Disney Magic Kingdoms – Post Event Wrap-Up

Hello all! Well the event is over and what we’re left with is great for some and heartbreaking for others. As I’m writing this live from Animal Kingdom, this will be a short post but I wanted to address the many questions that now have answers. 

Event Currency

While rumors of this started spreading last week, I’m still very surprised to see that event currency has been changed into gems. I think this makes a lot of sense given that the Incredibles characters now cost fewer potions to welcome than they did incedicoins. I also appreciate this as many of us have WAY too many potions stockpiled at this point. 

Leveling Incredibles Characters

Interesting to note is the fact that the Incredibles now not only cost less to level BUT also require much shorter times for tokens. A 4 hour token for Syndrome now takes 1 hour. I suspect this will be very upsetting for those who didn’t get him unfortunately, but given that I can now get all of them to 10 much more quickly, I am truly relieved. 

The Incredibles WILL Return

If you didn’t get Syndrome, don’t fret, immediately upon logging in, we are told that they will all return. All will be well in the universe!

Final Thoughts

I’m sure Gameloft has learned a ton from this event as have we. I for one really loved it and can’t wait to see what’s next. It’s raining here at Disney World so that’s all for now. Let me know what you think of the end of the event in the comments! 

For more DMK, go here!

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  1. Jaysen, awesome job with these posts!! I have been checking them daily. So here’s my question. I welcomed Syndrome and got him to level 2. But now that the event is over I can’t level him up because it wants me to spend incredible currency, rather than potions (see screen cap that I sent you on Twitter).

    Any thoughts?

  2. I really hope every set of characters won’t be introduced this way. Minion Rush has turned into that with a month-long event every 2 months, and it became so repetitive and time-constraining that I’ve stopped playing. I’d rather not have to deal with deadlines all the time in the future; I like to at least pretend I have a life. I really was just enjoying building the park being the Disney Parks fanatic I am. If they plan on reducing the game to these gimmicks every update I would reconsider my desire to continue playing which would be unfortunate because the game has addicted me (and I’ve spent $50 so far which isn’t bad for 4 months). Sometimes I hate having a greater deal of patience and a better attention span than most people; the world regrettably seems to be acquiescing to the easily distracted and impatient.

  3. Anyone know the conversion rate of the incredicoins? I’m on Windows Phone, and wondering how much effort I should be doing to stock these up for the remainder of my event (3 days).

  4. How on earth do you have so many potions??? I’m finally welcoming the last of my high cost items (Zurg) and working on defeating Gothel which seems to cost even MORE. I guess once you get past those with nothing currently left to do all you can do is stock pile but 500k… I wish I had that at the moment 🙂

      • Ah that makes sense. If you had all characters before Incredibles started there wouldn’t be much left to do. I regret not getting Zurg a long time ago… he’s been sitting there as a quest forever — finally getting to him now.

        I need more attractions but always hesitant to spend gems on them, but they’re a bit easier to earn now than they were in the beginning it seems.

        Just found your blog today. Lots of good info, thanks 🙂

  5. Do we need to leve lup all incredible characters to some higher level (say level 4 or high) to be able to level them after the event with potions?

    Like Nate mentioned above, your blog is really informative. Thanks for wasting your time writing all these up 🙂

  6. I have the same problem with the incredicions reappearing as a requirement to upgrade the Incredible characters. It went to potions but switched back to incredicoins… What exactly do I need to do to “redownload” the game? Thanks. I’ve really enjoyed your posts!

  7. Since the event ended, I haven’t been able to get Dash’s hat/ears token. Anyone know where to get it?

    • Same issue. i reinstalled game and still saying do more quests. I gave picked up 2 hats from the parades so hopefully this will get me there event.. he was all ready to go. I don’t think they removed hat more that the requirements increased at the end of the event

  8. Seeing a few of these issues myself – the Incredibles was event coins to upgrade, but obviously I don’t have any anymore.

    However on the ‘good’ bug side the Sibling Team Work task is currently producing 270 (+28 bonus) magic for 3 minutes work, which is great.

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