Disney Magic Kingdoms – What’s New in the Cinderella Update

What an exciting morning!  At long last, we’ve gotten ourselves a fancy new update fresh with new characters and new quests.  Before we get started, I want to preface by saying that unlike the Incredibles updates, which were part of a timed event, I will not be gemming my way through this one.  While I may use a gem here or there, since this update is not on a timer, I will be taking my time and enjoying the ride with everyone else!  That being said, today will simply be a look at everything new that has been added to the update.  Here we go!

From the Developers

A NEW PRINCESS HAS BEEN SPOTTED IN THE KINGDOM! Welcome Cinderella and Prince Charming in this magical new update! Discover Enchanted Chests, a brand-new feature that brings mystery rewards to your kingdom every day. Be on special lookout for the rare Platinum Chests, which hold exclusive rewards you can’t find anywhere else!

• 2 New Characters!
• 20 New Quests!
• 1 New Attraction!
• 2 New Decorations!
• Cinderella Float!
• Collect Enchanted Chests around the Kingdom for hundreds of magical rewards!
• Bug fixes and minor improvements.

New Characters


As expected, we now have the ability to welcome both Cinderella and her dashing Prince.  What is a surprise is that so far it seems that these are the only new characters we’ve managed to get our hands on.  While this is a bit of a disappointment, I know that a lot of people still have passed character that they are attempting to welcome.

Also note that you will need to employ the use of the new Enchanted Chests, which we’ll speak to in a moment, in order to welcome Prince Charming.

Photo Jul 29, 10 06 21 AM

And don’t even think about trying to skip that step…

Photo Jul 29, 10 06 25 AM

While we are on the top of characters, I’ll also mention that The Incredibles have been moved down to the bottom of the Character screen.  Begone Incredibles!  Your usefullness has come to an end!

New Attractions

Many of the new attractions will be found in the chests but we do know that there is one to gain right off the bat, well, as long as Prince Charming has a few levels under his belt.

Photo Jul 29, 10 09 18 AM

New Decorations

Plenty of new Decor has been added, again, mostly in chests, but I am loving that cute little Pluto Topiary.  IT WILL BE MINE.  Ahem.  Although, some of the decor that we can get without chests is also quite lovely.

Photo Jul 29, 10 09 45 AMPhoto Jul 29, 10 09 38 AM

New Parade Float

What is a new update without a new parade float?  Here we see the lovely carriage, once a pumpkin strolling down the street.  Let’s hope it doesn’t change on us before it gets done with its route.


But of course, you’ll need to pay for this little guy.

Photo Jul 29, 10 07 39 AM

Enchanted Chests


This might be bigger than the fact that we have new characters as it is a gameplay mechanic I expect to take hold of the game very quickly.

Photo Jul 29, 10 05 19 AM

Basically, this is how it works. By going to an all new building on Main Street, you’ll be able to cultivate these chests.

Photo Jul 29, 10 04 02 AM

Like many other games, these chests give varying degrees of rewards, based on how much you are willing to spend on them.  But be warned.  They are random drops so just because you pick the one with something you want, doesn’t mean you will get the thing you want.  The chests are also cursed so it takes a bit of time depending on the chest for them to actually open.

Photo Jul 29, 10 04 29 AM

You get the first pedestal for free, but will have to unlock the others with gems.  You also get the first chest for free but will soon be hunting them down, so unless you spend some gems here, it could take a bit of time.


Let’s go over what you can gain from each chest.

BRONZE – Commonly Found

Photo Jul 29, 10 06 46 AM

SILVER – Less Common

Photo Jul 29, 10 06 55 AMPhoto Jul 29, 10 06 59 AM

GOLD – Rare

Photo Jul 29, 10 07 04 AMPhoto Jul 29, 10 07 09 AM

PLATINUM – Mythically Rare

Photo Jul 29, 10 07 15 AM

And there you will see Splash Mountain…

Of course, you’ll be encouraged to pay some cold hard gems for extra chests as well.  Note that these aren’t cursed therefore they will open up right away.

Photo Jul 29, 10 06 40 AM

The Platinum Multi-Pack is calling to you.  Just let it in.

These chests can also be found by hunting through the kingdom so now it is more worth it to really keep an eye as you scroll around, sending everyone on quests.  In the upper corner of the screen, you can see how many chests are hiding in your kingdom so you aren’t aimlessly searching for something that isn’t there.

Photo Jul 29, 10 08 22 AMPhoto Jul 29, 10 08 03 AM

Old Loading Screens are New Again

It seems are old friend, the blue loading screen has returned, and I’m quite happy about this.  The Incredibles loading screen just feels like that friend you invited to Thanksgiving at your house, but then he called your Mom fat and you suddenly wished he’d just leave already.

13640972_1244026895621865_5984792613917326034_o (1)

Game Balances and Changes

These come directly from the devs.

  • Reduced Magic received from “Sibling Team Work” activity
  • Reduced various activity durations on Sarge and Buzz Lightyear
  • Slight increase on duration welcome and level up a character to Level 2
  • Small tweaks to Parade drops
  • Adjusted cost on land expansions in California Screamin’ area (bottom-right, center-right, top-right)

Overall Improvements

If a task has less than 30 seconds, you can finish it for free.


They have also changed the way Magic Pack and Rewards scale as you level. The higher your level, the more benefits you will receive:

  • More Magic converted from Gems
  • More Magic collected from visiting your friends on Social
  • More Magic from Enchanted Chests
  • More Magic earned from watching video ads in the Magic Shop

This is particularly awesome as it makes leveling WORTH IT for the first time in the entire game.



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Incredibles character tokens not dropping from activities (including Dash’s token)
  • Stored Incredibles buildings can be found again in your Shop
  • Welcome Syndrome quest has been removed from the Quest Finder if you did not welcome Syndrome during The Incredibles Event
  • Incredibles Event Currency requirement to level up characters has been corrected to Magic
  • Incredibles Event has been removed completely from players who were still seeing it after the event had ended
  • Visitors wishing for unavailable Incredibles attractions will now be wishing for available attractions; any pre-existing wishes for the missing attractions have changed to available attractions
  • Fixed various crash and connectivity issues

That’s it so far.  As I uncover new fun things, I will make sure to post here and let you guys know.  I’ll also be posting about welcoming these new characters and their quests in a separate entry.

What do you think? Are you excited by the new gameplay mechanic?  What new attraction do you hope to get first?  Let me know in the comments!

For more DMK, head here!

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  1. Really sad that Prince Charmings Gloves only come in the rarer chests. I feel like this unbalances some of the gameplay, and makes it too hard to get him. Plus, where are the other characters? ONLY 2? What? However, I love the new decorations, though I’m surprised Splash Mountain wasn’t prominent for a specific area (such as Small World and Screamin’). This probably means we’ll see Thunder Mountain in Frontierland (although I’m crossing my fingers for Tom Sawer Island). Also, can you explain why the pre update post went down last night? I barely got to study it!

  2. Yeah! Ok, I was also disappointed of the fact there was only Cinderella and Prince Charming. Where is the Evil Stepmother to go fight, or the stepsisters, this was a major disappointment in the update.

    Although, with all the characters still needed to unlock, it’s fun it’s a minor update with 20 quests and not, 100+ quests. The chests seems also a COOL new feature, will be hunting them down.

    To summer, a Yay for the update.

  3. Ok I’m going to ask it and hopefully everyone is like thanks delboy I was too embarrassed to ask! Where are the available chests are is it random I have 2 “hidden” bit I’m master where’s wally champ and I can’t find them. Any way of getting hints where they are?

      • I just got a pop up saying I have 1 chest. I have looked over every inch of the park and it’s so not there. It’s starting to piss me off.

      • Note they are hidden in scenic/border regions – which were not in use before. It took a look at the screenshots above for me to notice that. The first 3 I got were all near Main Street.

  4. Incredibles might not be as useless as we thought! I had Mr. and Mrs. Incredible each doing separate 2-hour activities (I started them before I downloaded the update) and when I clicked on them to collect magic, I got a bronze chest from each of them, on top of the activity rewards! I guess collecting chests is like collecting character tokens? Idk, I thought it was pretty neat.😝

  5. So I have recently had to restart the game due to my phone completely crashing and having to restore it without back up so i lost all my game progress 😩 I was about to welcome Flynn rider. Does anyone know if there’s a way to get my progress back?

  6. Question: If I use 400 gems to buy the Platinum Multi-Pack, will I get each of the 11 items or might I get duplicates (or triplicates, etc.) of some of the items? I don’t want to use 400 gems and wind up with a bunch of benches or more Incredible statues rather than Splash Mountain and the Prince’s Gloves.

  7. If you logged in, then your game has been saved t the cloud. If you log into the cloud again, it will update your progress. I hope this helps. I was stressed too with the last update and though I lost all of my hard work.

  8. I just had a Gold chest’s timer finish, however when I tap it nothing happens. It has a pink bar underneath as if I was to pay for it with gems, but no text inside the bar. When I press the bar nothing happens. This seems to be a glitch that would end the possibility of me ever taking on the Cinderella portion of the game. Any suggestions? Would an uninstall/reinstall wipe out my progress if I’m connected via GameCenter? Thanks.

  9. Has anyone got Prince Charming yet 😦 it’s virtually impossible. Should I just ignore and move on to missing Minnie part 10? Is this the latest from Jayden? Dmk rules and so does this blog. Add me on fb derek Brian griffin cooper and we can all get magic etc

  10. Hello thanks for your blog I only started playing in the past month so I didn’t even know what’s the incredible event was like.
    I am probably lucky with Prince Charming – I found a platinum chest in the kingdom and after 24 hours I got the gloves.

    I do have 2 questions about the game —

    1) if I leave the chest uncollected until there is free storage spot, will they be gone within certain hours? If yes what’s the deadline before they are gone?

    2) similar question with the clean sweep brooms/gold collection. How many hours do they renew and how many of they come out in a single renew?

    Not sure if the game version is the same in every country…I am in Australia (iOS).

  11. Is there an easier way to collect the glass slipper for Cinderella to level up? I’ve sent Prince Charming on the 4 hour quest since I unlocked Cinderella but he still hasn’t been able to get it.

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