Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcoming Prince Charming and Opening Chests

Hello all!  Oh boy.  What seemed like a small update has ended up seeming like a lot of things all at once.  But that is a good thing in my opinion.  So let’s talk about all the fun things that have happened since this morning’s update.

Welcome Prince Charming

After you get that lovely pair of gloves from the chest, it’s time to welcome a most lovely prince to your Kingdom.

Photo Jul 29, 10 42 06 AM

Immediately he starts looking for Cinderella.  He also complains that the Kingdom looks different.  Well where were you to clean it up?!  I work and I work and I… ahem.  Let’s all just take a breath.

Photo Jul 29, 11 34 58 AM

Here is a list of his tasks:


Interesting to note is that after welcoming him, other characters will be able to collect his tokens, meaning you won’t have to get all of them from chests.  YAY!  Here’s a list of those characters.

Photo Jul 29, 11 27 39 AMPhoto Jul 29, 11 27 45 AMPhoto Jul 29, 11 27 49 AMPhoto Jul 29, 11 27 52 AM

Beware, you will need to level him up to 2 to really continue his story and all of the quests to get his drops are 6 hours long.

New Attractions and Decorations

Alright you guys, listen.  You know that part in the Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer where she’s like “The Force is calling to you.  Just let it in.”  Well this morning I heard that voice say “The Platinum Multi-Pack is calling to you.  Just let it in.”  So I did!  I mean it was the force talking to me!  I had no choice.  Yoda!!

Photo Jul 29, 10 40 38 AM

Anyway, let’s look at some fun new additions to the game.

Here we have Splash Mountain which I was excited to see was the first chest I opened.  It really is an awesome looking ride and I love that it looks so different from everything else.  I’ve put some lovely little topiaries around it and a swan to create a nice woodsy aesthetic.

Photo Jul 29, 10 47 46 AM

We also have a nice dress display and a musical topiary.

Photo Jul 29, 11 18 15 AM

No Kingdom would be complete without Cinderella’s shoe on a pedestal.  I find it interesting that we also got the mine display, which may hint at a future character.

Photo Jul 29, 11 18 22 AM

What awesome things have you guys managed to find in the chests?  Let me know in the comments!

For more DMK, head here!


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  1. So, listen…I’mma need them to stop making this game better – or stop making new app-cotics like Disney Emoji Blitz – because I’ve nearly forgotten the color of my children’s eyes already.

    That is all.

  2. While I understand the location in which the chest appear is random, is there a specific time that they drop magically from the sky? Or am I forced to just check in every second?

      • Definitely more than once a day. I check my app every 2-3 hours a day, except the downtime for sleep (say 8-9 hours) and I have chests available every, I’d say 6 hours. About every other time I check. I also see them spawning around the same spots nearly every time.

    • Neither did I, Roberta. As an experiment, I purchased enough magic to buy one platinum chest. I got them on the first attempt. I suspect that one of your hidden chests in the park may contain the gloves, though. I found mine after the fact.

      • Same thing happened to me. I got impatient and bought a platinum chest and got the gloves on the first try.

  3. DISCOVERY!!! I was just going through and farming my magic from attractions (after being away from DMK for Two. Whole. Hours.), and completing (green-checking) character tasks. Suddenly, amongst the hail of magic and stars, a BRONZE CHEST flashed up and lingered on my screen!! Huzzah!
    What do you think?Does this mean that, like rarer tokens, the chests will periodically drop from characters or attractions?
    I need further confirmation of this phenomenon!

    Also, my children’s eyes are all brown. Parenting prerequisites accomplished.

  4. I also can’t find my 2 chests that are apparently in my kingdom. Are they only in the play area or have people found them in the static decoration areas like Cheshire cat?

  5. I have 1 chest available but can’t find it anywhere. Used a fine tooth comb, zoomed in, literally looked everywhere, even grayed cused areas. WHERE IS IT? maybe a glitch? I’ve already gotten 3 other ones, including one dropped after clicking green check mark on pete. Help!

  6. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying playing hide & seek with the chests. The stage I’m at in the game (just defeated Zurg & trying to welcome Eve, Mickey looking for Minnie) I’m more than happy to get additional potion but I hope not to get too many of the same decorations! It’s a fun adfition to the game & makes collecting less labourious….💜x
    ps. You should know that this is now my n°1 ‘go to’ blog site. I just love it😎X

  7. Still hanen’t gotten the gloves even though I have opened about 6 bronze chests and 2 gold chests. I haven’t had a platinum one yet to find. Anyone know if they drop or am I going to have to buy it.

  8. I just spent 50 jewels on a platinum chest and got a lousy bench. That was most of my jewels!!!! UGH! I’ve been playing daily since the upgrade and I haven’t gotten Prince Charming’s gloves yet. It’s super frustrating. Any suggestions??? My visitors are always at 100% happy. This game’s starting to make me mad.

  9. how do i open the chest after i get one ? i found two and placed them where they belong . but now it won’t open . can someone help me?

    • After being put on the pedestals you’ll have to wait until the timer expires. Then you can click open and swipe the lock.

      • how do i open the chest after i get one ? i found two and placed them where they belong . but now it won’t open . can someone help me? thank you

      • I have done that yesterday but the chest still won’t open. When i click on it there is nothing happening. Even if i use diamont’s the chest won’t open

  10. I was initially intrigued by the chests, but after a few days of having to search high and low for them, only to have most of them be bronze and getting a bunch of decorations for which I have no space, my enthusiasm is waning. And I got a stupid fish fountain in the first gold chest, rather than Prince Charming’s gloves … Grrrrrr. I know it has to be random, so some of us are just going to be waiting longer than others, but pretty soon I’m going to start ignoring the chests. They certainly haven’t provided me with any incentive to actually buy some chests – with no guarantee of getting the gloves, there is no point in wasting real money.

    • I havent gotten any one with gloves yet. I even spent 50 gems trying to open one. I should have saved my gems. 😦 i really love this game. I just wish they weremt so long to wait. 6hrs for some items. 😦 im back up to 28 gems i have to get pluto which is 150. Tyen rex which is 295. ; ( .. i love this game. ..love it cant wait to open more. My hubby told me imtalk too much about this game. Lol my bad i wish we could add more friends to visit.

  11. Hi, I am on level 21, and I have many treasure chests but find only silly stuff and not the gloves… I have very few gems, so cant even use that to open the chests which takes like forever to open…Neone got any helping advice at that???

  12. I enjoyed this game immensely, till the update. I’m level 34 and have no more quests to do. So I was very happy with the chest update. With a lot of energy I started to free the prince. Searching for his gloves by opening chests. After a few days now opening al lot of chests (buying a few platinum chests) I still haven’t found does freaking gloves. Why did they break this game. Why can’t I get gloves from doing chores with my other characters? I found myself playing the game less every day. This is very frustrating. If I’m doing something wrong I would love to hear it.

    • Oke it’s almost a week into the whole chest opening update. And boy am I getting fed up with this game. After opening a great amount of chests, even platinum and gold ones, I still don’t have gloves. Every time I open one there is a little bit of hope that this is the one. But no, there is only disappointment. Give me some other way to receive the items I need other than depending on luck of drop rate. I’m more than willing to spend magic on items. But only if they let me proceed in the game. It’s just not fair to spend magic on multiple chests and the receive a bench…every time.
      I’m giving it a little more time but if they don’t make the game more I’m walking away from this once great game.

  13. So ive been playing this game on my ipad for months now and got a brand new iphone and wanted to play the game on there as well. Alas even though im connected to the cloud its always a fresh game on my iphone.

    • Hey, minko! I actually had a similar problem when I was moving from an older iPad to a new one. The good news is, Gameloft is fully capable of transferring the game data for you!
      When I found myself in this situation, I actually used the toll free number for support (found in the menu within Disney Magic Kingdoms) to call. I got a real, live person on the line, and they very helpfully walked me through how to submit the tickets and requests. The whole process (wait included) only took a couple of hours!
      Give them a call, and they will hook you up, minko.

  14. Does anyone have problems trying to open their bronze chests? I sat one on a pedestal, and it was done so I clicked on it. It wasn’t responding, it would just still sit there. The pink gems thing below it was blank, wasn’t sure if pushing it would help. I was worried I’d lose gems but I pushed it anyway. Still wouldn’t let me pick it up to swipe! Yet everything else in the game was working fine. I don’t wanna spend 35 gems to unlock the other pedestal. Is this happening to anyone? I want to delete the game and re download, but will I lose everything I did already? Pls help!

    • I have got the same problem. So i want too know what i can do too. I bought thr second plate but there is the same thing….that one doesn’t do also nothing and won’t open the chest…

      • I wrote the customer care if you go to the settings in the game. You can write to them. I wrote to them last night and they fixed it this morning. Good luck!

      • Oke thank you for the advise i done that already but the didn’t react so i gona try it again and hope that they will help me then…

  15. Since the release of the chests, I’ve only had bronze and silver chests drop. And the first platinum chest did not give me gloves. Is there a secret to getting gold chests? I don’t want to waste gems buying chests.

  16. How long does it take to get a gold or platinum treasure chest with gloves. Everybday, since the upgrade, ive gotten bronze and a couple silver ones. Had enough of the waiting on this one.

  17. I’ve opened 389274637282 freaking chests, even spent gems to buy one and got crap.. getting aggravated about it but seems like I’m in good company!

  18. So I have been opening chests since they were inteoduced to rhe game. I’m grateful for the additional potion as I still have many characters to welcome. I have only just welcomed EVE & MINNIE. Tangled & Sleeping Beauty are still locked and Zurg is not an in-game character yet. Most of my chests are bronze too, as I would expect. However, I have had a fair amount of silver ones too. Gold chests are a rarity and platinum non existant until today (Sun 7 August). Imagine my surprise and elation when I opened my FIRST platinum chest to find the elusive GLOVES!!!! I’m ecstatic. I really cannot believe my good fortune. After all the comments I have read about their scarcity, I know I am really very lucky. Happy days😎X

  19. Has anyone gotten past the gloves and lvled PC up and trying to welcome cinderella? It seems like one hassle after another. Ive been farming the “search for owner” which is supposed to give u cinderella’s only item that u can only get from prince charming. How annoying!!!! I feel like I constantly harass customer service with all these glitches I get and inform them about. Lol

  20. How do you know when there is chests I your kingdom? Do you just have to look all the time or is there something that tells you when there is one?

  21. Update: it only took 3 weeks, 4 platinum chest, 3 gold chests, and a bazillion bronze to finally get the prince’s gloves. Still no splash mt., but at least the game can move forward now.

    Btw, It was the 4th platinum chest that contained thr gloves.

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