in the comments!

For more DMK, head here!


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  1. Well I’m glad you’re digging the chests. I on the other hand– not so much. I’m currently opening maybe my 11th one (purchased two). Literally all they’ve yielded are potions and a single decoration that I already had.

    Any tips for finding brooms when you have a pretty full kingdom? Those 8 were a lot easier to find with less space and less stuff.

  2. Thank you for all your posts! I find myself checking in frequently. As for this update, the one thing that I actually love is that they only added two Cinderella characters with one themed attraction. I know that sounds crazy, but If they continue to do it this way, we can see more movies/characters being represented. We all know the space is limited.. To be honest, I could have done without one or two of the Incredibles themed attractions.
    The only disappointment for me is that we still can’t expand the land. My park looks like a disaster. It’s confusing that we have so many Tomorrowland attractions and hardly any space in Tomorrowland. I’m hoping we see an expansion soon!

  3. Opened a golden chest and I got a MINE!! Where are my hands ? Great, most of the players got the hands in 1 try. Uhh, need to find other golden chests.

  4. Just some general question regarding the brooms. Any help and/advice welcome. 1) How many are generated per hour? 2) Looking at the leaderboard how is it possible to have found so many so soon? 3) How can I generate more? 4) I check in every hour or so, why then do I only have just over 100? 5) If, say, 8 are generated per hour do I have to find all 8 before another 8 are added or is it cumulative. Could I find 6 and then have another 8 added to find 20 when I next login? I really feel I’m not getting the most out of this. It’s not my favourite thing to do but I need the potions! Thanks in advance….💜X

  5. I’m equally annoyed by the chests. As someone who is trying NOT to spend any extra money on the game… I feel as though the deck is stacked against me for opening up Prince Charming or Cinderella. Its somewhat frustrating that the “chests” are the ONLY way to get the gloves. I’m on my second or third gold chest so far and have still only landed decorations. I too find little room for decorations by the time I squeeze all of the attractions and concessions in…(especially since the decorations only rotate to 2 positions. There are several places where I would like to position a bench in the opposite direction, but cannot). I’ve already had to spend gems on opening up an extra “progress/processing pad” to process the chests, when I’ve been trying to save those up to purchase attractions/characters. While I don’t mind getting the extra potions, and a decoration or so, I now have an extra three fire hydrants that I don’t need, an extra four or five lanterns, to which land I’m not sure they belong, and four log benches, which are cute, but again, seem to belong to a seven dwarfs mine train, which I don’t have

  6. I noticed the change in Tinkerbell’s token, but wasn’t sure if it was real or I was imagining it… thanks for the great blog posts 🙂

  7. Does any one know of any hiding spots for chests? I’ve got it saying I have 1 chest to find in my Kingdom and it is no where I’ve checked the whole of my kingdom that I have unlocked and it’s no where to be seen. I’m loving this game as a whole though but agree with everyone else with struggling to find the gloves I find it hard enough to get a good chest in the first place

  8. The only token I have left is Cinderella’s shoe and it’s taking forever to get it. How long did it take you?

  9. Is it just me or after u get PC and lvl him up no matter how much you farm you cant get cinderellas shoe? I have all items to welcome but that darn shoe!!

    • The show is a very rare drop. It’s not a glitch. Much like Donald’s items, it just takes a while to get.

  10. Whats happening after Cinderela and Prince Charming? There is nothing happening for a long time. I see merlin staying, but he doesn’t move and there are no quest?

  11. Whats happening after cinderella and prince charming are in the game. I see merlin staying, but he doesn’t move at all. And there are no quests? It’s become boring.

  12. How do I get more shoes for Cinderella? I have been trying for weeks now and cannot seem to get any. Do I have to level up charming to a high level for his chances to increase for getting shoes? This is kind of frustrating.

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