What I’ve Learned in My First Day with Pokemon GO

Hello all!  I wanted to write a follow up to yesterday’s post as today put me through a roller coaster ride of emotions with this game.  With servers being down for most of the day, I had very little time to play.  In truth, my frustration was ebbing on the insane.  I was ready to throw in the towel.  Yet, tonight, everything seems to be running smoothly once more and I still can’t help but love what I am seeing, despite the buggyness and frustrations.  Therefore, here are the things I’ve come to realize are important in my first 24 hours with the game.

Photo Jul 06, 11 03 43 PM

I hate this image.

Explore the Menus

As far as hand holding goes, this game has little to none.  More than most free-to-play mobile games, Pokemon GO sort of throws you into the fray and tasks you with figuring it out.  Here’s a great example:

In the game, you can fight at gyms starting at level 5.  To do this, you need simply go to one of the giant spires which has a color and a pokemon on top and start battling.  If it is a gym affiliated with your team, you can actually leave one of your own there, as a means of making the gym stronger and less likely to be taken by an enemy team.  Here’s the thing though.  No tutorial really tells you any of this.  It’s sort of all trial and error.  BUT that’s okay.  I like that I’m learning as I go.  I like that the game sort of places you in this big world, and tasks you with figuring it out.  Going to my first gym down the street and attempting to fight the gym leader there felt dangerous and compelling because I didn’t know what would happen.

Photo Jul 07, 10 24 37 PM

And yes, I lost the first fight, but that only allowed me to explore my items menu in order to find a potion to get my Pidgey back on his feet. It’s exciting and dangerous in the best way.

Name Your Pokemon

Yes, I said it.  Look, there are going to be a billion Rattata’s.  What makes yours unique is its name.  It’s a way to put your stamp on the world.  BUT I think there’s more to this.  As you catch 20 of the same pokemon, you might decide to use the transfer button, which allows you to send them in to the professor in exchange for candy which allows you to increase their combat power.

Photo Jul 07, 11 07 59 PM

For me, naming my Pokemon means that I am less likely to have a misshap and send the best of my Pidgeys off to greener pastures.  In this way, naming is a good way for me to book keep and make sure I’m not losing a monster that is precious to me.

Check in at Pokeshops…over and over again

You’ve probably realized by now that by checking in at Pokeshops you get lots of goodies.  BUT, if you stick around the same Pokeshop it will periodically respawn, so to speak, so that you can check in again, and get more rewards.  If you are near or work near a Pokeshop, this is a great way to load up on items.  Enjoying a coffee with a friend?  Make sure the coffee shop is a Pokeshop and repeatedly collect those rewards.  Never run out of Pokeballs again.

Photo Jul 07, 1 34 25 PM

Put your Eggs in Incubators

You’re going to get lots of eggs, which is all great and wonderful, but you can’t actually hatch them unless they are FIRST, in an incubator and SECOND, you are walking.  So, once you get eggs, make sure to go into the Pokemon tab of the menu and then click on the Eggs tab at the top.  From here, you can see how much you will have to walk to hatch an egg.  Pick one, incubate it and let your feet do the rest of the work.

Photo Jul 07, 10 44 16 PM

Battling in Gyms

This one is a bit tricky.  First and foremost, when you go to a gym, you’ll be able to select the punch icon in order to battle.  You’ll want to compare CP, or Combat Power, of your battling monster with your opponents.  You’ll want to be equal or higher if you plan to defeat them.

Once you’re battling, dodging is key, swiping left and right to avoid being hit is the only way to survive.  Then, once you’re clear, tap on the pokemon you are attacking in order to swoop in for a hit.  Then it’s back to dodging.

Photo Jul 06, 9 40 17 PM

Another useful thing to check before you start the battle is how many opponents you will have.  Swiping right allows you to see how many Pokemon are awaiting you.  Without knowing this, you could be in for a rough surprise.

Go to the Modules.  GO TO THEM

Sometimes you’ll see a Pokeshop that seems to be raining confetti.  This is due to a module that makes it so that more Pokemon show up there for the next 30 minutes.  By going to this location, your chances of catching Pokemon are heightened.  It’s also a good reason to go out for an adventure into a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night.  YAY DANGER!!!

Photo Jul 07, 10 49 38 PM

Use Incense at Home

While sitting at home, you might want to catch some Pokemon, but oh, how sad, you are home and they are not with you.  By using Incense, you can attract Pokemon to you.  No longer will you need to go exploring just to have some Pokemon fun.  Catch from the leisure of your couch.  You might just find something amazing in your toilet.

Photo Jul 07, 10 24 45 PM

Rustling Grass

That grass effect isn’t just for show.  Go to it and a Pokemon is very likely to jump out.  Just make sure not to, you know, walk off a bridge or something.

Photo Jul 07, 10 44 20 AM

Low Power Mode

This game doesn’t just eat battery life, it devours it with a merciless frenzy.  It shoves it forcefully into its mouth like one of those pigs in Spirited Away.  By pressing the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen, you can then go to settings in the upper right.  Select Battery Saver and you’ll be far happier with your life.

Photo Jul 07, 10 55 01 PM

BE WARNED:  Battery saver has a funny way of turning off, so check it from time to time to make sure you’re still saving battery.  Otherwise you’ll find yourself in a dark alley with no phone and no Pikachu.  YAY DANGER!!!

Pick a Team

Picking a team is entirely up to you.  Perhaps you want to look at the gyms around you and be on the same team as those folks, or perhaps you want to be the opposite and take them down in an epic battle.  No matter which one you pick, you’re enjoyment of the game will be what you put into it and has no bearing on whether you are red, blue or yellow.

Photo Jul 07, 12 58 54 AM

So that has been my first 24 hours with the game.  Let me know what you guys think of it in the comments.  Have you caught anything amazing yet?  I want to see it!  And as for my DMK readers, don’t worry, I’ll be doing a new post on that game very very soon!

Now, back to hunting for Pokemon in dark New York alleys.  YAY DANGER!


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  1. I really wanted to play today, but it was down all day. And, I can’t go during night time because I don’t live in the nicest of neighborhoods. So, I was really sad. So, far all I have is a Charmander lol.

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