Gayme Night Reviews: Exploding Kittens

Hello all!

I have not been so great at posting our show Gayme Night, but I am promising to do better and keep this portion of the site updated.  Let me get you caught up.  My partner and fiance Carl and I do a weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, show where we review board games.  Since the start of this year, tabletop gaming has gone from something we knew nothing about to something that we are obsessed over!  Seriously, if you check out my Instagram, it is 90% board games.  Since we love them so much, we decided to do a little show about them!  Check it out, ask questions and most importantly, PLAY GAMES!!!

Tabletop games have the power to bring people together.  They allow us to meet people and get to know them on a deeper level and they also make it okay to stab Grandma in the back and sneak crossbows past her when she’s the sheriff.  Don’t worry, she’s doing the same to you.  Without further ado, here is our latest video, a review of the new card game:

Exploding Kittens!!!

For more from Carl Li, check out his website and blog HERE!!!

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